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Mechatronics Where To From Here?

BJ Furman 06DEC2012 Subject Areas for More Study Dynamic system modelin and controls Sensors and actuators Analo and di ital desi n Embedded !ro rammin and Soft"are en ineerin Courses ME 120 E#!erimental Met$ods ME 1%& Automatic Control Systems Desi n ME 1'0 Mec$atronics System Desi n ME 2%0(2%1 Automatic Control En ineerin (Ad)anced Control System Desi n ME 2%* Mec$atronic Systems En ineerin EE 11% Di ital Desi n + or Cm!E 12, Cm!E 12* Di ital Desi n ++ or EE 1&% Di ital Desi n "it$ F-.As /see0 $tt!0(("""1en r1sjsu1edu(crabill(2 CS ,'J0 -ro rammin in Ja)a CS 1,6 Data Structures and Al orit$ms Cm!E 12* Di ital Desi n ++ Cm!E 120 Com!uter 3r ani4ation and Arc$itecture Cm!E 126 Al orit$ms and Data Structure Desi n Boo5s
Sc$er46 -1 /200&21 Practical Electronics for Inventors 2nd ed.6 Mc.ra"78ill6 9e" :or51 +SB90 '&%7 070&71,*2%1761

Mar olis6 M1 /201121 Arduino Cookbook, 2nd ed16 3;<eilly Media6 +nc16 Sebasto!ol1 +SB90 '&%717,,'7=1=%&761 -ont6 M1 Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems6 $tt!0(("""1tte7 systems1com(boo5s(!ttes Same56 M1 /200%2 Practical !" Statec#arts in C$C%%6 $tt!0(("""1state7 mac$ine1com(!sicc2(inde#1!$! -red5o6 M1 /20022 Programming &obot Controllers6 $tt!0(("""1ama4on1com(-ro rammin 7 <obot7Controllers7My5e7-red5o(d!(00&1,0%*1& >al)ano6 J1 $tt!0(("""1ece1ute#as1edu(?)al)ano(embed(toc11$tm

BJ Furman | ME 106 Intro to Mechatronics | Where to From Here Handout.doc | 06DEC2012

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B1 of @ollo on site for A>< Cornell B1 Desi nin "it$ Microcontrollers

Co" !rices for robot !arts BniDue and fun D+: electronics and 5its Co"7cost mcu;s6 sensors6 etc1 Ma5e Ma a4ine;s online site

8ard"are SAE600 /student discount from Di i5ey2 =2 bit A<M de)ices6 e1 16 Arduino Due /$tt!0((arduino1cc(en(Main(ArduinoBoardDue2 Cy!ress -SoC /$tt!0(("""1cy!ress1com(FidG1=*=2 FreeSoC /$tt!0((freesoc1net(2 -+C microcontrollers /$tt!0(("""1microc$i!1com(2 DMM Solderin iron /$tt!0(("""1ama4on1com(Aoyue7'=&7Di ital7Solderin 7Station2 Hsco!e /-ro!Sco!e from """1!aralla#1com2 Solderless breadboard -o"er su!!ly Conferences Embedded Systems Conference6 A!ril 2272*6 $tt!0((esc1eetimes1com(silicon)alley( Ma5er Faire A!ril 2&72%6 201= San Mateo County Fair .round /$tt!0((ma5erfaire1com(2

BJ Furman | ME 106 Intro to Mechatronics | Where to From Here Handout.doc | 06DEC2012