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komen on exam question how do u find the question? was it difficult..?

bolehla tahan..ade susah ade senang.. question 1(a)how the relevance old technology in science classroom.. actually i didn't know well what it ask for because the question is not very clear.. 1(b) web search engine okay,can be answered.The answered given is based on what i know,i juz recall the step to search the information using search engine..based on my logical thinking and my prior knowledge. 2(a)foundation theory of integrating technology in science classroom. not too difficult..juz explain what theory i had learned n the way it can be applied in classroom by giving some examples. 2(b)knowledgable teacher n effective user of technology. This type of question take my time because it based on opinion.So,i juz answer based on what i think is correct...quite challenging. 3(a)lesson plan i choose photosynthesis as example i think of the best way on using technology while doing experiment not too difficult..coz nowadays,teacher have use technology to make demonstration before doing an,n i can explain it based on our application of using these technologies. 3(b)how u use two ways in teaching using power point i answered as creative as i can.. not too difficult..mb because the teacher nowadays always using,just take examples from what i seen on how teacher using it.

so..from my point of view..

the exm sxep2108 question ask more about application &,for me,this type of question is quite challenging to answer because the answer is not spesific & somestimes it can cause

misunderstanding of question@instruction..but overall,the question is moderate.

1st lesson..
xbanyak lesson..juz sesi ice breaking dgn Dr.shahul...huhu Di kesempatan ini,sye ingin meminta maaf coz lambt g kelas..hehe..akibat xtaw ttg kewujudan kelas.. So,tentatif program adalah seperti....bagi angka giliran utk present..pas2..taklimat ttg ape yg bakal d pelajari...penerangan ttg continuous assesment,blog..n so on..

2nd lesson...
Summary n conclusion..2nd class..on 27 August.

"Introduction to an early technology in education".2 la tajuk yg first group a.k.a rakan seperjuangan present. In their slide,they had introduce what actually tech is,what n how these technology can be used in the classroom,advantage n disadvantage..diorang banyak ltak pic2..tertarik dgn slide projector yg kitorang xnah gne..diorang gak tunjuk tech pd zaman dahulu kala yg d gne lam classroom..classmate yg len bg respon dgn asking several question..Salah seorang classmate bertanye,"sejauh mane tech ni dapat membantu lesson in class?"...They said,although tech is good 2 use in the classroom,but it depend on how the teacher used it..if it's necessary 2 use as well as it can help student to understand better,so,it can b used..if not,no need 2 used it..n it's better 2 use white board only..Then,ade gak sal tv..cane solution bg student yg xde tv,n so on..their presentation ni d support oleh lecturer kitorang..bley prof kitorang nampak diorang terkebil2 je nak jawab soalan classmate..Dr.Shahul pn give further explanation. Strenght n weaknesses..

First,kelemahan..Presenter nampak nye ade bakat utk jadi pembace berite..huhu..sorry la kawan2,bkn mengata,cume nak mengutuk..hehe..kadang2 diorang juz bace slide without deeper explain..then,slide yg agak crowded dgn sentences make us cannot detect what the key points is...cannot find server..huhu..but they also 've their own strength..their info in slide is quite interesting..coz ade picture2 yg bley attract attention kitorang.. a Solution to them.. They 've 2 make more preparation before the presentation..berlatih utk more bercakap than reading.. then,slide pn ltk key point that,penonton x pening kelape nak tgk slide 2..tapi lau ade video or wateve,asenye can be more attractive.. My Personal view.. Their presentation agak bley tahan..kitorang agak understand ape yg nak d sampaikan..dengan bantuan lecturer..hehe..dalam 5 bintang,bley bgi dlam 2 bintang setengah...huhu..berdasarkan respon2 classmate,diorang da berjaye tarik attention org 2 b more focus on what they had present..alhamdulillah..

What happened?? Kami d ceritakan tentang to handle AND Strength and Weakness Excellent lecturer!!!! Bagi explaination yang quite jelas n dapat d fahami.. In the nut shell Quite interesting if more fun activities in game..huhu Personal view Theoritical base..inquiry-based technology Integration Strategies..Strategies based on each model..Technology Integration Planning(TIP) overcome problem in education ...

Its hard 2 b a teacher,but I will try my best!!! As a good teacher-tobe,insyaallah,all problem are gonna a will.there;s a way.. be okay..chaiyok2!!!bak kate org putih,if theres

4th REPORT..
What happened??? Content : computer based technology computer system hardware software of the computer memory n byte Seymour Papert Application of using tech in classroom. Student showing blog

The strengths and weaknesses Weaknesses..hurm..boring kothuhu..not much eye contact.. Strength Video about the prediction of technology in education in the future classmates attention dengan jayanye..where at the attract all education(like

skype)....where the teacher just seat anywhere else and teach online....huhu....until the time 2050 and above..they just inject the information into the body..alangkah bes kalau menjadi reality..nak yg betol2bukan cobaan.. As a solution Use a video or something else they use as a set induction More eye contact n interact with classmates.. In making slide more attractive da best background's colour


Highligth importang point-use different colour. Put the sentences in the point form..not an essay in da slide Do some animaton

Personal view.. My knowledge about computer makin bertambah..n I like this subject..I know much more about the technology system as a teacher,we should than before. Although the technology is good to use,but student may also loss of communication be aware..because

skill among them,poor remains poor n so on..

5th REPORT..
What happened??? Learn about LEARNING THEORIES AND THE INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY IN SCIENCE EDUCATION by khatijah siri n muhd ili nurhayat Content: Basic Learning Theories Constructivism-John Piaget,Jerome Bruner,Lev Vygotsky,John Dewey Behaviorism cognitivism What The Teacher Does Under Their Theory Other learning theories - Multiple intelligences Strenght n weaknesses I saw strength>weaknesses.. Khatijah are doing very well on her part..Prepare a short movie as a set induction..good eye contactbeing friendly with audience by asking question,give reward(bicarbonate drink) as stimulus to gain response(applying the leaning based theory)..can answer what lectures questionwell done my senior yang duduk depan uma sewa saye,go3 kak tijah!!! Her weaknesses are terlalu banyak bergeraksometimes,student are not comfortable with that..bley peninghuhu..soeyx sengaje termengumpat..Bagi ili,quite good bagi bidan terjun presentor..huhu..not bad.. As a solution.. I saw not much weaknesses.Just be more prepared. Personal view.. If teacher apply all the learning theory,I think most of the student will success in their,teacher perlu ada kesedaran on how important to apply it in the classroom for effective n meaningful learning..


give us a task on how 2 teach using technology n

What happened??? 1 hour of da class are fill with another activities b4 presentation.Lecturer Presentation content: Information retrieval through the usage of Internet ,WWW,CD-ROMS,Interactive videodiscs to enhance understanding of science concepts. Strenght n weaknesses.. Presented by meni malas nak puji diri sendiri nit org cakap pasan lak..waka2..i don know actually what my strength is,but Im not too good in English but I try 2 speak as well as I can..confidence???cam chipsmore..jap ade jap xde..tapi ble da slalu present bub da lame bergiat dalam arena perguruan,ase confident 2 da increase da..bleyla dari xde.. my group mate,ok jew..we also prepare information video ttg aplikasi gne videodisk in class..hope menarik.. weaknesses,slide d combinekan on da,ade clashed on slide..pas2,dengan bateri yg kehausan wak2 present menjatuhkan martabat kamihuhu... As a solution.. Be more prepared,check sound system before play da movie,check bateri laptophuhu Personal view.. Teacher must be good in using technology n know how 2 used it..Make sure the device can help to enhance understanding of the student..Dont let these technology replace our role as a teacher.. present each idea in group for 5 minutes.

7th report


Set Induction

Ask the student about what is cycle.

Ask students list the places where carbon is found on Earth


show the diagram of carbon cycle..


article, ask them to read.. After a few minute,ask student to make summary n submit it. Show a video about carbon cycle To make it more interesting,teacher bring the student to the lab computer. Ask them to serve about interactive game in the internet. tell students to take notes about where they traveled during the game. e.html (example interactive game) ni..

Students write a paragraph about their tripthrough the carbon cycle. Include information about (1) where they went, and (2) how they got to each destination.

Students create a "map" documenting their journey through the carbon cycle

example student map..


Prepare a short test/quiz for students

-to know their understanding /quiz397.html

online quiz..