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Big Picture Vol.


Of all good things there are three.

Three versions of God: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Yet One.

Three atoms to every water molecule. Yet they form one entity.

There are three editions of what I like to call "The Big Picture."

One is here and has probably always been.

The second one is here and has come forth from the first.

The third will be, and will consist of both previous ones. And it will stay forever.

The first edition of "The Big Picture" is the Spirit World -dwelling place of God and His Holy
Family, expanding to probably countless of His sons and daughters, both, faithful and fallen.
While it would probably take an eternity to catch up on the information that presently eludes us
concerning this part of the Big Picture, it probably is also the one that is the least attractive or
interesting to most of us.

The 2nd version or part of the Big Picture is the physical realm, what we call the universe,
including the time line of its history, and is so to speak a product of the former, since it was
information uttered by God that brought it into being (see Hebrews 11:3).

It's the one that usually intrigues us the most. Partly because it's "ours,"

at least for the time being. It's probably not incorrect to say that this part of the Picture is in a
somewhat imperfect state.

The 3rd and final stage of the Big Picture is the combination of BP1 and 2:

the Spirit World and the physical realm united and merged into one.

This event is forecast and described in such places as the Book of Revelation, when it talks about
the Abode of God coming down from Heaven to dwell on (a new) earth forever (Rev.21:1-5).

The final and ultimate version of the Big Picture will be this one, the 3rd, and it will probably shed
more light on both previous ones for its inhabitants, if such a thing as "previous" will be of any

But I do think so, since God isn't known to easily discard origins or dishonor his chosen

While man has presently contented himself with the confidence that his heritage is that of tree-
climbing mammals, God has never been thus cruel to us, to deprive us of a slightly nobler past
and heritage, even if it begins with nothing more than 2 perfect, naked humans in a perfect place,
unfortunately not perfectly happy with it.
What we consider fairy-tales, God calls our history, and when history will be done, then I guess
we will know what will have been fairy tales, and what the reality.

The reality of God, as announced in BP3, will be greater than any fairy tale man could have ever
cooked up.