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coala Gimnazial Mircea Eliade Craiova Disciplina: Limba Englez Propuntor : Barbu tefania - Larisa

Proiect Didactic/Lesson Plan

Data: 13. 12. 2013 Clasa/Grade : a IV-a Manual : Welcome 2, Express publishing Unitatea de nvare : Unit 6 I dont like Science! Its boring! Titlul leciei : Lesson 3 Tematica leciei : coala, Copilul despre sine activiti specifice Tipul leciei : nvare / evaluare Elemente de construcie a limbii : present simple (affirmative, negative, interogative) present simple + adverbe de frecventa vocabulary : School subjects (materii de la coal) a da informaii de ordin personal a relata activiti la prezent a exprima preferinte (likes and dislikes)

Funcii comunicative : -

Competene specific : 1.4 s desprind informatii punctuale dintr-un mesaj audiat 2.3 s produc raspunsuri scurte i ntrebari simple n situaii simple deinteraciune 3.2 s desprind informaii dintr-un text citit 4.3 s produc n scris scurte enunuri (personalizate) dupa model dat. Resurse : 1. Metode i Procedee : conversatia, explicatia, exercitiul, jocul de rol 2. Material didactic : manualul, caietele elevilor, workbooks, carteaprofesorului, portofoliile elevilor cu fisele de vocabular si proiecte,cd-player, cd, fise de lucru 3. Forme de organizare a activitii elevilor : activitate frontal,individual i pe grupe . 4. Temporale: numr de lecii 1; durata: 50 min 5. Evaluare: Evaluarea se realizeaza prin observare sistematic. Aceast lecie se va evalua prin urmatoarele tipuri de itemi: Itemi obiectivi, cu alegere dual (ex 1, 2 p 40), semiobiectivi, subiectivi (ntrebrile cu caracter personal ex 4 p 40), tem.

Procedure : Stages
1. Warm-up 7

Teachers activity
-Teacher greets the students, checks homework, insisting on structures with the adverbs of frequency : never, always, sometimes, usually


Students activity
- Students greet the teacher and answer the questions




2. Break the ice 7

- Teacher asks the students which is their favourite day and why; elicits some ideas from the whole class. Teacher pre-teaches essential vocabulary.


- Students answer questions and discuss about their favourite day.

Whole class discussion

3.Presentation 10

- T. reads the text from the first exercise; students read the text again and they put put a tick or a cross to the sentences from the box. - T. allows time for students to ask about new vocabulary and encourages them to write the words in the notebook. - Ss. resove the second exercise; they compare their answers.

Listening, speaking, reading

- Students read and compare their answers in pairs.

Individually Pair work

4. Practice 20

- To stimulate their creativity teacher ask students to solve exercise 4.

- Each student solve the exercise on his notebook; Students read and compare their answers in pairs. Speaking, writing and listening

- Teacher writes usually/always/never/ sometimes on the blackboard and asks students individually to find them in exercise 3 and solve it.

- Students check the exercise with the teacher, giving examples of their own to clarify the meaning where necessary.

- Teacher read the sentence from the exercise 6.

- Ss. listen and repeat, practising the sounds Individually

- Teacher ask students to look the images of the exercise 7, and say what they think the images mean. - T. explain and write on the blackboard the short answers, with examples. - T. ask students what does Barry do in each image.

Listening, writing and speaking

- Ss. look the images and they answer.

Pair work

- Ss. write the short answers and the examples. - Ss. solve the exercise using the short answers.

5. Feed-back 5

- T. elicits ideas about routines and asks the students to read the song.

Listening and writing

- Students read the song aloud for practice, feeling more comfortable and talking about daily routines.

6.Homework 1

- Write an essay about your favourite day. (Exercise 5)