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Assessment Plan Units/Strands and Big Ideas/Essential Skills

Unit: This I Believe (Diagnostic Unit) Strands: Oral with diagnostic focus on Reading !riting "edia Big Ideas,-ssential S+ills: #ow do &ou effectivel& e.%lain &our /eliefs and share them with others0 'istening to Understand S%ea+ing to (ommunicate Reflecting on S+ills and Strategies Unit: #orror $iction (review elements of fiction as a scaffold to the more inde%endent literature circles) Strands: Reading and Writing Big Ideas,-ssential S+ills: #ow do literature and media allow us to e.%lore su/conscious fears and desires0 Reading for "eaning Reading with $luenc& Understanding "edia Te.ts Develo%ing and 1rgani2ing (ontent A%%l&ing 3nowledge of (onventions Unit: Relationshi%s and Identit& ('iterature (ircles and "edia) Strands: Reading, Oral, and Media Big Ideas,-ssential S+ills: #ow do the choices we ma+e affect us and those around us0 !hat are the connections /etween literature and %o%ular culture0 Reading for "eaning Understanding "edia Te.ts 'istening to Understand Understanding $orm and St&le Reading !ith $luenc& Reflecting on S+ills and Strategies Unit: #ot To%ics (Research Re%ort and )on*fiction) Writing includes mini unit on writing for the wor+ world Big Ideas,-ssential S+ills: !hat is our relationshi% to the im%ortant issues in our world toda&0 Develo%ing and 1rgani2ing (ontent Using 3nowledge of $orm and St&le A%%l&ing 3nowledge of (onventions Reflecting on S+ills and Strategies Understanding "edia Te.ts Understanding "edia $orms (onventions and Techni4ues (reating "edia Te.ts Unit: Drama Strands: Reading (with em%hasis on 'iterature Studies) !riting Big Ideas,-ssential S+ills: Are there issues that we face toda& that are universal0 Reading for "eaning Understanding $orm and St&le Reading with $luenc& Using 3nowledge of $orm and St&le S%ea+ing to (ommunicate Reflecting on S+ills and Strategies Unit: Portfolio Strands: Oral, Reading, Writing, Media Big Ideas,-ssential S+ills: Reflecting on S+ills and Strategies (from all four strands This unit will /e the culminating tas+ assessing students master& of the 1ral (ommunication !riting and "edia Strands Reading will /e assessed on the final e.am5

Summative Assessments
Title,descri%tion: This I Believe 1ral -ssa&: Peer -dit Sheet Tem%late Ru/ric 1 858 859 85: 85; 85< 958 959 95: 95= 95> 95? :58 Title,descri%tion: Re*write of a short stor& (6!e7 or 6#eil7) , Unit test Title,descri%tion: Boo+ (lu/ Portfolio Title,descri%tion: Research Re%ort and /usiness letter (/ased on to%ics in %revious unit) !858 859 85: 85= 958 959 95= 95? :58 :59 :5: :5= :5? :5; =58 "958 959 :58 :59 :5: :5= =58 Title,descri%tion: "oc+ Trial or Presentation Title,descri%tion: Portfolio and %resentation ((A Ru/ric Trac+ing sheet 1 =58 R =58 ! =58 " =58 =59 =59 =59 =59

R 858 859 85: 85= 85> 85? 85; 85@ 958 959 95: A :59 =58 " 858 859 85: 85= !858 859 85= :5? :5;

R 858 859 85: 85= 85> 85? 85; 85@ 958 959 95: A :59 =58 " 858 859 85: 85=

R 858 859 85: 85= 85> 85? 85; 85@ 958 959 95: A :59 =58 !858 859 85= :5? :5; " :58 :59 :5: :5= 1 859 85< 959 95: 95? 95;

Formative Assessments
Title,descri%tion: Reading Diagnostic: 6Dignit& of !or+7 Scoring Scale Title,descri%tion: Writing Diagnostic: Students will /e given a series of writing %rom%ts and then as+ed to res%ond %ersonall&5 Title,descri%tion Ste!"en #ing $On Fear% %ersonal essa& with 4uestions and %ersonal res%onse Title,descri%tion: Scar- Movie comic As a diagnostic students create a comic illustrating the stereot&%ical %lot of a t&%ical horror movie (Bitstri%s) Title,descri%tion: &ualities o' E''ective (oo!erative )earning diagnostic activit& survival game note on $ive -lements of -ffective (oo%erative 'earning5 Title,descri%tion: (once!t Attainment /enerating E''ective Discussion &uestions conce%t attainment e.ercise C chart Title,descri%tion: Business )etter Students learn audience %ur%ose and structure of a /usiness letter5 The& demonstrate this /& %roducing the 6worldBs worst /usiness letter7 Title,descri%tion: Reading and Incor!orating /ra!"ics Students e.amine different t&%es of gra%hics and answer 4uestions a/out what the&Bre used for5 Dra%hics Reading Dra%hics Title,descri%tion: Researc" Re!ort read a/out and com%lete 4uestions on the audience %ur%ose and structure of a /usiness re%ort5 Re%ort assignment Ru/ric Title,descri%tion: /rammar/Writing (onventions Throughout this unit (and all the units actuall&) wor+ in grammar,writing mini*lessons /ased on issues that %o% u% in student writing eg, (ommon -rrors Title,descri%tion: *o+ to read a Drama note Title,descri%tion: ((A ,ersonal Essa- .

Title,descri%tion Intro to !la(%resentation introducing +e& themes and ideas in either One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest or A Streetcar Named Desire Title,descri%tion: Read Aloud teacher and students ta+e turns reading the te.t aloud5

Title,descri%tion: ((A Writing in Role .

Title,descri%tion: Four (orners Discussions using /elief statements (anecdotall& assess oral communication s+ills)

Title,descri%tion: ,ersonal EssaModeration Students read through several of %ersonal essa&s "oderation sheet )ote on Personal -ssa& -ssa&s essa& Title,descri%tion: Anc"or ("arts Based on essa&s from %revious lesson students develo% list of 4ualities of a good %ersonal essa& -ffective S%ea+ing Strategies

Title,descri%tion: $Scared Witless% article with 4uestions (on the %h&siolog& of fear) )ote on Three Streams of #orror and histor& of horror fiction including $reudBs theor& of the unconscious mind5 Title,descri%tion: S"ort Stor- $We% Cuestions (Including retell of short stor& from alternate %ers%ective5 Students will su/mit one for !e and one for #eil5 The /est one is summative5 See this scoring scale under summative) individual and small grou% Short stor& chart Title,descri%tion: S"ort Stor- $*eil% Cuestions individual and small grou% Short stor& chart (Including retell of short stor& from alternate %ers%ective5 Students will su/mit one for !e and one for #eil5 The /est one is summative5 See this scoring scale under summative) Title,descri%tion: S"ort Stor- $I Am t"e Door+a-% Cuestions individual and small grou% Short stor& chart Eournal res%onse Title,descri%tion: Fair- tale as "orror stor- in miniature students e.amine a variet& of fair&tales and %resent one in a small grou%: structure how the& deal with su/conscious fears note The Ro//er Bridgegroom Title,descri%tion: Bu''- t"e 7am!ire Sla-er e!isode $*us"% Presentation5 Introduce media elements /& writing a Fournal res%onse on how lighting sound music and camera angles contri/ute to feeling of horror Title,Descri%tion: Secret Window "orror on 'ilm An& non*gra%hic horror movie,thriller wor+s5 Students a%%l& understanding of %s&cholog& of horror on the test so the& ta+e notes as the& watch on a gra%hic organi2er5 Title,Descri%tion: (once!t Ma! To s&nthesi2e and review +e& ideas from unit in %re%aration for test

Title,descri%tion: Book )ook students use reading strategies to %review literature circle /oo+ o%tions

Title,descri%tion ((A 0usiness letter .

Title,descri%tion: ,ractice )iterature (ircle %ractice literature circle using short non*fiction articles

Title,descri%tion: (om!re"ension 1uestions Streetcar Streetcar 2ournal (uckoo

Title,descri%tion: ((A memo .

Title,descri%tion: )iterature circle meetings 1ne %er wee+ (> in total) See =th R curriculum /inder -.%ectations Boo+ (lu/ )ing

Title,descri%tion: Researc" strategies: wor+ with li/rarian to develo% a%%ro%riate research strategies5 'earn how to evaluate the relia/ilit& of a we/site5

Title,descri%tion: Memo/Writing in Role: De%ending on te.t students will either write a memo as )urse Ratched (memo e.em%lars) and ru/ric or a writing in role %iece as one of the characters from Streetcar Title,descri%tion: Scene !resentation In small grou%s students %resent a scene from the %la& and summari2e how the scene develo%s +e& ideas from intro note5 Title,descri%tion Film Revie+ (om%are film version to scri%t

Title,descri%tion: ((A #no+ledge and (ontent section o' Re!ort ..

Title,descri%tion: Media violence articles with 4uestions and discussion See =th R curriculum /inder Title,descri%tion: Weekl- 0log !osts 4or reading 5ournal res!onses6 Teacher will create to%ics /ased on issues that come u% in literature circle discussions5 Title,descri%tion Stereot-!es in t"e media: cli%s = corners discussion /log %ost (see a/ove)

Title,descri%tion: ((A 3"inking Skills section o' Re!ort ..

Title,descri%tion: ((A (ommunication Skills section o' Re!ort ..

Title,descri%tion: ((A A!!lication section o' Re!ort ..

Title,descri%tion: Book 3railer Using Photo%each or Animoto students will create a /oo+ trailer to %resent themes in the /oo+ and %ersuade %eers to read it5

Title,descri%tion: ((A Summarsection o' Re!ort

Title,descri%tion: ,eer editing and revising 4ongoing6

GAll of the formative assignments in the final unit are done in class5 Students will get feed/ac+ on each section with suggestions for im%rovement5 Then students com%ile and %resent all assignments for their summative assessment5 The& ma& /e
altered de%ending on what is covered,not covered in class5 GG These are each different sections of the Portfolio Re%ort5 As a culminating tas+ students will res%ond to formative feed/ac+ and com%ile the entire re%ort5 I am inde/ted to !end& Eac+son for hel%ing create much of this material5