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Manish R Velankar (*CSM) +91-9823373640 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Total Experience: 9+ years IT Experience: 8+ years Highest Education: MS, (ECE) Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA Academic Achievements: i. Silver medalist durin En ineerin in P!C" (Pune University) ii. Consistently amon to# $%& students in University, e'(ellent C)PA t*rou *out MS (ourse+or, iii. Aut*or o- . /ournal #a#ers in !EEE0 A(ousti(al So(iety o- Ameri(a /ournals durin 1%%23%4 Professional Achievements: i. E'(ellen(e a+ard +inner -or outstandin (ontri5ution to P"C ii. Only #erson sele(ted -rom !ndia, -or 6"M72 Resear(* )rou# in P"C iii. A##lause a+ard +inner in Sears 6oldin s -or outstandin desi n 8 ar(*ite(ture o- *i * availa5ility system (99.4& availa5le system) US Work Authori ation: 9alid :$ 9isa (until 1%$8) Agile S!"U#: Currently t*e S(rum (oa(* -or my team. ! am a S(rum Allian(e Certi-ied S(rum Master (CSM) Aspiration: 7oo,in -or a te(*ni(al ar(*ite(t o##ortunity in a mid3si;ed so-t+are #rodu(t (om#any, involvin te(*ni(al desi n, ar(*ite(ture, and te(*ni(al leaders*i# E$U!ATI%&: #S' Electrical ( !omputer Engineering ) Por lan! " a e #niversi $% Por lan!% &'% #"(

)ra!*a ion: +ecem,er 2006 - !*PA: +,-. 0/,0 1achelor of Engineering' Electronics ( Telecom, 2 P!C", Pune University )ra!*a ion: -*l$ 2003 - 3irst class 4ith distinction' Silver medalist

S%3TWA"E $E5E6%P#E&T E7PE"IE&!E: Sears Holdings India 89an .0:. 2 present;: Technical Architect for ne4 application development' $esignation: Technical Specialist 6eading a team of < offshore' and . onsite mem=ers 6ad 5een onsite -or #ro/e(t ,i(, o- Currently #layin t*e dual role o- Scrum !oach and Architect -or t*e team Architected' designed' and developed high availa=ilit> s>stem for !ustomer offer generation' and offer redemption engine 2 received Applause a4ard for the same Additional role of technical mentor' and consultant for the team !nvolved in ne+ #rodu(t desi n and de-inition <emonstrated a5ility to *old tal,s +it* =rd #arty vendor >ounders0CEOs0 Sales #ersonnel -or ne+ #rodu(t desi n and system inte ration Su((ess-ully dealt +it* various sta,e*olders in(ludin #ro/e(t s#onsors0 mana ers0 dire(tors0 su##ort team, and develo#ment team to deliver on time and *i * ?uality delivera5les Achieved :00? defect resolution rate' 0? schedule variance Technologies: Core @ava, @1EE, Messa e <riven :eans, Rest-ul Ae5 Servi(es, S#rin , 6i5ernate, BM7, @SP, Servlets, @avas(ri#t, 6"M72, ES:, Messa e Cueues, lo ./ Servers: @:oss 2.$ A##li(ation Server

Manish R Velankar (*CSM) +91-9823373640 ____________________________________________________________________________________ $ata=ases: MySC7 5ersion !ontrol: Su5version #iddle4are: Enter#rise Servi(e :us, Ae5s#*ere MC !ogni ant Technologies Solutions 8#a> .00:: 2 $ec :+ .0::;:

Web based application development for Investment Banking Portal Development (Client: Credit-S isse! Techno functional lead for a project stream Direct client interaction for requirements gathering een onsite for requirements gathering! and kick off "orked #ith multi$site inter$continental team %n&ol&ed in frame#ork design and de&elopment #ith direct client in&ol&ement Designing! delegating! and o&erseeing #ork progress on a da' to da' (asis )chie&ed * (ug deli&era(les! #ith * + schedule slippage "ec#nologies: ,ore -a&a. /pring! 0i(ernate! 1M2! -/3! /er&lets! 45t -/ 6.*! -a&ascript! Ti(co 4/ Servers: "e(logic! i3lanet Databases: 7racle 88g $ersion Control: /u(&ersion
PT! Soft4are 8India; Private 6imited 89une .00@ ) #a> .00::;

(Windc#ill % & D!: Windc#ill is a 'eb based P(M prod ct) and is based on distrib ted s*stems arc#itec#t re+ Technical 2ead for his team Responsi(le for! 9 o#ner of ,ontent Replication! and Vaulting ser&er side functionalit' (deals #ith 32M digital content management across multiple distri(uted product de&elopment sites) Mentor for ,ontent Replication! and Vaulting :;%! and client side technologies 3la'ed the role of (ranch master during team formation stage to setup de&elopment en&ironment using ,ruise ,ontrol 7#ner and primar' de&eloper for -M1 M eans o#ned (' the team Team anchor for selenium automation test suites o#ned (' the team 3T, ,ertified code re&ie#er! and code re&ie# trainer Team mem(er of 0TM2 < research group de&elop protot'pes #hich can (e enhanced into a frame#ork! most recentl' has (een doing research on #e( #orkers= 45t -/! and client side storage using 0TM2 < for multi$threaded client side processing of -/7> data 3erformed e5periments for performance testing of the product! including s'stem setup! code for performance measurement! anal'ses "ec#nologies: ,ore -a&a! -/3! /er&lets! 45t -/! )ja5! 0TM2<! -M1! /elenium! applets! ja&a s#ing! /truts! /pring MV,! )nt Databases: 7racle 8*g=88g! M/ /?2 /er&er @**<=@**A ,S: "indo#s! ;ni5! /olaris $ersion Control: ,lear,ase

Manish R Velankar (*CSM) +91-9823373640 ____________________________________________________________________________________

Tektronix Engineering $evelopment 8India; private limited 8&ovem=er .00A 2 #a> .00@;

Soft'are prod ct development ("DS - ."/! ("arget market: Cons mer electronics prod cts man fact rers! 3la'ed the role of 3rimar' de&eloper and module o#ner Significant ac#ievements: 8** + defect resolution! * + defect re$open rate! * + schedule in&ariance "ec#nologies: ,ore -a&a! -a&a s#ing! Matla( $ersion control: ,lear,ase
Infos>s Technologies 6imited 8August .00+ 2 $ecem=er .00/;:

Web based application development for telecom billing application (Client: "elenet) Belgi m! 3rimar' de&eloper! unit tester for full application de&elopment ,oding! de(ugging! regressi&e self testing! unit testing! integration testing 3la'ed role of kno#ledge management anchor for the team Bast paced! and technicall' challenging soft#are de&elopment e5perience using /D2, "ec#nologies: ,ore -a&a. -@44! 1M2! -/3! /er&lets Databases: 7racle 8*g! 7racle Ci $ersion Control: "in ,V/
Portland State Universit> 89anuar> .00B 2&ovem=er .00A;:

0rad ate %esearc# 1ssistant "orked on ;/ >a&al Research 3roject for under#ater o(ject identification "rote algorithms for under#ater o(ject identification and tracking )uthored 6 journal papers in %444= )coustical /ociet' of )merica journals 45perience presenting research #ork at conferences "ec#nologies: Matla(! ,ore -a&a! -a&a s#ing! M/ Visio ,".2% W,%3 24P2%I25C2: Defense Research and Development Organization, Govt. of India (2003) "orked on a final 'ear project D7perator ,onsole for Remote ,ontrolled Ro(otE! to make a processor card for controlling 8F remote controlled ro(ots simultaneousl' $ 4quipmentG 1"67S89:9 microcontroller) 1DC 7878) M14 ;/; interface) (CD :<7;1 /oft#are = 2anguageG 1"67S89:9 assembl* lang age

Manish R Velankar (*CSM) +91-9823373640 ____________________________________________________________________________________

!ne Instit!te of "omp!ter #echnolog$, !ne %niversit$, India (200&) uilt an e5ternal caller %.D unit for a telephone as part of the undergraduate course! 4lectronic Design $ 4quipmentG 1"86C9: microcontroller) D"M= Decoder 88>7) (CD :<7; 1 /oft#are = 2anguageG 1"86C9: assembl* lang age