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Mary Sears

1. Are you pro-life? Yes!! If so, with or without exception. No Exceptions. God can turn all our bad decision and horrible circumstance into something great. Children of rape have support groups and testimonies on how wonderful their lives have turned out. Advanced medicine allows intervention where none was before. 2. Do you believe the entire ObamaCare law should be repealed or replaced as some Republicans have suggested? Obama Care should be completely repealed. I don't believe that anyone but the physician and the patient should be deciding a course of medical action. Obama Care puts a panel in the place of a doctor who then decides if certain people are worthy of care. We should be scared to death of that. Obama Care takes away the ability of the medical community to manage itself unimpeded from the government. Hospitals and physicians will have a report card showing how they perform. One of the things that should be concerning is the death complication. If a patient is old, weak, has a history of complicated medical issues they are more likely to die during surgery. If a surgeon gets poor performance reports because his practice handles the bulk of these patients and his pay goes down because of the reports he will soon learn not to take these patients and they in turn will have no help or hope. Physicians go into medicine to help people. For a time, these compassionate men and women will do the procedures anyway but will the next generation? Will there be a next generation when all the doctors no matter if you are a paediatric cardiovascular surgeon or punch the clock ER doctor will be paid the same. I feel this will drive out the speciality fields and the quality of medicine will suffer on the whole. The Obama Care bill is so wide in scope and covers so many topics that you can't sum it up in a paragraph. It will be devastating to our nation over time.Obama Care took a great system with a few problems and made it worse across the board. Repeal it. A couple things we could have done in Michigan to bring down costs would have been to get rid of the certificate of need which demands a hospital developer prove a hospital is needed in an area before a hospital can be built. This would provide competition between hospitals and drive down costs. Can you imagine having to prove you need another automotive shop in an area before one could be built. Can you imagine the cost of car repairs if the automotive dealers lobbied to keep out competition? Another way of lowering health cost would be by letting people buy insurance

outside of Michigan. This would open Michigan up to competition from insurance companies in other states. 3. House Speaker Jase Bolger has suggested opening up Michigan's Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include, sexual orientation, and gender identity and transgendered. Would you support this? Why or why Not? No, I believe the Republican Party needs to take a good long look at its own platform. The bigger question is why do we have Republican elected officials who try to undermine the party's belief system? 4. Do you believe that anything should be added or subtracted to the current 2012 GOP Platform? If so what would you like to see added or subtracted? I support the Republican platform and the resolutions adopted in Spring 2013. I believe if we had more Republican members that read and supported the platform and elected officials that worked to implement it into legislation then we would have a stronger Republicans party and would have a massive influx of members. 5. Do you support or oppose homosexual marriage. I oppose homosexual marriage. Marriage is ordained by God to be between one man and one woman. 6. What is your stance on the National Popular Vote (NPV) I do not support a National Popular Vote. The Electoral Collage was put in place to prevent the big states from controlling all the races. It was to give a more equal and competitive standing to the smaller states. Today with the populations being condensed in the cities rural voices get drowned out. Maybe splitting the States Electoral Votes into regions could be a way of making it more like the founders inteded. Another issue is the adoption of the Seventeenth Amendment which established direct election of the US Senators by popular vote. It was the founders intent that the state legislators picked the US Senator. The Senate was seen as a means of hooking the state governments together with the federal one. Senators constituents would be state legislators rather than the people, and through their senators the states could influence federal legislation. Giving the states the power the Constitution intended. 7. How available to you believe a National Committee person should be to the Party membership? 2

I think a National Committee Person should be available to the party membership. She should be willing to listen to their concerns and try to get them as much information as possible to help them understand issues and how they effect them and their community. How will you communicate with Party membership to keep membership abreast of current issues pertaining to the Party? I will send out a periodic e-mail letting them know what is happening on the national level as well as any state news I would have. My phone and e-mail are already available. Feel free to drop me a line. 8. Do you believe that a National Committee person should speak out if Michigan elected officials are advocating policy that is in direct opposition to the Party Platform? Yes. I think that our party members deserve elected officials that understand they are to promote and legislate our party platform. If they do not support the platform or are working to undermine it, than why are they running as a Republican? 9. Considering the recent calls for Dave Agema resignation and the fact that Mr. Agema has chosen not to resign do you feel under these circumstance that you can forge a working, productive relationship with Mr. Agema in the best interest of the Party and Platform I feel Dave Agema and I are cut from the same cloth. We both hold true to party platform and are unapologetic Christians. 10. What do you feel you could do for Party unity? We have a horrible faction issue within the party. I believe it directly relates to the fact we are not strong on our own party platform. I would love to see us be a unified party. The only way to achieve that is to have leaders that support our beliefs which are spelled out within our platform. When we put people in leadership positions who are weak on the issues, that are important to us, than we appear as having a platform that we dont believe in or that its there only as lip service and it is not the guidelines that we follow. I strongly believe in God, life, traditional marriage, family, small government, fiscal responsibility,the second amendment, Constitutional principles and the thought that each individual is born free and should be encouraged to live as independently as possible. An independent people will give us a free and independent nation. 3

Certification and Credentials: CCRN-Critical Care Registered Nurse MEPSS Graduate: Michigan's Excellence in Public Service Seminar Campaign School Political History: Houghton County Precinct Delegate Houghton County Republicans member Houghton County Women's Republican member State Delegate Houghton County Victory Center volunteer, Houghton, MI DeVos for Governor campaign chair, Houghton County Houghton County Republican Vice Chair Houghton County Republican Chair MIGOP First District Vice Chair State Committee Member Jury Board Board of Canvassers Event Coordination Houghton County Lincoln Day Dinners Houghton County Christmas Party's First District Bus First District UP Roundups First District Christmas Party Many local County Commissioners races Many Local Township races Matt Huuki for State Representative Fund raisers Tom Casperson for State Senator (and Congress) Fund raisers Meet and Greet for SOS Terri Lynn Land Round Table meeting for Lt. Governor Calley and Local Businessmen Dinner with Lt. Governor Calley Town Hall meeting with Governor Snyder Fund Raiser/Meet and Greet Governor Snyder Many TEA Party rallies one with a turn out of 450+ people Tri-County Medical Society Forum: Casperson vs Lahti Health Care Forum with Tri-County Medical Society and Dr. Dan Benishek Health Care Forum with Tri-County Medical Society and Tom Casperson Houghton Meeting of the TEA Party Express Forum: Americans for Prosperity and many more... Community Positions Delta College Student Nurse Association President MTU Preschool Event Coordinator 4

Hancock Business and Professionals Association Vice President Hancock Business and Professionals Association President Rotary Club Member St. Patrick's Day Parade and Luncheon Coordinator Quincy Smelter Association; Founder and Director Concerned Citizens of the Upper Peninsula; Founder and Director Liberty Essentials; Founder, Writer and Director Franklin Township Trustee Franklin Township Recreation Committee Awards Paul Harris Fellowship Award Recognition for protecting conservative public policy; UP TEA party Escanaba