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Short film Report

My short film, The Tail Of Ruby Hood should be produced because it has a similar storyline to Little Red Riding Hood, the film Little Red Riding Hood did very well in its sells bringing in a huge amount of profit, the new plot which is being created will give a new twist to the movie which will be fun and dynamic film to watch. It is very similar to Little Red Riding Hood as I have done my research on Wikipedia and also on IMDB which were great sources as they gave me to right information to base my Short Film around. I looked on these two sites to see how well Little Red Riding Hood did in the Box Office. The research I received was secondary data which was who distributed film, release date, how long the movie runs for, the budget of the film and how much it made in the box office once the movie was released.

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Let alone the opening weekend, the film then produced 236,000,000 in just over a month.

We clearly see that during the Box Office the movie made more than double of what was use as a budget. We also see on IMDB that Red Riding Hood produced. Grossed 842,398, in total showing the date.

As you can see the reviewers think the plot of the movie is very good, they like the choice of actors and actresses in the movie, the storyline and how this Little Red Riding Hood had its own little twist.

Primary Research I think my short film should be made because I have look at reviews of Little Red Riding Hood and also created a questionnaire to find out what people may like about Little Red Riding Hood with a new twist and also a whole new synopsis and title, Little Red Riding Hood did receive some negative feedback however, all movies tend to have opposite opinions from what others may think is good from the film. While doing the research our focus group told us that theyd prefer if the girl (Little Red Riding Hood) was older, being in the age range of 15 to 19. The Primary Research done in the questionnaire and focus group is displayed below
1.) How Old Are You?
20 15 10 5 0 12 to 18 19 to 21 22 to 40 40+

2.) Are you Male or Female?

After explaining my short film to the Focus Group, telling them the synopsis of The Tail of Ruby Hood. The Focus group was a success as they told me what would be appealing to my
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target audience. My focus group thought my film was more directed to males however, the film is based around a female and an old fairy tale. The males felt as if it appealed to them more because the short film had a twist, and also a moral to it which was you shouldnt judge a book by its cover. We also see the age of our target audience which was age 15 to 21. The age of my target audience varies as there are older people who understand the key element of the short film which was the wolf returning the hair clip. Once finding the perfect age to direct my short film to be very easy as my target audience informed me on who whether male or female and what age to direct to which was males aged between 15 and 21. Adults aged 40 and above thought it would be a good idea to create as it sends a message to younger teenage viewers going into adulthood which was, not all people have bad intentions coming back to people not judging people instantly. Dont judge a book by its cover.
3.) Genre of Short Films You Enjoy?
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Horror Comedy Thriller

After reviewing all the data I received from my questionnaire with my group, we come to see that Horror and Comedy both have an equal amount of votes, these votes coming in from people aged 14 to 18. Since my short film is based around a fairy tale with a modern twist, I would like to make my short film original which is to scare my target audience, making my short film comedic could lose fans as I think they'd like me to keep it original just with my own new twist. The Little Red Riding Hood which was released in 2011 kept an original storyline however; it had its own twist which made the movie a success in the Box Office. I will also follow in its path by keeping a safe but scary storyline with just a twist of my own.

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4.) Length of Short Film?

People who answered my questionnaire thought that my short film should be around 14 5minutes long, their opinion on it was that 12 they didn't want it to be too long which could 10 make the viewers bored of the storyline if it 8 drags. This means when I create my short film 6 it must not be too long, however not too short 4 at the same time. I must get my character 2 information across to the audience so they 0 understand it in time, keeping my short film quick and snappy will keep my target audience watching anticipating what could happen next.
5.) Preferred Ending?




5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Wolf Returns Hair Clip Girl Dies Wolf Dies

When questioning my target audience they wanted the wolf to return Rubies Rose hair clip as she drops it right in front of him however, he'll return the clip in a scary, animalistic manner however once he comes to give it back, he just returns the hair clip to her but she gets scared and runs. The audience also wanted the wolf to die, Ruby would've been evil but I thought the wolf dying was too expected as it happens in the original Little Red Riding Hood so I would like to bring another twist.

Target audience General Views

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A lot of my target audience had the same views, most of them thought that the twists to the short film were good but the actress needed to be older for the target audience to create an understanding with Ruby, making Ruby 16 and older will be better for my target audience relate to, also using different types of music when a character is on screen showing the audience what type of character they are watching. Ruby will need calm Soft music showing her character and how she'll be in the short film. They also thought that doing the whole movie being in black and white wasn't good, they thought me and my group should just have a little part of the short film in black and white, not all. They thought just ending in black and white would make the short film look classical as the wolf returns the hair clip but in the end the wolf and Ruby walk hand in hand out of the woods moreover, Ruby turns around in a wide shot looking at the camera then winks leaving the audience on edge. My target audience also thought making Ruby older will make them relate more, her looking too young could bore my target audience which won't keep them watching for 5minutes. The audience wanted the short film a typical quick cut of scenes, scary and a bone chilling film which made the audience jump out their chairs with tense music which only the audience can hear (Non-Diegetic). The music can be used to show
the twist, my twist is of the wolf trying to return the hair clip in a evil and scary manner but then chasing Ruby down but however, he returns it to her safely.

Post-Production The post production is where we find our storyline, the possible twist which could take place in the film, finalising the synopsis of the chosen film. The inspiration of the film idea is then explain to the target audience with pictures and little information about each character. Once all the explaining of the film is done questionnaires are handed out to the target audience to receive primary information. We then changed what the audience didn't like and enhanced what we thought could be better as an item. Once the film idea has been finalized, the script starts being written up while listing the equipment which will be used, how much the equipment may be, the personnel who will be working with the equipment and the editor of the footage.

Personnel for Production A film director is someone who directs the visual aspect of the film, making it dramatic and artistically fun to watch. A director also acts out how the script has been written so the main actor of the scene understands what they may be doing in the scene. The director over seas the creation of the movie as it is being acted out by characters, creating the script into a real life visual which the target fans are capable of watching in the cinema or DVD. The skills that directors must possess are good organisational skills, the director must sometimes step into the chief executives shoes. The director must contribute constructively to the overall creation of the movie scene by scene, telling everyone their priorities, improving process of filming, the budget of the setting and performances. Directors must also stand back from the practical which is taking place and think of what can make

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the scene better whether it is the location, the props which are being used in the scene, the characters posture and the way the cameras are laid out. Directors must also spot the differences in changing environments, social and political, they may need to change a couple things which may go on in the movie so they dont offend the viewers who could possibly watch it, and this is being one step ahead.

Film Producers prepare and then supervise the creation of the film before presenting the production the he world. They can be employed by film studios such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures. There are also independent film producers who tend to have a team who producer movies with no outlet. The skills you may need as a Producer are good knowledge in anything you may be doing, experience in the job and also personal motivation trait. strong problem-solving skills and the ability to make decisions quickly so time isnt wasted, flexibility to deal with unexpected changes such as the wrong lighting being brought by our camera crew, a calm approach during big problems occurs sorting it out as quick as possible removes hassle, the ability to balance the creative and practical in making decisions, handling requests for funds, negotiating skills will come in handy if too much money is being spent, the ability to work with many different types of people, commanding respect and providing encouragement keeping everyone motivated and also a willingness to work long hours week in, week out.

Editors work very closely with the Director before shooting begins on a short film, deciding how to make the screenplay as good as possible. On the first day of principal photography, Editors begin work in the cutting room which could sometimes be at the location of the film, looking at the previous day's rushes which are developed overnight at the Film Lab and synced-up (synchronised, the alignment of sound and image) by the Assistant Editor so everything goes in time, doing this keeps everything in time so nothing pays out of place which will give off a poor production on the movie. A director must be able to create under pressure, also understanding the narrative while adding his/hers own flair and imagination to the movie. Communication skill are also key to a good movie editor as the director and editor work hand in hand, the editor has to show the directors vision which has been passed down from the executive producer which will create a great film. The awareness of changing something into something better will better the film; stopping blemishes will show that the editor has an eye for a clean piece of work.

Sound Engineers will be in charge of the sound which needs to be in sync with the footage at all times, he/she also create sound effects for different types of things from cups dropping to someone getting punched in the face. Actor/Actresses are picked by the producer to act out their characters role in the movie; they have to learn how to act as different character, learning different roles over a period of time. They must know about storylines and scripts. They must be confident with themselves if they want to be in the movie business as they could be put into any role which may not be in their comfort zone.

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Runners are usually the people who help around in the production with the small task of delivering tea or coffee, scripts and transporting camera gear with other runners. Runners are used for the quick jobs which need to be done there and then, some may find very easy but these jobs can be boring at the same time.

Camera Man are the men who record the footage different sot types of the characters, during the recording of the shots they'll be helping the directors find the best shots of the characters to make the film as great as possible. The camera man will be in charge of the rushes sheet and recording log. This is important information where all the footage that has been recorded and logged somewhere on paper or a PC.

Once I and my group had done our research we come to learn that our target audience like our general idea of little red riding hood however, they wanted some key parts changed in the film as they thought it would have young, childish scenery to the film. This was where we had to go back to the drawing board and make our main character. Ruby Hood older, Building up her age to be around 15 to 19. Our target audience also thought that the Creepy character who was Mr Wolfe was too exaggerated, they didnt want him to have long nails and also extra hairy. They just want him to have a creepy weird persona. Theyd prefer the wolf as a young teenager however, he must be older than Ruby. They also gave us the idea of the show behind which was him as a normal person on camera but we well see in his shadow a creepy would.

Conclusion I think my short film will be successful because I have made the necessary changes to my storyline to make it appeal to my target audience more. I think my movie will be a success because the primary research taken place was very good; a lot of the results I have received were good and most of the initial ideas which were thought of by me and my group member Bradley and Renata. The film which my short film is based round did very well in the box office which is another hint showing my short film will also do good to if my twist is the best it can be, not being typical and clich. The theme of the whole short film in black and white was removed as my target audience thought it was copying another idea from another movie. I know that when creating my short film it must get in all the information into the movie in a short period of time which is going to be very hard as most of my target audience thought that my short film should be around 5 minutes long. If I would like to do this in just around or under 5 minutes in need to get enough information in my film about the characters to the audience so they understand what they are watching from the start of the film, also putting in too much information about my characters could bore my audience as they don't only want to hear about the characters playing their parts in the film, dragging the film for longer than it should be. I think if I think about all these things once filming

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commences I'll be fine as I have covered the issue which may possibly occur once filming and moreover when the film is completely edited and disturbed.

Track Changes

These are the track changes notifying me on the mistakes Ive made and the words I have removed.

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