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Do not use computer to harm other people Do not use a computer to steal Must accomplish the task before the deadline Follow the company rules and policy as you implement it within the company Do not steal in other peoples files Dont use the internet in a bad way Do not use other peoples computer resources without authorization IT professionals must create good ideas that influence others to do good things As an IT professional, all we do must be creative and not a copy of other works, if we copy, we must have the proper authorization As an IT, all our software and hardware must be licensed, avoid piracy A programmer must use the comments properly in order for the next one easily debug your work As an IT professional, you should demonstrate quality of service and maintain your integrity As an it professional, you should secure all information provided upon you for privacy and confidentiality As an IT professional, you must follow the code of ethics bestowed upon your profession If we say our nature is evil then do not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good Loving your job is giving importance to yourself In everything, give thanks Hindi ako mamimirata ng gawa ng iba Kailangan laging safe at hindi makasasama sa iba ang aking gagawin Ako ay magiging professional at makatao sa aking pagiging IT Hindi ako mambubully Hindi ko nanakawin ang gawa ng iba Papatunayan ko na ako ay isang professional IT sa kilos at gawa Being an IT Professional, I acknowledge a persons right to due process, fair compensation fo r harm done, and fair distribution of benefits, and I dont violate the law and I dont deceive others. I acknowledge also a persons right to life, information, privacy, free expression and safety. An IT should respect one anothers ideas to be a good example of this society Thou shall not copy or use proprietary software for which you have not paid Thou shall not use a computer to false witness As an IT professional, I will always use my knowledge in technology in a good way. As an IT professional, I will not use my knowledge to harass any person. As an IT professional, I will always be accountable in any programs I did. IT professional shall never penetrate/access other or any other computer network without proper permission IT professional should never use illegal or pirated softwares IT professional should never tamper or change other employees email and computer file without the employer and administrators approval An IT professional should carry out his/her duties and obligations with integrity and objectivity An IT professional should create an culture of open and honest communication I shall maintain the best interest of the client as the primary obligation

As a database/system administrator, I shall not snoop other members files As a freelancer developer, I shall not break the terms and condition of my client As a network administrator, I shall not use my resources against my company As IT personnel, I shall follow/obey my senior IT personnel or Boss only if it is not illegal As a member of school or university, I shall not violate its rules and regulations to use its network As a member of IT organization, I shall share my knowledge in related on my profession. As an IT professional should strictly follow the policy or rules inside and outside of his workplace IT professional should respect the privacy of users that are connected on the network, he should not snoop on users information as he can see what the user is doing on the network An IT professional should not use software that has license without acquiring its license Do not sneak in other peoples files Do not sneak in other peoples idea Use computer for good purposes that shows consideration and respect Mapahalagahan at mapanatiling safe ang bawat detalye ng bawat empleyado at customers, kaya dapat sa bawat system na gagawin ay dapat palaging sigurado at dapat merong sapat na seguridad para sa detalyeng tungkol sa kanila And IT ay dapat maging strikto sa mga detalye na ibibigay ng mga customers at empleyado at bigyan sila ng assurance na safe ang kanilang mga information sa loob at labas ng company Ang bawat IT ay dapat magkaroon ng restriction sa paggamit ng bawat software para irespeto ang gumawa ng software at maiwasan ang anumang di pagkakaunawaan An IT Professional should be responsible for any cause he/she got into. An IT professional should only provide the things that can help life easier for their clients in all of their need An IT professional can share his/her knowledge only for good and not for making and spreading crime As an IT professional, you have that power to do what is right for the sake of others and for your well-being Always be a white-hat hacker. Use your knowledge to help people not to destroy them just to have fun As an IT professional, it gives you a certain sense of responsibility or power to change someone elses life to be good or bad through internet. Choose wisely Copying the software/hardware without the permission of the owner are prohibited Using of illegal/unlicensed software are strictly prohibited specially in school Do not browse to the internet during exam hours All member of the association should not gather information and take it outside An IT professional shall provide security for the network & safety of the files An IT professional shall not think about social consequences of the program you are writing or the system you are designing and the policies you are implementing in the network An IT professional shall not interfere with other peoples computer work without permission on higher authority An IT professional shall not use other peoples computer resources without authorization or proper compensation

An IT professional shall not appropriate other peoples intellectual out. Shall always use a computer in a way that ensure consideration and respect for your fellow humans An IT Professional should always perform the best opportunity and keep knowledge up to date An IT professional are accountable to their actions at all times. If you make a mistake, own up to it and try to fix it if possible. Dont try to place the blame on a colleague An IT professional always keeps a smile on their face and the right attitude in their heart even how hard the work is As an IT professional, remember that you are hired by the company to provide salable goods or services to its customer, in order to achieve their further objective. You should be a help rather than a hindrance to the achievement of the company objectives I will never violate a policy of a company and strictly abide by the intellectual property law I will always gain more skills, strive my knowledge to improve in every aspect of my career as an IT professional and also to the benefit of the public As IT professional, kailangan active ka sa ethics para malaman mom o kung anu ang nagyayari sa ating mga problema sa gumagamit ng teknolohiya katulad ng Internet As an IT professional you need to secure your privacy and your all information As an It professional, you need to maintain your integrity Wag gamitin ang pc/computer para sa mga illegal na Gawain Huwag mangialam ng files ng may files Huwag mangopya ng gawa ng iba A professional IT shall maintain the privacy and confidential information of individual users, and shall not use these to commit crimes or threat to someones life. Professional IT has an obligation to report all the abnormalities of the system that might result damage, shall accurately documented all the fix and modification to the system. A professional IT shall report all the illegal activities and shall not tolerate those who violate the law or the policy of the company An IT professional should give what the client wants but should know when to say no. He shall give the needs of the client but also be able to comprehend the task, its needs and the limitation of the work An IT professional should not abuse his knowledge in this field and take advantage of those who lack the knowledge in IT An IT professional should have an organized workplace, may it be in cabling or files in programming Thou shall not bring office equipment from the office unless you have the permission to do so Dont push yourself too hard. There are certain works or projects that cannot be done alone; always ask assistance. Keep your office or place clean before leaving. Remember that your workplace also reflects your identity as a person Do not use a computer in ways that may harm other people, not limited to injury but includes harming/corrupting other users data or files, this also includes programs/viruses which in execution, steals/harms users and computers Dont contribute to the spread of misinformation using the web. Spread of information is easy nowadays because of internet news or social sites, false news and rumors can spread fast. Being involved is very unethical in its own way. Some even use it for gaining profit

Dont expect an IT professional to be expert at everything related to computer, an IT is more of a generalist, they know stuff and not expert at all those stuff, like servers, word, SQL, PHP, DHCP, etc. We know them but we dont know them all in depth, you can give us time to learn what needs to be learned, or better yet, you should go to an expert Thou shall not access any information without permission for personal gain. Electrons are free, but privacy isnt. Thou shall not reproduce any software without proper authorization for personal income Thou shall not bear false evidence against a person with the manipulation of computer skill to the real evidence/ by making a false evidence with the use of computer skills I will take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access to passwords, user identifications or other information that may be used to access information systems I will limit access to information contained in or obtained from the systems to only authorized people I will protect all confidential information from unauthorized disclosure I will abide by all licensing and copyright agreements I will not share, record, copy, transmit, delete, or in any way alter information in these systems except when required to perform my duties. An I.T professional shall never create or distribute any malware software that will cause damage the system. An I.T professional shall prevent the user's information protected for privacy and confidentiality. An IT professional must be aware of the devices in the workplace, maintaining its value, proper usage and safety precautions. An IT professional shall maintain good condition and monitor performance of the system. It requires knowledge about operating system and installing. For the maintenance and monitoring performance. An IT professional must have technical and educational background and experience. It requires knowledge about technical and administrative control of the system. It requires skills too, for fixing drivers and other devices. An IT professional shall maintain security of the whole system and management. Physically and logically. It requires knowledge and experience about configuration and managing records and files for over all security.