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Present Simple Tense Prezentul simplu

Present Simple Tense: Forme

Present Continuous Tense Prezentul continuu

Present Continuous Tense: Forme Afirmativ : Subiect + Prezentul verbului $a fi% + in&' *he is cutting the ca)e in slices! (a taie prjitura felii. + La verbele care se termin n e mut& ,ispare e%ul final la forma ing -iving + La verbele care se termin n er& %ir& %ur

Afirmativ : Subiect + Verbul la infinitiv Excepie: La pers a III sg verbul se termin mereu n s sau es : The boy wants a toy car for hristmas! Biatul vrea o maina de jucrie pentru Crciun. "tentie: #! $erbele care se termin n %y la pers a III sg& y se transform n %ies: I cry She cries. I play He pla s. '! $erbele care se termin n o& %ss& %x& %sh& %ch primesc la pers a III sg % es (y mother usually goes to the mar)et in the morning! !ama se duce de obicei "n pia# diminea#a. Negativ: Subiect + do not) does not + verb *he ,oes not sing in the school chorus! (a nu c*nt "n corul colii. Interogativ: do not) does not + Subiect + verb .oes she want to participate in the

Negativ : Subiect + Prezentul verbului $a fi% + not + verb + in&' *he is not tal)ing at the moment& she is eating! +n acest moment ea nu vorbete, mn*nc. Interogativ: Prezentul verbului $a fi% + Subiect + verb + in&'

competition/ - Vrea ea s participe "n competi#ie. Present Simple Tense se folosete pentru a exprima : % ",evruri general valabile: The earth has ' emispheres! Pm*ntul are / emisfere. % "ciuni repetitive:

Is she smiling/ (a z*mbete. Present Continuous Tense se folosete pentru a exprima : % "ciune care se nt0mpl n momentul vorbirii The win, is blowing! V*ntul sufl. It is raining outsi,e! Plou afar. % "ciune care se extin,e pe o perioa, puin mai lung ,e timp

*he ta)es piano lessons each ,ay at 1 3ulia is rea,ing a novel by .ic)ens! o2cloc)! (a ia lec#ii de pian "n fiecare 1ulia citete un roman de 2ic3ens zi la ora 0. % "ciuni ,e moment& terminate n % "ciune temporar& limitat momentul n care sunt sv0r4ite : I live in lu5 but this year I am living in 6ucuresti! 4riesc "n Cluj dar "n (ar) gets out of be,& goes to the acest an locuiesc "n Bucureti. bathroom an, washes his teeth! !ar3 se d jos din pat, se duce la baie i se spal pe din#i. % "ciuni obi4nuite: (y gran,father an, I usually loo) at the starts when the s)y is clear! Bunicul meu i cu mine, noi ne uitm de obicei la stele c*nd e senin. % "ciuni planificate n viitor& obligatorii 8cu verbe ,e mi4care9 : % 7lanuri ime,iate pentru viitorul apropiat The chil,ren are going camping to,ay! Copiii mer& cu cortul astzi. % "ciune frecvent repetat& suprtoare se folose4te ,eseori cu a,verbele always, forever, constantly

The year en,s with the :#st of .ecember! 5nul se termin cu 67 decembrie.

"nn is always ma)ing plans without ta)ing into consi,eration all the facts! 5nn "i face mereu planuri fr s ia "n considerare toate aspectele.

Exist o serie !e ver"e care nu se folosesc la Pre#ent Continuu$ Ele se mpart n urmtoarele categorii: %er"e !e percep&ie : feel& hear& see& smell& taste %er"e !e opinie: assume& believe& consi,er& ,oubt& feel 8; a cre,e9& fin, 8; a consi,era9& suppose& thin) %er"e care se refer la percep&e mental : forget& imagine& )now& mean& notice& recogni<e& remember& un,erstan, %er"e care exprim emo&ii sau c'iar !orin&e: envy& fear& ,isli)e& hate& hope& li)e& love& min,& prefer& regret& want& wish %er"e folosite pentru m surat: contain& cost& hol,& measure& weigh "lte verbe: loo) 8; a se asemna9& seem& be 8n ma5oritatea ca<urilor9& have ; a pose,a9 (nele ver"e pot fi folosite la forma continu !ar )i sc'im" sensul: Exemple: $erbul to see 8a ima&ina9' I thin) you are seeing things& there is no one in the house! Cred c "#i ima&inezi lucruri, nu e nimeni "n cas. $erbul to smell 8a adulmeca, a mirosi9' *he is smelling the roses!- (a miroase trandafirii. $erbul to loo* 8a se uita9 ' Tom is loo)ing at (aria! $erbul to "e 8a se comporta9' *he is being ru,e! (a se comport nepoliticos.

+eci!e w'et'er to use Present Simple Tense or Present Continuous Tense$ #! *ometimes *usan 8to watch9 science fiction films& but she normally 8to prefer9 love stories! '! Loo)+ (r! ooper 8to wor)9! =e usually 8to start9 wor) at about > o2cloc)! :! ?e 8to go9 to a football match next *atur,ay! @! an you 8to answer9 the phone& please& I 8to have9 a bath right now! 1! I never 8to eat9 spinach& but we 8to have9 some this evening! A! ?hen I 8to see9 him& we always 8to go9 to a pub! B! ?e usually 8to meet9 when we 8to go9 to wor)! >! Listen+ (rs! 3ones 8to play9 the piano! Cou can 8to hear9 her very clearly! D! ?hen 3ohn 8to sleep9& he sometimes 8to tal)9! #E! *orry& (r! *mith& I cannot 8to spea)9 to you right now& because I 8to be9 very busy! ##! 7aul an, Tom 8to go9 to Lon,on three times a year& but next summer they 8to stay9 at home! #'! Fccasionally he 8to go9 to the cinema& but he 8to go9 to the theatre at least once a wee)! #:! 3ohn 8notGto be9 here& he 8to wor)9 late this evening! #@! "t the moment I 8notGto li)e9 fish! #1! 7eter always 8to sing9 while he 8to have9 a bath! #A! Loo)+ It 8to rain9 outsi,e& so we can2t 8to go9 to the beach! #B! *usan 8to hate9 potatoes& because she 8to thin)9 they 8to be9 ba, for her! #>! I must 8to go9 home right now& because my parents 8to wait9 for me! #D! *am can2t 8to go9 to (exico next summer& so he 8to visit9 his gran,mother! 'E! (ary 8to love9 chocolate& an, she 8to eat9 some every ,ay!

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