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About ATEM Software

Welcome to the ATEM software for Windows! This package contains: ATEM Software Control, a software control panel for your ATEM switcher ATEM Setup !tility, a utility to set the "# address of your switcher and upgrade it$s software and %lackmagic Media E&press, an application to allow 'ideo capture from your ATEM switcher( This update also includes %lackmagic !ltraScope software, a utility for use with !S% )(* +ased ATEM switchers that pro'ides wa'eform monitoring scopes on compati+le #C$s(

What's new in ATEM 3.4

This software contains changes to how some features work on your ATEM switcher +ased on feed+ack from +roadcasters( We suggest carefully checking each new feature +efore using this software on air( "ncluded are , new features -.:/ Anamorphic Multi01iew support and Audio Mi&er M"2" Control Surface support( The -.:/ Anamorphic de'elopment will allow all 3 of the ATEM supported formats to pass through and +e displayed in their correct aspect ratio on the Multi01iew( The audio mi&er control surface support allows hardware and software M"2" Control Surfaces that support 4Mackie Control4 5or emulations thereof6 to interface with the audio software controller on the ATEM Switchers( This will allow users to mi& their audio on a )rd party audio control surface such as, for e&ample, the %ehringer %C7,*** or the Mackie Control !ni'ersal #ro( There has also +een a de'elopment in the Media #ool that gi'es an indication of when a graphic is in use in the #re'iew or the #rogram output of the ATEM( This will help pre'ent inad'ertent mistakes during media pool manipulation( 7inally, some users were fortuitously a+le to connect de'ices that worked at the unsupported .*89 format( We ha'e now allowed these original signals to pass again(

Minimum System Requirements for Windows

: Microsoft Windows 3 or Microsoft Windows ; ),0+it or Microsoft Windows ; .<0+it : Apple =uickTime> for 8(,.< capture with ATEM Tele'ision Studio : Computer display resolution of at least -).. +y ;.3( : A !S% ,(* or )(* port for 8(,.< capture from an ATEM Tele'ision Studio( : A !S% )(* port for uncompressed capture from an ATEM -M?E or , M?E #roduction Switcher( : The same !S% ,(* or )(* port is used for internal software updates( : An Ethernet connection for switcher control( NOTE: Please update the internal software in your ATEM Switcher and ATEM roadcast Panel after installin! this software" Simply connect the ATEM Switcher with a #S ca$le and run the included ATEM Setup #tility software" Then repeat for the ATEM roadcast

Panel" After this update% chec& your switcher chassis 'P address in the ATEM Setup #tility"

Remo(in! ATEM Software

To remo'e ATEM software simply use #rograms and 7eatures control panel in Windows ;(

Additional Information
#lease check www(+lackmagicdesign(com for additional information on third party software compati+ility and minimum system re@uirements( A ,**-0,*-, %lackmagic 2esign #ty( Btd( All rights reser'ed( %lackmagic 2esign, %lackmagic, ATEM, !ltraScope, "ntensity, 2eckBink, Multi+ridge, 82Bink, and 4Beading the creati'e 'ideo re'olution4 are trademarks of %lackmagic 2esign #ty( Btd(, registered in the !(S(A and other countries( !pdated Ccto+er )-, ,*-,(