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Equality and rights So it has come to my attention that more and more people are fighting for their

rights and equality, to be treated just as good as the person next to them. Everyone wants to be treated fairly and believes that their hard work deserves some good in return for themselves. This gives me a sad laugh. Its sad because we have come to a day in age where we are so progressive, where our society and youth have come to terms and more accepting towards race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs; etc. But yet when you look at the world, these are issues that still haunt so many. People in Uganda get burned and tortured in the street for being homosexual. Racism and theology fuels the everlasting war in the Middle East. Even on the home front there is discrimination on a grander scale, the rich and poor, fashionable and unfashionable, the civilized man or savage animal. SO much suffering and pain, kids dying, towns being eliminated; manifestation upon manifestation of this vast universe being returned to nothing by lifeless energy. I constantly ask myself, what is this all for. I try time and time again to put myself on both sides of the wall, to understand why they do the things they do and hate the things they fear to love. In the end its pretty simple and it fully developed eyes to see through it all. I hate to make this claim but the more I refuse it the more it seems to be true. I feel as if I think and observe on a higher level than most around me. I dont know if its my secluded nature that keeps me from finding like-minded individuals. Well I found some but they are all dead and gone. Ive noticed over the past few months that I like to observe and ponder again and again until I can understand the true nature of the posed thought. I myself used to be homophobic because of the way I was brought up and the mentality of my culture and heritage. However, something in my found all of this confusing and weird. With fact after fact showing that there is more to homosexuality and less to God, or any other higher being that is controlling us. I hear all the excuses: Adam was made for Eve, not Steve; God made us to reproduce only with the opposite sex or else everyone can get pregnant; The Bible says its a sin (boy do I get a kick out of that); Its not in our nature. Sometimes the defenses for homophobia baffle me so much that I become lost with words by the levels of idiocracy, stupidity, and ignorance people have to spew such shit filled things out of their supposedly clean mouths. Ive tried time and time again to just let it go by without saying anything, for the hope that someday soon people are going to get a wake up slap in the face, but now it seems hopeless. With such narrow minds even in the most rebellious and open-minded intellectuals, its a pity we have let our species come to this waste of space. For all you out there who see no way homosexuality as being right, allow me the opportunity to shut you up and think for a minute. 1) The Government So our big bad Government has avoided the issue of Gay Marriage because of the tensions it brings up. Today the argument is out there and big, Way too big to avoid. So now they bring out a bunch of excuses and reasons why two men or women cant get married to each other. The big argument is Religion that its in the Bible its a sin for a man to be with another man, as well as a woman with another woman. Now from what I was taught in my elementary years in US History (which was at a Catholic elementary school) the point of the government and the US Constitution and

the reason that this country was founded was to let people escape form religious persecution and discrimination of beliefs. Now yes you have the right to believe being gay is wrong, but that gives you no right to control or say or do anything that affects their lives solely based on their sexual orientation or race or religion. Now you as well as I know that this still doesnt exist today. This was the whole reason the US Constitution supports the separation of church and state, so that the church wouldnt be controlling the people like they were in Europe with the Kings and Queens. Now the funnier thing to me is that the people who make this claim in our Government are Republicans (they do exist in other parties as well) and with the way Obama is running things they cry for a country running back to the Constitution, and that we need to let the Constitution run things. I would love to see this day, because all of those who oppose same sex marriage would lose their side of the argument faster than a heartbeat. Everything that our government stands for today is the opposite of what this country was founded on, and you cant deny it knowing this now. 2) Religion. Now breaking off from the last part, lets take religion down one time. Now if you believe that the world only existed some odd 2000 years ago, GO DIE. (Seriously your offspring will be tormented for the rest of their lives knowing they have such a ignorant parent, either that or youre just going to contribute to the pool of stupidity on this planet) The world existed before Christianity, before Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and any other ism that exists. We have made all of this stuff up. IN our heads, the same very thing that causes many of us to go on killing sprees, torture, screwing other people, family and friends over, the same thing that has led many to ponder, discover, create, and explore. The very brain that is composed of gray and white matter. Neurons that can be simple explained to transferring and transmitting information and electrochemical (similar to a radio). Now if we can think of all of the most random and bizarre shit that we have seen just in the past year alone, Cant it be that we are creating this image of God and his teachings that he wishes for us to follow. Furthermore, how can you be so sure what you read is the word of God, when the word of God has been written, edited, and published by mere men. Men who can think of anything. Men who say they saw God, angels, Demons and spirits, they saw Jesus descending from the heavens with important messages written on the underside of a chickens ass feathers. If anyone told the world any of this stuff today they would be shipped out to the nearest mental institution and labeled as a catatonic schizophrenic. If thats the case now. what about the men back then. The men who were speaking and spreading the word of God. This is when I ask how can we possible rely on the word of God through a man. The answer is fear, the fear of what is out there and not being able to understand what we cant yet explain. All the magic and sorcery, potions and spells, miracles and feats, can more or less be explained through science. Granted, many things are still out of sciences grasp, but in due time will be discovered. It may be simple to explain, be the work of gods energy, but to say the answer is God or science

without proof is a disgrace to our evolution and intelligence as humans. How does this all relate to using God and religion to defend homophobic views? Here let me tell you if you couldnt figure this out as yet. Everything that God has said for us to do has been told to us through the hand of man, meaning those who really wanted to could use this to control the masses, all believers and followers would be susceptible to all teachings and words of God. If you really dont think so, look at the Crusades, Jonestown, Al Quaida, and the Nazis. Religious driven, most through the same God with men claiming they have heard the true calling of God. Now If you believe that God says homosexuality is wrong, but can believe that everything is created in Gods image, then something is wrong here. If you can accept we are all created in Gods image, then by definition God would be Bi. He would have attraction of both intimate and physical towards men and women. He loves all that he creates and wishes for nothing but them to live freely and happy, as long as you dont harm others or allow the harm of others to occur. I wish to go on more but it seems it would be too long for this subject. What I want to say is that none of us really can say with 100% certainty that God does or does not exist, but for us to say that he said that being with the same gender is sin, nothing but a waste of breath. No one knows what the purpose of life is, why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing. However, there is one key element to the Bible people fail to overlook. God gave us free will to do as we please. As humans we have realized the potential we have as we work together. Look at how much beauty we have revealed and created besides the destruction we have caused. We can achieve so much more if we didnt discriminate or rule out others based on their beliefs or how they wish to seek personal happiness. We all just want to be happy, to find someone or something that makes us happy and will guarantee that for a very long time. Who is to say that a man finding happiness with another man wrong, or a woman finding happiness with another woman is wrong. Most people dont know what happiness is until its too late, and the rest of us believed our happiness will come from our success and wealth. I will continue to laugh at those who cannot see this, who stay blinded to false truths and true lies. We are no one to prevent another from finding happiness. What sense does it make to go out of your way to make someone who is happy unhappy because what they believe and what you believe are two different things? Why cant we just let people live and be happy, to be the best they can be of themselves without the fear of rejection or dismissal because they find happiness in someone you might not. Spend your life putting your happiness first. Make sure you are doing everything you can be to be happy and sustain a level of happiness in your life. If you can be happy with who you are and where you are in your life as well as the way it is going, then be so. Only intervene with others when necessary for your or their help, OR the actions and steps towards you or someone else achieving happiness infringes upon the happiness and just living of others. I know this does have some loose ends I hope to fix later, but I believe this gets the point across for now.