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Mara de los Angeles Lpez Garca

+52 (55) 1477-1995

Maria has been collaborating for more than se en !ears in "an#s an$ %inance areas &ith managementle el professionals to transform their b'siness an$ processes. (or#ing as a pro)ect lea$er as &ell as being responsible for rele ant $eli erables* she has implemente$ +, sol'tions oriente$ to implementing* enhancing* an$ transforming operations in se eral b'siness areas. -a ing se eral e.periences &or#ing &ith $i erse gro'ps in Me.ico* /0 an$ 1ana$a* spea#ing fl'entl! in 2nglish an$ 0panish* an$ comm'nicating among se eral territories an$ organizational le els* she is #no&n for &or#ing han$s-on an$ 'n$erstan$ing problems thro'gh their $ifferent $imensions &hile ha ing a holistic perspecti e. Maria hol$s a Master in "'siness 3$ministration* an$ in her professional e.perience* she has 'n$erstoo$ $i erse b'siness areas an$ t!pes of companies* &hich has ma$e her habit'ate$ to contin'o's learning an$ to &or# a'tonomo'sl!.

EDUCATION Master in Business Ad inistration !MBA" # I$ADE %ic&ard I'e( )c&ool o* Business+ MBA Co puter )(ste s Engineering ,it& &onors # Uni'ersidad $ana ericana Uni'ersit( o* Illinois !UIUC"+ Co puter )cience E-$E%IENCE DELOITTE Me.ico Senior Consultant, Technology Strategy and Architecture 9ro)ects in &hich she has participate$:

2445 6 2445 2444 1997 6 2445 2442

8'ne 2412 6 9resent

1ollaborating &ith one of the biggest retail global ban#s in the ;lobal 1ontract 0eparation <ffice for $i estit're transactions in 3mericas* for separation management an$ contract renegotiation at a regional le el in or$er to manage restrictions an$ a oi$ non-compliance costs 1ollaborate$ &ith one of the biggest retail global ban#s as the 9roblem Management implementation lea$er* to $esign* constr'ct an$ implement the 9roblem Management 9rocess ;lobal 0tan$ar$ in the =ocal 9ractice in the Me.ico +, area> 0tarting from an 3s-+s assessment* 'p to the contin'al impro ement c!cle 9articipate$ &or#ing for a 1ana$a-base$ ban#* e al'ating the act'al platforms for on-line an$ mobile ban#ing in 1ana$a an$ Me.ico 9articipate$ in se eral proposal generations in +, 0trateg! an$ 3rchitect're* 'n$erstan$ing the client?s re@'irements an$ e.pectations* proposing frame&or#s* pro)ect phases an$ metho$s accor$ing to their ob)ecti e an$ restrictions

BANOB%A) !National /an0 o* in*rastructure and pu/lic ser'ices" 0ept. 2414 6 8'ne 2412 Project Leader =ea$ing pro)ects in +, area foc'se$ in ne& processes an$ f'nctionalit! in critical s!stems of the ban#. 1oor$inating among b'siness areas an$ s'ppliers* planning* $e elopment control* testing* comm'nication* ris# management* implementation* maintenance* final 'sers s'pport. 0ome of m! lea$ing acti ities &ere on:
Ae elopment of f'nctionalit! o er the e.isting s!stems to comm'nicate the treas'r! s!stem &ith the titles s!stem an$ pa!ment s!stem of the ban#. +ntegrating the operation generate$ in the tra$ing table* treas'r!* c'sto$! &ith the titles s!stem operation an$ pa!ment area to see in real time the ban# sec'rities 3tten$ ne& f'nctionalit! re@'irements $e eloping o er the act'al s!stem for the tr'st b'siness a$ministration of the ban# +ntegration of treas'r! s!stem &ith $igital in oice s!stem: 2nable the treas'r! s!stem to generate the statements information for the $igital in oice s!stem

Mara de los Angeles Lpez Garca

+52 (55) 1477-1995

Grupo 1UO !2olding+ In*or ation Tec&nolog(" <ct. 2445 6 3'g. 2414 Project Leader 1oor$inate the $e elopment of +, pro)ects. Aefining pro)ect re@'irements* pro)ect plans* managing staff* coor$inating acti ities an$ comm'nication among sta#ehol$ers* managing $a! to $a! iss'es* ris#s* operation an$ b'$get to ens're $eli er! of pro)ects. 0ome of the pro)ects + lea$:
Besponsible for the "'siness +ntelligence implementation pro)ects for the gro'p companies. 1onsoli$ate$ "+ pro)ects as a stan$ar$ platform of re'sable elements. (or#ing as a soft&are factor!* costs an$ implementation times &ere optimize$ (44C) as &ell ass'ring the operations s'pport for final 'sers +mplemente$ 2mplo!ees? 2.penses 0!stem. +mplemente$ the sol'tion in se eral companies in the corporation becoming a strategic platform consi$ering f'nctionalit!* infrastr'ct're an$ operations s'pport. 1orporate policies compliance &ere ass're$* a'tomate$ emplo!ees e.penses control* time c!cles in operation &ere re$'ce$ abo't 54C an$ 144C isibilit! of the &hole process &as gi en

Ca/le 3s !Ca/le and Internet ser'ice pro'ider" 8'l! 2444 6 0ept. 2444 IT Consultant (or#ing as b'siness cons'ltant* lea$ a pro)ect to $efine compan!?s re@'irement an$ necessities. 9erform 0!stem an$ $ata anal!sis to $etermine c'rrent sit'ation an$ ob)ecti es. Aefine an$ e al'ate priorities for a short an$ long term strateg! for the compan!.
Ae elope$ a strateg! to enhance an$ ass're stan$ar$ization for ser ice proce$'res for enterprise clients* as &ell as the information a$ministration relate$ to companies in all the co'ntr! 3nal!ze$ the clients? portfolio economic sit'ation for strategic $ecision ma#ing an$ f't're negotiations. Ae elop the concept'al mo$el for t&o a$$itional mo$'les of the in oice s!stem

Cr4dito *a iliar !5inancial ser'ices+ Citigroup /usiness unit" 3'g. 2442 6 3'g. 2445 Information Security Administrator Aefine an$ implement corporati e policies to compl! &ith 1itigro'p re@'irements* ass're information sec'rit! proce$'res* technological reso'rces a$ministration.
1ollaborate$ in the $oc'mentation an$ implementation of policies an$ proce$'res relate$ to s!stems a$ministration* information sec'rit! an$ ris#s e al'ation. 3$ministere$ the technological $e ices as &ell as the information storage to offer a better technical s'pport for branches thro'gho't the co'ntr! an$ hea$ office. 2.perience &ith 0D= 2nterprise manager an$ <racle 0D= Ae eloper 9ro)ect a$ministration soft&are #no&le$ge (9ro)ect 2447 E 2414) "+ tools #no&le$ge: 1ognos 7 (reports* information c'bes* scorecar$s) "'siness 9rocess 3nal!sis ("93) soft&are: M2;3 9rocess <ffice proficienc!: (or$* 2.cel* 9o&er9oint* 3ccess* <'tloo# 039 (1<E%+E0A) notions from pro)ects e.perience


1ertification +,+= 5 %o'n$ations 1ertification ,<;3% 9 1ertifie$ 2412 2415

Merges F 3c@'isitions training <racle 0<3 0'ite 11g 2ssential 1oncepts co'rse 2411 %inancial Mar#ets an$ instr'ments co'rse "93 M2;3 9rocess co'rse 2411 Aiplomae$ in 9ro)ect Management ("ase$ on 9ro)ect Management +nstit'te) 2447 1ertification (or#shop in 9ro)ect Management (9M+) 2447 2415


Mara de los Angeles Lpez Garca

+52 (55) 1477-1995

2nglish: %l'ent in "'siness (,<2%= score: G54) 0panish: %l'ent in "'siness +talian: "asic con ersation