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We are: The four are firstly very thankful to Allah who is the most Gracious and beneficent to give us strength and ability to complete this project. Then we are highly thankful to our marvelous supervisor Sir Arslan Sarwar who gives us an opportunity to make some hard work, improve our skills and knowledge according to our subject. Then thankful to one another because of help, informations and good team work.

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Executive Summary

This project is about the start up a business by considering yourself as an owner. So thats why we make this project. This project is mainly based on the whole process followed to start a new business. In start there is a short discussion about the basics of entrepreneurship and business. The introduction of our business, how we will start, from where we will start, who will be with us. Then the points of whole process in which we are currently falling. Effectiveness of our business is that our product is green product, and we also keeping view on societys welfare.

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Entrepreneurship Introduction Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a process to start a business with a view to work being an owner. Entrepreneurship type: With a view of our business we fall in type name, Imitating (copying the idea).Because our choosing business is already running in Bangladesh and India. Business: As we are ask to make a business plan by any source like, observation, surveys we decide to start a business of Cycle Rickshaws to facilitate the people with local transport. We took this idea by observation of local travelling problems and by some personal experiences also.

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Industry Type: Transportation Industry Business Location/Area: Gujrat Business Name: Gujrat Movers Business Nature: Partnership Office GT road Gujrat Partners: 1) Mir Faisal 2) Salman Ashraf 3) Hammed Tara 4) Muqaddas Latif Mir Faisal Salman Ashraf Hammed Tara Muqaddas Latif 21 MBA(HR) 21 MBA(HR) 21 MBA(HR) 21 MBA(HR) Partner Profile Name Age Qualification

Now here are some analyses to find that, is our business favorable for us or not. After this analysis we will be able to say that either this project is viable or not.

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Opportunity We got this opportunity to realize some problems about local travelers for example, Increasing rate of traveling charges Increasing rates of fuels (petrol, CNG). Time taking local transport means We have found this Cycle Rickshaws business opportunity as local transport mean. It will be the great chance to avail transport anytime, anywhere in appropriate budget or charges. Analysiss Opportunity Analysis We must have to analyze our opportunity, either it is favorable or unfavorable for us. For this purpose we can adopt the following steps. Idea generation: We people generate this idea by brain storming. We (group members) discuss on some surrounding problems face by different people, students and also by ourselves. And collect three ideas; 1) Digital Library + computer lab 2) Taxi 3) Cycle Rickshaw PEST analysis: Political The political situation will not much affect our business. Because our product is simply safe and free from any affect of economic and political change. So politically it is can be adoptable in economy. Economy Our product is very useful and beneficial for economy. The cycle rickshaw increases the employment rate in Pakistan, which is beneficial for our economy.

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Social and cultural The cycle rickshaw will decrease the unemployment rate in society, people will earn money. Technological The design of our product is not so technical. We use simple cycle with two seats. It in our product there is no need of technology as such. Market: We are falling in Non-volatile Market, because it is not getting rapid changes. SWOT analysis: Strengths: Easy to access Low charges Security Low space required No usage of petrol required or CNG Beneficial for economy Green product One person can afford Weakness: Low weight Security(less safe) Opportunities: Improve the design Make it more safe Andriod base Application Threats: Competition New technology Human rights law



We are falling in SO Because we have strengths a lot and there is an opportunity to win the market.

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Idea selection: We discuss our all (three) ideas with our supervisor (Sir. Arsalan sarwar) then he give us suggestion to continue with this one, to keep viewing all aspects of our economy, Country and our benefit also. Cost and Benefit Analysis This section will tell us about the income and expenditure of our business, net income and division percentage of our income. Financial statement Product name: cycle Rickshaw Industry name: traveling Note: all calculation and data are estimated. Let assume cycle per unit of cycle Cycle Company is SOHRAB We are going to choose SOHRAB company for making cycle rickshaw because the good and reliable quality of cycle. We are having SOHRAB cycle because there is no complain of customer and that cycle is according to our project. Company (SOHRAB) list price is RS 10,000 BODY of Rickshaw We want to makes high quality of cycle that are quality oriented so comfortable seat must for our customer .seat of cycle rickshaw for two person so that we need solid material for body of rickshaw. Here we makes a contract with body rickshaw maker company name is star trading company then the total expanse and total cost is Estimated price of body of rickshaw is 20,000 Then the per unit price of one cycle rickshaw is 10,000 20,000 = 30,000
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Entrepreneurship Here we are five partners If we are partner the every partner will invest 50 cycle rickshaw in shape of capital. Per partner investment is 50 30,000 = 1, 50,000 If five partner then calculation is that 50 5 = 250 total cycle rickshaw in company 250 cycle rickshaw Cost on cycle purchasing is 30,000 250 cycle Total cost = 75, 00,000

How much of one partner will invest for purchasing cycle rickshaw. 75, 00,000 5 = 15.00.000 Total Per partner investment is RS 15, 00,000 Now the total rickshaws in company are 250 and we need for labor starting up the business. Total no of employees are required = 250 Monthly income estimation of employees If per person earned 300 then 250 employees earned Daily income of company is 300 250 =RS 75000 Single person earning is 300 30 = RS 9000 PER month earning of company is 75000 30 days = RS 22, 50,000 TOTAL earning is 22, 50,000
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Entrepreneurship Per Employee commission percentage. For calculate commission of per employee we have to use a strategy that is according to finance rules for increasing the productivity if company as well as generate large pool of revenue. If per person earned RS 9000 per month then the commission % of company is We give 55 % to employees We have 45 % in company Per employee earned RS 9000 55 100 = 4950 Per month commission of employees is = 4950

Per partner profit If total income is 22, 50,000 5 = 45000 Per employee profits = 45000 Note: this amount is not profit. Total cost deducted by our project - Commission - Rent (company) = profit We made our business favorable Total income of 250 employees is favorable business for our company Total cost 7500,000 sale

22, 50,000

= 3.34 months We recover our company total cost in three and half month without giving commission and land cost reduction.

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Entrepreneurship GUJRAT MOVER Company Pvt. Ltd. Income Statement For the year ended on Dec 2013 Particular Sale Less cost Modules and making cost Gross profit Less operating expense Administrative (commission of driver) (59400) Marketing (100,000) 159400 17,90,600 Printing & stationary Expenses (1000*12) Depreciation Expenses Net profit before tax Less: tax FBR @ 20% 12,000 100,00 17,68.600 3,53.720 75,000,00 19,50,000 Rs. 2,70,000,00

Net income after tax


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Industry Analysis Our product is fall in transportation industry 1) Current Issues: Size: Partners : 5 250 16

Employees : Routs :

Potential: We have great potential in our product. We charge less but cover whole Gujrat Point of Parity/Difference: We are unique in our design. We not use petrol or CNG but cover whole city Gujrat. competitors: Direct competition with rickshaws and qingqi 2) Future Trends: Segmentation Youth (students out going man) Women / ladies (house wives) Geographical segmentation Geographically we segments Gujrat Pakistan for our product. It is a small city where many students and hose wife want to take a transport which is cheap and secure as well as comfortable. Demographical segmentation Demographically we are capturing all males and females e.g. outgoing house wives, students and job holders
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Entrepreneurship Psychographic segmentation We are capturing lower, lower middle and middle class people those want to take a cheap and comfortable as well as secure transport for their routine work. Capacity: We are starting our business with 250 cycles later we analyze the demand of our product and produce it. Because if we produce hi capacity of product then maybe there is not enough customers and we face loss is our business and if we produce low capacity of our product then maybe there are not enough cycle to give services all of our customers and we face customers loss. Production Plan The process of transferring of input to output is known as production plan. There are ten production and management (POM) decisions, the aspects in which we are lying are the following. 1) 2) Goods and Services: Modules Parts: Body Frame Tyre seats covers brakes pedal chain gararari Quality:

Quality for our project cycle rickshaw required high quality and solid material because our business is services business and need to maintain our status quo of our cycle rickshaw. Star trading company always makes high quality oriented body of rickshaw and SOHRAB Company always provide good quality product. According to road and street we have to be required good quality cycle rickshaws so our product is quality oriented and expansive.

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3) Process: We are not manufacturing company nor have any production department .according to supply chain management we produce cycle rickshaws. We customize our product through.

4) Capacity: According to customer demand if demand increase then we provide cycle rickshaws. Haji and star trading company produce 1 cycle in 2 days so our capacity of serve cycle rickshaws is normal and customer demand. 5) Layout Strategy: As in this strategy we have to describe our product and factory/Company as our business fall in transportation industry , so it is covered a lot area but here we are going to write specific areas which we can say our Business Places. Routs: GTS to station GTS to Shah Husain GTS to Ramtalai GTS to staff gala GTS to service mord Shah Hussain to price chock Shah Hussain to cometi wala bhag Prince chock to jail chock Prince chock to sheshy wala darwaza Jail chock to Taimoor Chowk

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Entrepreneurship 6) Jail chock to ketcheri Jail chock to shadman Taimoor chock to Zimindara collage Taimoor chock to aleena center Zamindar to model town Model town Location Strategy:

There are three main drivers to choose the best location for any business, these are following. Cost: Labor cost Raw material Transportation Customer: Our given up routs are best locations to avail customers. Location Image: The location which we choose as business place is might be our location image because these places are considers as famous and well known places for local transportation. 7) HR and Job design: HR means to (Humane Resource) arrange and manage the human capital in a business. As we are starting our business with 250 employees so we need labor in 250 quantities. We will target the people with age of almost 20-50 years old. Mostly uneducated and which doesnt have any proper mean to earn income. Mostly we will target the person that will ready to do any type of physical labor at the bases of daily wages/commission. This type of people are mostly available at railway Road (under the railway bridge) waiting for a person who need any type of labor. This job will more appreciable for those persons because they will not doubtful for daily income.

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Job design: Job Descriptions Timings Duty time7 am to 7 pm Daily wages 300 will take by owner other will be of employee Duties To drive cycle rickshaw Daily target achieved as required Job Specifications Age 20 to 50 years No qualification boundaries Physically strong Active person Company uniform

8) Supply chain management:

Supplier Transporter Storage






Supply chain management as a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer.
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Gujrat movers supply chain management We are having three main suppliers 1. SOHARAB cycle company ltd GUJRAT 2. star treading company 3. Butt poshish makers After completed the work the suppliers will sent the unfinished good to the next at our behalf. After this process the finished good will be in our ware house , present at ground floor of our office. 9) Maintenance: Our maintenance department includes cycle rickshaw repairing department . It include health care department for employees for maintain him fit. Our department time to time checks our cycle quality and maintenance. Services

1) Medium Contact Our services will be medium contact when any person will Specially hire the rickshaw. 2) Low Contact Our services will be low contact when the rickshaw will route by route. there will no need to communication of driver and traveler. Market Plan Segmentation Youth (students out going man) Women / ladies (house wives)

High Contact Services

Medium Contact services

Low Contact services

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Geographical segmentation Geographically we segments Gujrat Pakistan for our product. It is a small city where many students and hose wife want to take a transport which is cheap and secure as well as comfortable. Demographical segmentation Demographically we are capturing all males and females e.g. outgoing house wives, students and job holders Psychographic segmentation We are capturing lower, lower middle and middle class people those want to take a cheap and comfortable as well as secure transport for their routine work. Targeting We will target all type of persons but specifies students, job doing persons and females who run their houses. Positioning We will make positioning through less charges, and take individual traveler.

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Four Ps

Product Green Product Quality Product Promotion We will promote our product at the basis of output. If we gain our desired output, then we will promote as: Increase routs Change in shape(safe, and language space) Place We have defined all the places (routs) where we will place our product. Price For the defined routs we will generally charge 15 but the prices will be change according to travel distance (take rickshaw special).

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