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3(9/30/1921, Dornach)





thinking-feeling-willing / members The objective thought-life develops between the physical body and the etheric body (is experienced while waking up, past karma). It is drowned out by the subjective mental pictures connected with sense-perceptions during the day. This objective thought-life is interrelated with the forces of growth. Feeling takes place between etheric body and astral body. “Feelings are dreams submerged in our organisation.“ The will weaves between astral body and ego (experienced while falling asleep, future karma = feelings and will impulses which have not become actions).

4(10/1/1921, Dornach)




kingdoms of nature The consciousness of the animals is commensurate with the human dream consciousness, only their group souls have a daytime consciousness. The consciousness of the plants corresponds to the sleep consciousness. The earth’s soul has a dreaming consciousness, especially in summer, awake in winter, while it takes part in the cosmic life. The consciousness of the minerals is a deep sleep consciousness or the consciousness in our actions. Imagination: the realm of the general weaving of thoughts is experienced out of which the etheric body is woven (angeloi). Inspiration: the human soul element is exhaled by the archangeloi. Intuition: the contents of our earth-lives are intuited into our present life by the archai.

4(10/1/1921, Dornach)




Life after death / inside out inversion Human soul-life, especially the will, yearns after death to become a human being, the thought-world, however, wants to become world. A reversal takes place at the cosmic midnight: the will turns into the longing to become world and combines with the hereditary line, the thoughts turn into the longing to become a human being. The soul lives in the sphere of the angeloi before the cosmic midnight, afterwards in that of the archangeloi. We are active in the sphere of the archai during the whole time while transferring the contents of the previous earth-lives to the next.

4(10/1/1921, Dornach)

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ego-consciousness The human being stands between the world of the physical necessities and the world of the spiritual necessities. “There is no freedom below us and above us. We are able to carry freedom through the portal of death by the fact that we take the most essential contents of the consciousness with us which we have between birth and death. The human being just owes to the earthly existence that he can acquire freedom in himself. This can’t be taken away from him any more.“ See lectures 10 and 11(10/15/ and 10/16/1921).

5(10/2/1921, Dornach)




thinking-feeling-willing Past and future of the human being meet in feeling. Past and future karma thus influence the feeling mood. On the origin of conscience. “If our life of thought remained as it was when we were born, we would become, as it were, machines of thought full of internal coldness. At the moment of birth, however, the individual interior is moved through our will and feeling nature and penetrates with life and warmth what has got cold at first on the road from death to birth. We human beings just have the possibility to penetrate with our individual warmth what must constitute us in