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morimur“. In pre-Christian time, an after-image of Christ was among the planetary after- images that intervened as helpers. See 227/9(8/27/1923, Penmaenmawr): here the first sphere is called the sphere of the three iron necessities of the Egyptian mysteries: the fear of standing in front of an abyss and the alternating states of keeping oneself upright and fainting.

Reference to lecture of CW 214 in 210-11.

215 Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion

See abstracts of CW 25.

References to lectures of CW 215 after 4-15, in 214-09.

216 Supersensible Impulses in the History of Mankind

Gesamtausgabe, third edition. The English translation, published by Rudolf Steiner Press (1956), was not available.

1(9/16/1922, Dornach)




life after death After death, the human being lives with his thoughts on spirals of the astral world into the planetary spheres. These astral spirals cause the plant life on earth. The soul is moved and supported by the force of the mineral world (especially that of the metals), which leads it to the single planets. The planetary spheres are still penetrated by lunar forces - which are related with that divine being, which forms as an image of our spiritual-moral value - and also by the animal group souls who change their condition of consciousness ascending and descending in connection with the respective animal forms. However, besides “dreadful, wild fights“ take place between the group souls, too.

2(9/17/1922, Dornach)




reincarnation / life after death In the same way as the third hierarchy works on the system of nerves and senses the second hierarchy works on the rhythmical system, which is not a faithful image as the head is but a distorted one of the universe, in which the cosmic can remain cosmic. The first hierarchy has a relationship with the system of limbs and metabolism, because it ”masters the strongest material by means of its spirituality.“ The image of the spiritual-moral human being [see -01] which was formed in the middle system during life is taken over by the first hierarchy after death. It is later handed over to the second hierarchy and, in the end, to the third hierarchy, from which the human being, descending to incarnation, receives it as his karma. Etheric thoughts, in which the third hierarchy “pours its activity into the spiritual atmosphere of the earth”; weave behind the mirror of thoughts and sense-perceptions. The beings of the third hierarchy are connected with the earth existence that way. They would dampen down their consciousness by this diving into the human being, lose their being. That’s why they need “food” from the world substance: this is the human thoughts which are freed in the cosmos when the human being dies.

3(9/22/1922, Dornach)




On the organ-forming and organ-healing forces of the ether of the air which become