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6(9/29/1922, Dornach)

(p. 95)




Short characterisation of Paracelsus (1493-1541) who still understood the medical activity as a kind of cult action. Tip to the fact that he was murdered*. See next lecture on his concept of mummy.

* Remark: Blavatsky also states that Paracelsus was murdered (lit. 9, vol. I).

8(10/1/1922, Dornach)




Account of the historical situation of Pope Nicholas I (~820-867, Nicholas the Great, pope from 858 to 867). His decision between three cultural currents:

(1) A southwestern esoteric current going out from the Mystery of Golgotha (current of the Holy Grail); (2) An eastern esoteric current which had lost the spiritual to a great extent and realised itself especially in the cult with pilgrimages to Jerusalem; (3) A Central European current in which the esoteric was looked at in the cult (less experienced than in the east) and the esoteric knowledge was fixed in dogmatics which were only accessible to faith. It was supported by Nicholas, because he regarded the Western humanity as not yet capable to absorb the spiritual of the Grail current as Boniface (~ 675-754) already did before him. Enthusiasm of the crusades flamed up some centuries later when the first two currents flowed together which had, however, become quite materialistic then.

Reference to lecture of CW 216 in 208-03.

217 Becoming the Archangel Michael’s Companions

SteinerBooks (2007) or Gesamtausgabe, first edition.

(p. 75)


Interrogative answer concerning the sexuality of children*. “If one asks for the age of the

child, one will hear that it is only five years old. Believe me that sexuality occurs only with the process of maturing and that it really makes no difference whether a child tickles the nose or scratches somewhere else.”

* not contained in the English translation.

218 The Concealed Aspects of Human Existence and













Anthroposophic Press / Rudolf Steiner Publishing Co. in 1941.

3(10/20/1922, Dornach)




In sense-perception (seeing), the sense-impression from without, in which ego and astral body live at first, meets the living watery element (etheric body), coming from within (kidneys), and its mineral components (physical body). The former current has formative force, wants to make the human being a "statue", the latter has a dissolving force (contrast Ahriman-Lucifer). Any sense-perception becomes remaining memory only after three or four days after it was strengthened three or four times by the ego and astral body during sleep, because it has to be dissolved by the lower current at first and can settle only then as a "malleable structure“. The pulse-breath quotient is an expression of the speed of both currents. The