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7(11/12/1922, London) (130ff.) 5075 218-04 The religious consciousness of the human being is depending on the physical body, his moral life depending on the etheric body. The cosmic ether consists of two parts: of warmth, light, chemical ether, life ether and, moreover, of moral which forms the basis of it, but exists only near the stars and planets. Between the stars, the moral is expelled by the sunlight from the ether. Therefore, the human being experiences nature without moral. In sleep, the human being leaves the etheric body and thats why he is an amoral being. Due to the expulsion of moral, Ahriman also has access to the ether in which we are during sleep. Thats why Ahriman can show the things to the human being in sleep in such a way, as if the good were evil and the evil good. Other explanations on the morality of the ether in 219/1(11/26/1922, Dornach). 7(11/12/1922, London) (136ff.) 5075 218-05 reincarnation On the connection of the lunar forces with the incarnation as man or woman, the Venus forces to which the human being exposes himself with the descent, connecting him with a certain family, and the Mercury forces connecting him with a certain nation. The lunar forces are opposed to the Saturn forces: This ancient knowledge was applied in a spiritual diet in former times which must now again step aside the physical one. 8(11/16/1922, London) (142ff.) 5076 218-06 elemental beings / planets / disasters / meteorology Luciferic beings of the elements of air and warmth in the periphery of the earth incline to make the human being an angel-like moral automaton. Ahrimanic beings of the watery and solid elements (identical with those in -05) counteract them. They are under the earth surface and involved in ebb and flood, volcanism, earthquakes. Certain ahrimanic beings grasp the instinct nature of the human being. They can snatch him after death if he had a corresponding way of life and use him for the creation of such watery-earthly beings. They hope that the human beings will once embody in them. And they want to make the earth immortal, so that it is not dispersed in space. They also fight against Yahveh (moon) who is the lawful regulator of drives and instincts together with Mercury and Venus. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have an effect on the sense-organs (Saturn), nerves (Jupiter), and language (Mars) and want to make the human being a real earthly human being, they are combated by the luciferic beings. In connection with the Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars beings fighting against the luciferic airfire beings: And thus you see looking around in nature: all that expresses itself by forces stems from the Mars beings. What expresses itself by physical laws stems from the Jupiter beings, and what is colour and tone from the Saturn beings.

218-07 8(11/16/1922, London) (153ff.) 5076 elemental beings / mental illnesses Illnesses are the only means of the good powers in many cases to protect the human being from Ahriman: If the ahrimanic beings win against the luciferic ones, this will lead to illnesses like cancer, diabetes etc. The physical nature of man is so ruined that the instinct nature becomes unsuitable for Ahriman to form the above mentioned ahrimanic beings. If Lucifer wins, catarrhal illnesses or madness will come into being. If Lucifer gets the upper hand in the etheric body, the human being becomes a habitual liar (the opposite of the moral automaton aimed at by him). If Ahriman wins, the human being is possessed, however, the instincts stick to the etheric body and cannot be drawn down by Ahriman. 218