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If Ahriman attains the rulership in the astral body, the human being becomes an extreme egoist, however, holds together his instincts, so that Ahriman cannot approach. If Lucifer predominates in the astral body, man gets ego-less states. Similar explanations in 219/3(12/3/1922, Dornach): The ahrimanic beings are described as moon beings, Mercury beings, and Venus beings that lagged behind and want to give the human being an etheric body composed of the earth’s ether during sleep, so that he becomes an etheric ghost (phantom) at the end of the Earth’s evolution, which would not continue. The luciferic beings are Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars beings.

9(11/19/1922, London)




reincarnation Since the dawning of Michael's age, the human being descending to a new incarnation learns to make a decision, “when he has already taken over his karma into his etheric body, but starts the way to his physical body now.“ Then he will have the possibility to hand over his physical spirit-body prepared by him to another human being and take over the body which the other soul has prepared he has especially damaged (ideal white magic, exchange of physical bodies). In time to come this will be also possible on earth. “This will happen when the earth itself has gone over into other states.“

14(12/4/1922, Stuttgart) (265ff.) 5089

life after death The capacity of memory and the experience of freedom are echoes of the self-experience after death which alternates with the feeling of oneness with the hierarchies which is

reflected in the development of morality and love on earth. On the reverse experience of the day experiences in sleep: “The entire sleep works just

strangely in a compensatory way

sleep knows, so to speak, when the end will be. You also experience everything back in

one quarter of an hour what you have accomplished since the last waking.“ Sleep is a model for the reverse experience after death. The cooperation of memory (change of teeth) and love (puberty) in speech and singing. See also 236-18.

When you sleep for a quarter of an hour, the outset of


14(12/4/1922, Stuttgart) (p. 280) 5089

language / Logos / smoke Representation of the Samothracean Cabeiri as jars: “these jars stood on an altar, there was brought something like incense into them, the sacrificial word was sung and from the power of the sacrificial word, which had a more vibration-exciting power in older human times than today, the sacrificial smoke formed the picture of the godhead which was searched for.”


15(12/7/1922, Berlin) (298ff.) 5092

life after death / reincarnation The human being sends the spiritual germ of his physical body ahead during his descent to new birth and contracts the forces for his etheric body from the etheric universe. This causes that the human being distinguishes his physical body and etheric body to such a degree that memory can be stopped in the physical body. Thus it releases him “that our whole, in particular moral life does not always stand before us and we can grasp the thoughts of neutral common sense in the etheric body.“


16(12/9/1922, Stuttgart) (308ff.) 5094

senses The ear is an echo of the music of the spheres. It is protected in the womb against the