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effect of gravity. The stirrup of the internal ear as a metamorphosed thigh, the anvil as kneecap, the hammer as a lower leg with a foot that sits on the eardrum. The ear snail as intestine. The head of this ear person is lowered into the brain. “We generally carry with us a whole number of more or less metamorphosed people“ ([see 348-03]. Something earthly lives in language in the consonants, something spiritual in the vowels (echo of the postmortal life in the hierarchies). Tip to the Hebrews who wrote the consonants and only indicated the vowels: the divine should not be profaned. The understanding of a heard word comes about by the fact that it is joined in saying by the listener with his etheric body and this joined in saying word sounds towards the word that comes through the Eustachian tube from without.

References to lectures of CW 218 in 96-02, 214-09.

219 Man and the World of Stars. The Spiritual Communion of Humankind

Anthroposophic Press (1982)

1(11/26/1922, Dornach)




planets Thinking, speaking, and walking are earthly faculties which the human being attains only with his descent under the influence of the moon (+Venus+Mercury) forces. In the postmortal life (influence of the Saturn forces in association with Jupiter and Mars) correspond to them: the (moral) orientation and movement within the hierarchies (walking), absorbing the cosmic word, the logos, which resounds within him (speech), and the cosmic thoughts, which light up within him (thinking). The transformation of heavenly into earthly abilities is brought about by the spiritual sun. On the connection with the beings of the third hierarchy during the descent to a new incarnation or also during sleep and the faculties of walking, speaking, and thinking see 226/3(5/18/1923, Oslo) and 224/11(5/23/1923, Berlin). Steiner to Friedrich Rittelmeyer: The way a person walks reveals a lot of his nature in former incarnations [Friedrich Rittelmeyer “Meine Lebensbegegnung mit Rudolf Steiner”, Stuttgart, 10-th ed., p. 35 (1983)].

1(11/26/1922, Dornach)




Meteorological phenomena as a dividing wall between the cosmic and the earthly rhythms, or as a possibility of cosmic effects on earthly events (via the chaos). Weather stands between the cosmic rhythm of inhaling of the cosmos (becoming conscious) and exhaling (merging in the hierarchies), in which we are in the postmortal life, and the earthly rhythm of breathing. The (irregular) phenomena of volcanism, earthquakes etc. constitute a diaphragm between the earthly force of gravity (efficient in walking) and the heavenly force of orientation among the spiritual beings in the cosmos.

2(12/1/1922, Dornach)




sleep / life after death The human thoughts are spied out by subordinate elemental beings every night. The human moral feelings remain more with the person in summertime and are carried out “before the countenance of the divine-spiritual worlds“ in winter, at Christmas. We have to carry the good or evil of our acts of will into the spiritual world only at death. The person’s thoughts correspond to the daily revolution of the sun in his postmortal environment, depending on how wise or folly they were. The human being experiences his feelings as a kind of "yearly revolution", the good ones as warming, life-giving, and the immoral ones as icy cold.