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220 Living Knowledge of Nature. Intellectual Fall and

Gesamtausgabe, second edition 3(1/7/1923, Dornach) (40ff.) 5131 220-01 necessity-freedom The direction of sense-perceptions is horizontal (in the earth surroundings), it meets with ideation, thinking, which comes from the human inside. The unconscious perception of metals (Imaginations welling up from the earths inside) from below upwards is weakened by the human being to feelings. Movement and form of heavenly bodies have an effect from above downward. The opposite human force is the will. In pathological conditions (when the connection of the astral body with the organs is loosened), the metal radiation is perceived: diviner. And thus it is necessary that one makes different signs, when one writes or speaks, when one perceives especially metallic in the earth by pathological conditions. I note that, e.g., water also is a metal. The human being may perceive the "cosmic" effect morbidly as well: So he sees deeper into the world, not only toward the past, but also toward certain events which are, however, not those which flow from the free human will but from the necessity of the cosmic order. Then he sees, as it were, prophetically into the future ... 5(1/13/1923, Dornach) (74ff.) 5137 220-02 Characterisation of Jacob Bhme (1575-1624), Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), and Francis Bacon (1561-1626) as typical figures of the transition to the modern times in the preceding lecture. Salt-mercury-sulphur processes were experienced by the human being internally, the last echo with Bhme, today in the abstract thinking-feeling-willing. Tip to the fact that in the Old German epic Heliand the three Magi regard Balaam as their ancestor. Short tips to the legend of Merlin in both talks.

220-03 7(1/19/1923, Dornach) (105ff.) 5142 Truth is the connection with the pre-birth life experienced in the earthly existence (physical body), beauty the shine of the spiritual in the present earth-life experienced in the etheric body, and goodness (astral body) is the experience of the fellowman as condition of any morality and connection with the postmortal life. 220-04 12(1/28/1923, Dornach) (188ff.) 5154 In contrast to the "normal" natural phenomena (colour, tone, physical kingdoms), electricity is not only a "physical current" but also something moral. You can look for the own electricity that lies in the human being in no other field than where the moral impulses come out at the same time ... However, the moral impulses are swimming in electricity, the physical impulses - but these are the immoral ones, these are the instincts of the evil which must be overcome by the upper world. And the biggest contrast to electricity is light. And we are mixing the good and the evil if we look at the light as electricity. We have just lost the real view of the evil in nature unless we are aware that we make the atoms, while we electrify them, the bearers of the evil, not only the bearers of the dead. We make them the bearers of the dead, while we allow them to be atoms generally, while we imagine matter atomistically. Electricity as past moral reality which turned into evil. The own electricity absorbs the immoral of the human being as, on the other hand, the light - taken up from the outside world - absorbs the moral. 220