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human beings. “However, it is necessary for soul and mind that the Christ impulse can also sink into the soul during sleep. It is necessary that the human being consciously professes the contents of the Mystery of Golgotha.“ Pentecost: completion of the Mystery of Golgotha. Christ gives the possibility to any single human being to penetrate the psycho-spiritual with the Christ impulse (Holy Spirit). The Imagination of Ascension is experienced after death and is a reminder at the same time to unite from now on with the Christ impulse.

9(6/24/1923, Dornach)

(p. 166)



Electricity is sun power that remained united with the earth from the Saturn and Sun stages.

10(4/13/1923, Dornach) (174ff.) 5232

The speech-promoting effect of the archangeloi was based on Intuition in the Atlantean age; they gave themselves to the second hierarchy. Language was a speech of will. Afterwards up to the Mystery of Golgotha, language was a speech of feeling: The archangeloi gave themselves to the first hierarchy; their effect was based on Inspiration. It is based on Imagination since then. Because there was no higher hierarchy at first, the archangeloi had to get these Imaginations from the past and thus brought an ahrimanic element into language, it became a speech of thinking. However, speech can be held alive by Golgotha again, because it is an event, “through which the first hierarchy reached a higher plane. That’s why I always had to say to you:

Trinity lies, actually, above the hierarchies. But it attained it only in the course of evolution.“


References to lectures of CW 224 in 219-01, 222-04.

225 Three Perspectives of Anthroposophy. Cultural Phenomena …

Gesamtausgabe, second edition

4(7/6/1923, Dornach)




Account of the two unions of craftsmen, the loups devorants (loups garous) and the gavots in France of the 18 th , 19 th centuries which were organised in a similar way as Freemasonic unions. Their social significance: connection of the not yet fully individualised single human being to his profession but also to the spiritual world (in the form of ceremonies and symbols), in more astral way with the loups devorants (= werewolves) in Northern France, in more ego-like form with the gavots prevailing in Southern France (gavot = elemental being of the Pyrenees which were seen in connection with the Grail). Tip to the novel Le compagnon du tour de France by George Sand (1804-1876).

5(7/7/1923, Dornach)




Comparison of George Sand’s Le compagnon du tour de France (see previous abstract) and Goethe’s novel Wilhelm Meister.

7(7/15/1923, Dornach)




Representation of the Greek and gnostic view of the world origin: demiurgos as world creator. From him spiritual beings arise, the aeons. One of them is a lower Jehovah. Demiurgos and the aeons are the pleroma (= plenitude). Jehovah combines with matter and creates the human being. Achamoth is the human being who strives back to the spiritual. Demiurgos fits in with this striving and sends a very lofty aeon down into the