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human being Jesus. (Cf. 149-01; remark: Gnosticism is a collective term of numerous related views of the pre-Christian and post-Christian time, so that both representations may be true.)

7(7/15/1923, Dornach)




Russia From the fourth post-Christian century on, a spiritual diaphragm formed between East and West along the Urals and the Black Sea: In the East the rests of the spiritual view (the pleroma, see preceding abstract) became decadent and turned into physical-sensory magic beings: shamanism, ahrimanised black magic. This is connected with the fact that the astral beings which were called satyrs and fauns by the Greek went to Asia at that time and seduced people. In the West, the clear thinking developed without view of the spiritual which bound itself more and more to the sensory under the influence of luciferic beings. This led to such views like Bolshevism. Lenin (1870-1924, picture) as possessed by these luciferic beings. The Western and Eastern astral beings strive for a "horny marriage“ in this area. Metamorphosed fauns come into being: Imagination of a humanlike glittering gigantic head (from the Western beings) and a goat-like abdomen (from the Eastern beings). Their perishable influence on people.

the Eastern beings). Their perishable influence on people. 8(7/20/1923, Dornach) (139ff.) 5344 225-05 nutrition /

8(7/20/1923, Dornach)




nutrition / physical body Matter which the human being takes in with food unites in the main not with that what is

the human being but stimulates the etheric activity which is a counter-process. “My old heart is stirred up by the physical, transformed matter which comes into me. But I create the new heart from the cosmic ether“ “And there are deep insights into the nature of


illness if one knows how matter is kept instead of being expelled; for all matter

originally condemned to be expelled again. If it is kept in the organism, it becomes a cause

of illness.“

11(9/22/1923, Dornach) (p. 190) 5435

nutrition Potatoes claim forces of the brain for their digestion, rye, wheat etc. those of the abdomen only (tubers - fruit).


12(9/23/1923, Dornach) (175ff.) 5436

In the case of somnambulism, the lunar force working in the etheric body overcomes earth’s gravity. The reason of somnambulism is to be looked for in the fact that the human being behaved in an extremely hostile way towards the spiritual world in the pre-earthly existence. The astral body cannot be consolidated properly due to this antipathy with the descent, and that’s why a relationship with the lunar forces remains. Lunar addiction as an educative aid against hostility to the spirit. On the special type of vision of Jacob Böhme (1575-1624) who was not addicted to moon in his will but was exposed to the solar influence in his knowledge. This was an atavistic kind of the retrospect of the condition how one beholds in the pre-earthly spiritual world (with Paracelsus, too). Such people saw the elemental beings (which one sees in the spiritual world) and less the material of the sensory world. Saturn-initiates like Emanuel