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human being – his form in the upper arm and brain. Matter is experienced by means of the lotus-flower in each realm.

5(1/12/1924, Dornach)




On anatomical studies in a Rosicrucian school of the incipient 19 th century in Central Europe: Interrelation between the 28 to 30 lunar phases and the 28 to 30 vertebras of the spine. Its nerves were considered as pictures of the lunar streams flowing to the earth. The visual nerve disintegrates in 28 to 30 fibers at the transition to the eye, thus it is an image of the cerebral nerve system. 12 nerves go out of the brain (12 months, relation moon – sun). The olfactory nerve is divided in 12 ropes and is an image of the brain. The human being bears a small man in himself between the eyebrows who is astral the two-petalled lotus-flower. By meditative training of this lotus-flower one succeeds in perceiving the entries of thoughts in the astral light caused by human beings.

6(1/13/1924, Dornach)




Reading in the astral light (akasha substance) was possible for the initiate of the ancient Persian epoch by the fact that the earth gave solid resistance. It shines up to the lunar

sphere and is thrown back to the earth, in which the secrets of the astral light are reflected. In the Egyptian epoch, water served as mirror. What was reflected went up to the Saturn sphere. In the Greek epoch, air served as mirror, the reflections went up to the end of the cosmic sphere. In modern times only the heat ether serves as withstanding means with which things to be reflected go out of space into the spiritual world: “Then Christian Rosenkreutz got the inspiration of a higher spirit and found a way to perceive the


Thus the Rosicrucians grasped physical knowledge and tried “to sleep over in the most possible purity after intimate meditations. And then it happened that the spiritual-divine


abstract ideas.”

brought back to them in spiritually concrete language what was grasped in

This happened by the fact that

conditions similar to sleep were used

“The fact that this can happen has remained up to now.”

However, one has to strive for it consciously since the outset of the Michael age. On the meeting with Michael while bringing physical knowledge into the spiritual world.

6(1/13/1924, Dornach)




education On the mechanical of handwriting which should be replaced by an artistic view of the

written. This would be more likely than the feeling for language which consists in thinking in words today. In previous Rosicrucian schools, learning writing was prohibited up to the

14 th , 15 th

years. Tip to Waldorf education.

7 or 1(4/19/1924, Dornach)




The Easter festival has its pagan precursors not in spring festivals but in autumn festivals in which a likeness of the god of beauty and youthful strength (Adonis cult) was immersed in the sea or a lake near the mystery site, accompanied with funereal songs, for three days and was lifted out of the water again with cheering. This was an image of the initiation that was carried out inside of the mystery site. In the Mystery of Golgotha happened on the physical plane what had taken place, otherwise, only within the human soul at initiation. The inability of understanding the Resurrection was the reason to lean the Easter festival on springtime. See 353/8(4/12/1924, Dornach).

8 or 2(4/20/1924, Dornach)




The physical birth was considered as first or lunar birth in the ancient Indian and Persian epochs, because the human soul was guided into life by the lunar (Father) forces. ”And what we today call forces of nature, which seem to be the sole topic in modern