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philosophy, are really nothing but a completely abstract version of the moon forces.” Man experienced a kind of replacement of his personality around his 30 th year, the release of the solar (Son) forces *). This was the second birth, hence, also the oriental term "twice-born“ for the initiates **) who still experienced this change in the mysteries in later times. The solar and lunar forces interweave in the child already today. Finally, death was looked at as third or Saturn birth. *) Cf. 176-03. **) see 94/7(5/31/1906, Paris). Lecture 7 or 1: the spiritual sun itself entered in Jesus in his 30 th year and not only – like with people of former times – the light of the sun

8 or 2(4/20/1924, Dornach)




The initiatory stages of the ancient mysteries. (1) the “door to the human being”: looking inside into oneself through the senses, real knowledge of nature; (2) knowledge of the human inside (the three chambers of the temple grotto: thinking- feeling-willing) and thus of the earthly sciences music, architecture, geometry, surveying etc.; (3) the “portal of death”: freeing oneself from the physical body by inner soul strength leads to the experience of the spiritual world; (4) bearer of the solar forces, Christophor. The initiate got to know the spiritual forces in the earthly substances (true chemistry) on this level; (5) adept of astronomy, astronomus: knowledge of the forces and beings of the stars.

9 or 3(4/21/1924, Dornach)




reincarnation The human being, descending to the earth, receives the forces of forming his etheric body from the cosmic ether by the moon dwellers, the primeval teachers of humanity. The "outside" of the etheric body is formed by the forces of the full moon light, the "inside" by the spiritual forces of the new moon. These forces are depending on the observation of the planets by the moon dwellers. The names of the weekdays were set by the (lunar spring) mysteries to remind people of this fact. The astronomical fixing of the Easter festival is connected with it, too. Easter mysteries as the mysteries of the descent of the spirit into matter and the autumn mysteries of the ascent of the spiritual. Both aspects were mingled in the Easter festival.

10 or 4(4/22/1924, Dornach) 51ff. 5699

Ephesus was a moon-mystery site. Aristotle was reminded of his preceding incarnation as Ephesian initiate (Kratylos) by the influence of the Cabeirian mysteries in Samothrace. Thus he received the strength to create the categories of his logic as something new that have the meaning of an esoteric alphabet of the universe. Categories: quantity, quality, relation, space, time, position, action, passion, being, and having. See 236/9(5/11/1924).


References to lectures of CW 233a in 124-13, 126-10, 167-01.