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For step 2, those who want to study at home all alone

and want to improve their concepts and knowledge along with passing PMDC with high scores all in one package even with v avg. work of (5-7 HR FOR 6 DAYS A WEEK FOR 4 MONTHS) 1.kaplan video lectures of all subjects(take only 1 month)pediatric s and psychiatry can be skip , it will clear your concepts ,even if someone never touch any subject before, I found these videos v interesting..U can go through MTB or KLNS along with videos 2. after that KAPLAN LECTURE NOTES (KLNS) or MTB2 (FOR MEDICINE) and MTB3 (FOR GYNE OBS, PEDIATRICS, DERMA)/KLNs 3. MINOR SUNJECTS. For behavior sciences MOWADAT H. Rana, PSYCHIATRY... Kaplan /mtb2, Derma... Kaplan /mtb3, ENT ...DHINGRA (only selective topics), EYE .JOGI (selective topics), for minors it also wise if u go through your medical school notes, then no need of DHINGRA and JOGI 4. SURGERY... ABDUL WAHAB DOGAR (much better than SHAMIM) only selected topics, also from Kaplan optional)....medical school notes if u has those are also good to go through THIS will take hardly 45 DAYS, to read all this stuff 5.for SEQS it s good to go through past papers of KMU(2 BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE IN MARKET BUT DR NUMAN khan 'S BOOKS IS BETTER)it will prevent u from surprises in exam like Counseling , r/f, complications types things ,if university chances even than its simple rule and works most of time to get previous papers of that university as we can get imp q and style of SEQS university love to ask.on the other hand it is not must to do as I see these papers in last week ,and few question were not even in previous papers 6.for PEDIATRICS some imp topics should me covered in detail like, diarrhea, RTI,EPI,GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT,NEONATOLOGY...for them get any kind of short books/notes/PERVAIZ AKBAR.. Just cover them For PEDIATRICS its USELESS if we take it as a separate subject actually most topics covered with medicine...So only read few topics mentioned above for PEDIATRICS, to prepare ...for MCQS go through MTB 3 pediatric (even it is not necessary) I did MTB3 ND selective topics 7. after that if possible go through UWORLD BANK MCQS as much as possible ,it is not v imp for PMDC as NAB MCQS are mostly straight forward ,but it is good for concepts...if don t have much time then do 1 block from every chapter... Doing these things will be v helpful not only for exam but also IN Practical life

and good thing to follow that strategy is that all 3 materials like videos lectures, KLNS and MTB are exactly same material hit your brain in different styles ,,teachers are same for all 3 and I suppose world best teachers ,,all in your control...without any fee u don t need to make notes as MTB(like 1st aid)are comprehensive books which provide v short notes of videos and KLNs ,,so use it as final revisions.. During study u can make annotations on MTB this is one of a lot of strategies to follow ,,,,,some people go academy ,,some read text books ,,some make their own notes....know every possible way ...mine way is easy in sense that u have complete course in v short precise way that is more than enough for,, PMDC exam With this much study I got 120 in MCQS and 13.5 SEQS PERFECTLY, one in confusion and 1 out of my preparation overall MCQS were easy while SEQS were though ,,in 3 SEQS DX of cases were confusingremaining were simple ,,I HOPE IT WILL BE HELPFUL,,FOR ANY KIND OF HELP LET ME KNOW.. Best regards DR SHOAIB LATIF (TAISHAN MEDICAL UNIVERSITY)