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Ha Satans Tools of Mass Deception

Revelation 12:9 states that the entire world has been deceived by ha-satan. Emphasis must be placed on the fact that it is the whole world that has been deceived by ha-satan. This includes Jews Rastafarians !uddhists "indus #hristians and $uslims. "a-satan%s most powerful and effective tools of mass deception are words. "e understands that words are li&e seeds which when planted and nurtured ta&e root 'row and bear fruits. (t should be understood that &nowled'e is impossible without penetration. $an &nows nothin' until there is penetration of his mind. )mon' the most popular and powerful tools of penetration are words. *ords deposited in minds 'erminate into entire belief systems. !elief systems can be positive or ne'ative. +eople often become emotionally attached to their beliefs and are inclined to han' onto their beliefs do'matically ,as a do' han's on to its% bone-. $ost people han' onto their beliefs so fiercely that they refuse to chan'e even when proven wron'. .ome people even admit that they prefer to stic& with the devil they &now. This is most true in the case of reli'ious beliefs when people are not /ust intellectually convinced but are also emotionally and spiritually attached to their beliefs. $any people have therefore &illed and have been &illed for the sa&e of reli'ious beliefs. *hat is the ma/or tool in the pro'rammin' of beliefs0 *ords1 "a-satan understands this and has therefore deceived and trapped the entire world throu'h words. The strate'y is and has been simple but enormously effective1 To &eep a 'od or 'oddess alive ma&e sure that his name is invo&ed fre2uently because word is spirit and there is a spirit behind every 'od. "asatan therefore ensures that his 'ods are invo&ed all over the world- twenty-four seven. The other part of this strate'y dictates that to &ill a 'od3'oddess then simply chan'e his3her name. The easiest way of &illin' a 'od3'oddess is to chan'e his3her name so that it is hidden. "asatan has therefore devised the most effective system to ensure that the whole world calls upon the names of his 'ods without reali4in' it. The result is that throu'hout the entire world people call on the names of 'ods in i'norance and sincerity. #onse2uently the evil spirits of 'ods are invo&ed worldwide twenty-four seven. Evil therefore permeates this entire earth every second of every yowm. #hristians are oblivious and i'norant to the fact that they invo&e so many 'ods. They are usually in shoc& and denial when this is pointed out to them. 5ollowin' are some of the satanic words names and titles that are widely used to invo&e the spirits of 'ods. 67R8. 7ne of the two most common titles attributed to the #reator is 9the 6ord%. 5ew have ever stopped to wonder about the ori'in of this title and whether or not it is an appropriate title for addressin' the #reator. *hat is the meanin' of 6ord0 *here did it come from0 The title lord is one of the meanin's of baal. (n other words baal means 9lord% 9sun% or 9to shine%. ,.ee chapter 2-.

.ince baal means lord then it is lo'ical that lord means baal. Therefore when people say 9praise the lord% they are literally sayin' 9praise baal% althou'h this is not necessarily what they have in mind. :o #hristian intentionally wants to praise baal. "owever ha-satan%s strate'y of havin' people call upon his 'ods in i'norance causes them to invo&e the spirit of baal in sincerity and 'ross i'norance. *ho is baal0 !aal was the chief #anaanite deity ,'od- who was worshipped as the sun 'od of the +hoenicians. To refer to the #reator as 9baal% or 9lord% is blasphemy irrespective of one%s sincerity1 (t is full time for people to leave the 6ord to sun worshippers. The name and title of the #reator of "eaven and Earth is ;ahweh Elohiym. <78: (s 9<78% a title or a name0 <od is a title that comes from the )n'lo-.a=on 'ott. <ott was worshipped by the Teutonic nations as the sun 'od. (t must be remembered that wherever man 'oes he carries his 'od with him. )fter capturin' and settlin' in !ritain the )n'lo-.a=ons worshipped 'ott. The !ritish also started to worship 'ott which later became <78 in the En'lish lan'ua'e. The .candinavian sun 'ot therefore became the En'lish <78. !oth <od and 'ott came from sun worship and belon' to the sun 'od. Those who want to worship the sun should continue callin' upon 'od> and those who wish to worship the #reator of "eaven and Earth in spirit and in truth should call "im by his ma/estic name ? ;ahweh and his correct title Elohiym. ;ahweh Elohiym is the )lmi'hty 7ne. JE.@. #"R(.T: The name Jesus #hrist was never found in any bible before four hundred years a'o. The name Jesus #hrist was not even in the ori'inal Ain' James Bersion 8o people &now that when the .aviour was born and throu'hout his entire life on earth he was never called Jesus #hrist0 :one of his disciples ever called him Jesus or #hrist. 8o people &now that when the .aviour died for the sins of man he was never called Jesus #hrist0 8o people &now that when he rose from the 'rave he was not called Jesus #hrist0 8o people &now that when he ascended to "eaven he was not called Jesus #hrist0 8o people &now that there has never been anyone born in ;it4rel ,(srael- by the name of Jesus #hrist0 *hy not a'ree that the name that the .aviour had when he died is the best name by which to call him0 *hy not a'ree that the name that his father 'ave him is the ri'ht name by which to call him0 The .aviour was "ebrew and not <ree& Roman or En'lish. "e therefore has a "ebrew name and not a <ree& or En'lish name. 8o people care that the correct name of the .aviour has been removed from every copy of the !ible> over three hundred and thirty times0 .hould the .aviour be called by his correct name or the pa'an names that he has been 'iven by man0 These pa'an names include (esous Jesus <esu and Jesus ,pronounced 9hey- 4us% in .panish-. The name that the .aviour had when he died for the sins of man was ;ahshua "a $ashiach which accordin' to )cts C:1D-12 is the only name 'iven under "eaven amon' men whereby we must be saved. Jesus #hrist is a pa'an3satanic name which is derived from the <ree& (esous Ahristos and means 9hail Eeus the sun 'od%. The name Jesus #hrist is the bi''est lie that ha-satan has ever inflicted upon man. This has done immeasurable dama'e and people who desire to worship in spirit and in truth should leave ha-satan and Jesus to 'o to hell. True believers should call upon the name ;ahshua "a $ashiach - the one who died for their sins.

#"@R#": (n continuin' to e=pose how ha-satan uses the power of words and names to deceive the entire world it is vital to loo& at the name church. This word3name is one of ha-satans most clever and in'enious deceptions. 5rom where did church come0 "ow did it ori'inate0 "ow did it come about0 To unravel this mystery ta&e a &een loo& at ch-ur-ch. .ince 9ch% is also pronounced with a 9&% sound as in 9#hrist% if one loo&s at ch-ur-ch then it could be pronounced &ur&3&ir&. Air& was how it was ori'inally pronounced. (n .cotland it is still pronounced as &ir& hence .cot%s Air&. (n <erman it is &irche pronounced &ir&F. (n 8utch it is &er& and in <ree& &ir&e. *hy do all these lan'ua'es maintain the sound &ir&0 This is because they were all named in honour of the pa'an sun 'oddess 9circe% pronounced &ir&. .he was the dau'hter of "elios the sun 'od. 5rom the sun 'oddess 9#irce % came such words as circus in 6atin. #ircus was the 6atin name for the church. 5rom this name also came the word 9circle % which was the nimbus around the head of #irce ,halo-. #hurch means the house of 9Ayri&ion%3Eeus. (t also means 9the house of the 6ord%. #hurch ori'inated in pa'anism and remains in pa'anism. #hurch is for people who worship 9the 6ord% instead of the #reator- ;ahweh. The true worshippers of ;ahweh do not belon' to any church. They belon' to Gahal ;ahweh. )$E:: #hristians ta&e pride in callin' upon the name of 9amen% to show their a'reement. :o wonder the .cripture points out that 9my people are destroyed for lac& of &nowled'e% and in (saiah HD:2 it states: I5or behold the dar&ness shall cover the earth and 'ross dar&ness the people: but ;ahweh shall rise upon thee and "is splendour shall be seen upon thee.J The word 9amen% comes from amen-ra the chief E'yptian sun 'od. !ein' the chief E'yptian sun deity anythin' that supposedly had the a'reement of )men was accepted and people said Iso let it beJ. The children of ;it4rel carried 9amen% with them when they returned from E'ypt. "owever they spelt it 9amien%. This is indeed another master deception of ha-satan. The true worshippers do not call upon pa'an 'ods. Therefore instead of 9amen% they say "alleluyah which means Ipraise ye ;ahweh.J ):<E63):<E6.: This word is derived from the <ree& 'od )n'elo3)n'elos who was another sun deity. The spirit servants of the #reator are not called an'el or an'els but rather 9$ala&% or 9$ala&im%. !(!6E: !ible was named in honour of the pa'an sun 'oddess !iblia after whom !yblos was named. !ible is therefore the word of 'od not necessarily the undiluted word of ;ahweh. The true worshippers therefore focus on the .et )part *ritin's of ;ahweh. !6E..E8: !lessin' means 9to be sprin&led with blood or stained with blood% usually the blood of enemies or the blood of animals sacrificed to satanic 'ods. The true worshippers do not use 9bless3blessed3 blessin'% but rather 9bara&3bera&ah3 baruch%. #7BE:):T: The root of this is 9coven%. This is where witches 'ather. The pact or secret contract that they made was called a coven-ant. The #reator of "eaven and earth therefore does not ma&e covenants but instead berith. "e is therefore a berith &eepin' Elohiym.

8);38);.: 8ay comes from deity meanin' 9'od%. Each yowm of the wee& was therefore named after a deity from sun worship. The 5irst yowm was named in honour of the sun deity and became .unday. The .econd yowm was named after the moon deity and became $onday. The Third yowm was named in honour of the Teutonic 'od of war Tius and became Tuesday. The 5ourth yowm was named after the violent hunter *oden. The root *od means violent. .o the 5ourth yowm became *ednesday. The 5ifth yowm was named after the 'od of li'htnin' and thunder whose name was Thor. "ence the 5ifth yowm became Thor%s day ,Thursday-. The .i=th yowm was named in honour of the Teutonic 'oddess of love beauty and fertility5reya35ria. The .i=th yowm became &nown as 5ria%s day ,5riday-. The .eventh yowm which the #reator named the .habbat was named after the roman 'od of a'riculture- .aturn and therefore became &nown as .aturn%s day or .aturday. The true worshippers of the #reator obey the command of the #reator that his people must not call upon the names of 'ods. Therefore they refer to the yowmam of the wee& as ;owm Rishon ,5irst ;owm- ;owm .heni ,.econd ;owm- ;owm .hlishi ,Third ;owm- ;owm Revi%i ,5ourth ;owm- ;owm #hamishi ,5ifth ;owm- ;owm .hishi ,.i=th ;owm- and ;owm .habbat ,.eventh ;owm-. 8(B(:E: 98ivine% comes from the Bedic word 9diva% which means bri'ht or shinin'. 8iva is derived from the .anscrit word 9div% which means to shine. These all directly relate to sun worship and are therefore never used by the true worshippers in reference to the #reator. (nstead the true worshippers use 9tov% or the En'lish word 9supreme%. <67R;: 9<lory% comes from the sun 'oddess 9<loria% and also refers to the pa'an circle around the head of $ary Jesus and other pa'an deities. The true worshippers omit the use of 9'lory% and instead use honour splendour and beauty. <R)#E: 9<race% was one of the dau'hters of Eeus. This word poses a lot of problems for #hristians since it is so widely used in the !ible and they are told that they are no lon'er under law but under 'race. 5or many this verse is used as a license to sin. .ee #hapter1D. The true worshippers therefore use the ori'inal "ebrew words which are rachamim and chen3chene ,&ane-. @nmerited favour is also used instead of 'race. <778: 9<ood% comes from the 'ods of sun worship and is therefore not used by the true worshippers of the #reator. (nstead 9e=cellent% and the "ebrew 9tov% are used. 9Tov% is used e=clusively in reference to ;ahweh. Thus ;ahweh is tov. <7.+E6: <ospel means 9'odspell% or 9the spell of 'ods%. (t is therefore not used by the true worshippers who instead use 9besorah. "76; 9"oly% is one of the most respected words in #hristianity and is used by #hristians only in reference to their true and livin' <od or what is dedicated to "im. $ost do not &now the ori'in of the word and that in over one hundred lan'ua'es 9holy% means sun. 9"oly% is a special 'ift from ha satan and it is treasured by #hristians. There are other words that come from 9holy% such as 9holiness% 9halo% and 9hallowed% which means the divinely honoured sun. 9"alloween% comes from hallow even which is an old pa'an !ritish festival which was later adopted by The #hurch. True

worshippers therefore leave the word 9holy% to sun worshippers and instead use the "ebrew word 9Godesh% or the En'lish term 9set apart%. "76; .+(R(T: "oly .pirit literally means 9spirit of the sun%. 9<host% is an apparition of the dead. The 9holy spirit% and 9holy 'host% do not refer to the spirit of the #reator ;ahweh. (n reference to the .et )part .pirit of ;ahweh the true worshippers use the correct term 9Ruach "a Godesh%. $)<:(5;: 9$a'nify% is derived from .imon $a'nus ori'inally &nown as 9.imon the .orcerer 9from .amaria ,)cts K-. "e later went to Rome in C2 ).8. and was deified. "e later became &nown as .t. +eter upon whom the Roman #atholic #hurch is built. Throu'h the subtle deception of ha satan #hristians ta&e /oy in ma'nifyin' their lord. (n other words they ta&e deli'ht in ma'nusin' their lord. The true worshippers therefore omit ma'nify and ma'nificent. (nstead they use 9e=alt% 9honour% or 9bara&%. $ER#;: 9$ercy% li&e 9'race% was a dau'hter of Eeus and was worshipped as a 'oddess. .he was &nown as 9merces% in Rome ,for information 9$ercedes3mercede4% was derived from her-. (nstead of 9mercy% true worshippers use the "ebrew 9chesed% or the En'lish 9pardon%. :E* TE.T)$E:T L 768 TE.T)$E:: Test-amen-t is a 'ift from the chief E'yptian sun 'od )men. The #reator of "eaven and earth therefore never had any testament but instead had an 9ori'inal berith% and a 9renewed berith% or 9Aitve Godesh% or 9!rit #hadasha3Aadasha%. +R(E.T 9+riest% ori'inates from baal worship where flesh and blood were offered to baal. The officiatin' minister was referred to as 9cahnabal% from which we 'et 9cannibal% and 9carnival% which is all about the e=posure offerin' and consumin' of flesh. The minister of 9cahnabal% was later referred to as 9priest%. Therefore priest is a pa'an title meanin' one who offers flesh and blood to !aal3the 6ord. True worshippers use Aohen. .)#RE8: .acred comes from the .anscrit 'od 9.acra%. 9.acra% was also &nown as: 9mithras%39mithra% who became &nown as 9.ol (nvictus%. 9.ol (nvictus%- the uncon2uered sun has been worshipped by every Roman +ope and emperor. )nythin' that was dedicated to the 'od 9sacra was considered sacred. )nimals that were &illed in the worship of 9sacra% were said to be 9sacrificed%. .acra also received 9sacrament%. The word 9sacred% is so loved honoured and treasured that ha-satan must ta&e 'reat happiness and pride in this deception. 9.acred% 9sacrifice% and 9sacrament% are nothin' but effluence from the pit of hell. :ote that the title of this boo& includes the word 9sacred%. This was deliberate. (nstead of sacred% true worshippers use 9Godesh%. 5or 9sacrifice% they use the word 94abach%. .)(:T: The followers of the 'od 9sanctus3sancus% are called 9saints%. This means that 9saints% are followers of 9sanctus%. 9.anctus% was also &nown as )pollo the sun deity of the <ree&s. 9.emo sanctus% was also &nown as Jupiter ,4eus-. 9.anctus% is a sun 'od that is worshipped by saints. 7ther words that come from 9sanctus% include: 9sanctuary% and 9sanctified%. 9.anctuary% is the place in which 9sanctus% is worshipped and sanctified is what has been consecrated ,from sacra- to 9sanctus%.

True worshippers are therefore not 9saints% but are 9Godeshiym% or 9Aiddushiym% and do not worship in a 9sanctuary% but instead in 9!eit ;ahweh%. .7:: 9.on% is derived from 9sunu% which is from sun worship desi'ned to 'et people to worship the sun. The Godeshiym therefore use the "ebrew 9ben% instead. TE$+6E: 9Temple% comes from 9templar% and 9templar% came from the Ani'hts Templars of 9crusades fame%. The Ani'hts Templars were the main butchers in the crusades. They butchered millions of innocent people before they were eventually butchered by the same Roman #hurch that they were a part of. The Ani'hts Templars were the ones that built the churches and cathedrals in Europe and other places. These holy edifices were named after the Ani'hts Templars but became 9temples% instead of 9templars%. The Godeshiym therefore worship their #reator in !eit ;ahweh The precedin' list offers a clear indication of how clever and deceptive ha satan is. These words names and titles are cleverly woven into the very foundation of #hristianity. .o much so that they cannot be removed without brin'in' down the entire house of #hristianity. The precedin' list by no means uncovers all the deceptive words names and titles of ha satan and his 'ods. )s soon as they are revealed to the Gahal they are removed from the vocabulary and banished to the pit of hell and left to .un worshippers.