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Our Scotch Malt Whisky Society Bottlings

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, founded in Edinburgh in 1983, is a membership organization which bottles & sells single cask, single malt whisky. It purchases individual casks from more than 120 malt whisky distilleries in Scotland & throughout the world, bottles them & retails directly to its members. An odd thing about the Society bottle is that they do not mention the distillery or not in so many words. A number rather than a name denotes each distillery. This is because the curious nature of single cask, single malt whisky means the tastes are often not characteristic of the region it comes from. Can you guess the distillery? Need help? We can give you a hint or two Each Society bottling is unique & produced in a limited number, making each bottling incredibly rareonce drunk the bottle is gone forever. Here at Fountainhead, we are extremely proud to be one of five Society Spots in the U.S. & only one of two Society Spots in Chicago. For More Information, please visit: Prices Reflect.5oz & 1.5oz Drams

Cask No.G10.3 Promises Sweet Indulgences $11/$30 Age: 24yrs ABV: 59.6% Barrel: Ex Bourbon Barrel Tasting Notes: On the nose, bran-flakes, porridge, honey & marmalade (breakfast?), carrot cake & ginger nuts. The palate is silky & velvety, promising sweet indulgences; butterscotch, toffee eclairs, millionaires shortbread & crme brule, w/ floral perfumes, sunny honey & oaky spice Cask No. G3.3 Curious But Good $11/$30 Age: 26yrs ABV: 56.0% Barrel: Ex Bourbon Barrel Tasting Notes: The shape-shifting nose starts w/ wood & glue, then soars into caramel, vanilla, caf crme & tea-smoked duck; later raisins, Riesling, honey & toffee. The palate has banana toffee, butterscotch, Turkish coffee, toasted hazelnuts, sandalwood, various spices & apple skins. Cask No. 30.70 Venus in Furs $8/$24 Age: 22yrs ABV: 52.0% Barrel: Ex Bourbon Barrel Tasting Notes: First the scent of a foxy silver haired lady, in a musty fur coat. Then, traditional perfume containing musk. On the palate well matured Dundee cake washed down w/ blackcurrant cordial. W/ water orange bitters missed w/ dark chocolate on the nose. Then hooves, horse shoes & fresh mud! Cask No. 27.103 Fishing Boats in Campbeltown $7/$20 Age: 12yrs ABV: 52.5% Barrel: Ex Bourbon Barrel Tasting Notes: The nose has complex layers of peat-smoke, bandages, seaweed, shellfish, melon, toffee, coconut & caramel; peppered fish soup & bonfires w/ water. The palate is a big, tongueroasting battleground between toffee, marshmallow sweetness & smoke, ash & salty pork crackling.

Our Scotch Malt Whisky Society Bottlings (continued)

Cask No. 2.83 Intense Explosion of Taste $8/$24 Age: 19yrs ABV: 55.2% Barrel: Ex Bourbon Hogshead Tasting Notes: The nose is interesting & full summer fruits, maple syrup, Turkish Delight, tobacco & old books; back-jacks & foamy shrimps w/ water. On the palate, tutti-frutti bubble-gum, apple sours, blackcurrant & lavender honey detonate w/ gingerbread, cinnamon & treacle scones. Cask No. 66.35 Savoury Smoke & Spice Sweetness $6/$16 Age: 9yrs ABV: 58.2% Barrel: Ex Sherry Cask Tasting Notes: The nose combines savoury smoke & spiced sweetness- bacon frazzles, aniseed, clove, fruit & nuts- & lots of barbecued stuff (spiced pork, prawns, bananas). The massive palate has intense smoke, tar, treacle & cough medicine, honey-glazed ham & liquorice allsorts. Cask No. 37.51 The Saloon of a Classic Yacht $7/$20 Age: 18yrs ABV: 60.0% Barrel: First Fill Ex Sherry Butt Tasting Notes: Oloroso sherry, dried fruits, dark rum, black tea, polished oak & waxed leather; a bitter-sweet taste, w/ burnt toffee & ginger cake, tarragon & chili chocolate. Some fugitive sulphur w/ water, then Xmas cake & dried figs; blackcurrant on the finish. Cask No. 4.164 Muddy Tractor $7/$20

Age: 11yrs ABV: 62.0% Barrel: Ex Bourbon Barrel Tasting Notes: Aromas of vanilla w/ lemon barley. To taste, peppermint & old mud covered tractor. Then lapsang souchong & chili chocolate. W/ water, an extinguished fire in a field of heather & wild garlic. The palate is smoked bacon, & dusty lemon sweets. Cask No. 127.31 Rite of Passage $7/$18 Age: 10yrs ABV: 64.2% Barrel: Ex Bourbon Barrel Tasting Notes: Nail varnish remover, fire lights & gun powder initially followed by the inside of a wooden tea chest. To taste like walking on hot bubbling tar. Water brings out maritime characters & a good Old Fashioned cocktail garnished w/ an orange slice & a lemon twist. Capturing rarity & perfection in a glass, the Societys single malt whisky attracts curious & discerning whisky lovers from all corners of the world.