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V O L U M E 3 , I S S U E 1 O C T O B E R 2 0 0 9

• EarthCam
There are links throughout this quickletter to the mentioned teacher activities.
If you are interested in doing something similar to these things,
around the
please contact me and we’ll get started!

Book Club Collaboration

• Caldecott
lessons and
activities for
these award Imagine reading a book having a from our interactions
winning class discussion about the book with others, why not
books and then maybe some shared let our students do
activities such as illustrating, writ- the same instead of
• HM Reading ing and reflecting on the book. being forced to have
Tech Inte- Not hard to imagine, right! It is the same audience all
gration ideas done everyday. Now picture year long. Mrs. Don-
for your this, you do all that you normally ald’s class recently
Houghton do and another class in a differ- read recently read
Mifflin Read- ent part of the country does it The Hundred Dresses
ing series too! If we want our discussion and now are about to
to grow and become richer we embark on sharing their learning our activities. We will keep you
can open our work and talk to in collaboration with a school in up to date on how it goes. I
that other class by sharing our New Jersey who also read the have contacts with many educa-
illustrations, our writings, and book. The medium they will be tors around the country and
INSIDE THIS our reflections with that same using is Voicethread (a web tool world that are ready to do book
class who did the same thing in that allows classes to load pic- club activities like this one.
Flashcards 2 the other part of the country. tures, video, text, etc. and com- Would you like to know more?
Talk about perspectives! We ment on work using voices/text/
learn so much and grow so much video) to share and comment on
Parent 2

Look Inside a
Study Sessions
Ms. Moses is knocking down the back? No! She uses CoverItLive!
walls of her classroom, virtually! A web-based program that al-
Each week she sets aside time at lows teachers to create an event
home, (an hour) to help her for students to join her in a dis- is monitored by the teacher so
students with homework or cussion room where they can no unwanted comments are
answer questions about upcom- freely ask questions and post seen. Imagine have a discussion
ing g quizzes or tests. Does she answers using text. The teacher about Explorers for example and
have all her students call her or can have images, ppt slides, we- inviting a professor from a uni-
email her and then she responds blinks, video, audio, and poll versity to join in the discussion.
questions inserted in the live Use it as a tool to improve writ-
conversation. The conversation ing!
Digital Flashcards

Flashcards have been cialized words used in sci- knowledge to students so

taken to the next level. ence or history for exam- they are prepared for con-
ple, or even world lan- versations and reading in all
Not only can one create
guages. future settings. There are a
flashcards on the com- couple of websites I like
puter with text, pictures “Vocabulary knowl- that teachers can use for
and audio, but you can edge correlates strongly creating these flashcards.
quiz yourself, challenge with reading (and oral) Quizlet, ProProfs, and Edis-
others, and access them comprehension.”-Ed cio. Try one of these out
at anytime. Hirsch for your next unit of study
or word list.
Use flashcards for
A wonderful way to take We know how important
advantage of this technol- vocabulary is to the success See Mrs. Mundo’s site for
Vocabulary and
ogy is to utilize it to in- of our students. Flashcards her Spanish flashcards using
Core Knowledge crease student vocabulary, in this style allow teachers
help them memorize spe- to continue to add core

“...all learning

Parent Conferences
Parents conference occur editing software) you can re- dent reading to share with parents.
conversation. every year, but when was the cord conversations in class, This opens so many doors of con-
last time you had a parent individual conferences, and versation and helps the parents
That conversation conference where you were student work digitally to have realize what you, the educator, are
able to allow the parents to ready for parents at confer- seeing and hearing. Don’t stop with
may be with
hear their child read and listen ence. After you record, audio, think about every project,
ourselves, with to the way you assist their download the audio file to the presentation, etc that parents never
child and your discussion with student folder on your com- get to actually see. Use a flip cam-
others, with them during a math, reading or puter. Mrs. Cartledge, 4th era to record those and store in
writing conference? Now is grade teacher, records her the student folder. At the end of
colleagues, with
the time. With a digital re- reading and writing conference the year, you have a nice portfolio!
students…” corder or Audacity (free audio as well as a sample of the stu-

Look Inside a Book

Get a Flip camera or a After recording her talk, she list automatically updates and
webcam, an inspiring loads the video to the new video is instantly on
Embedr book, some time to Then she copies the link from her school website. Initially
playlist share and you have her video stored on the school she had to copy the embed
using what Mrs. Weaver, account and pastes code from the video player site guidance counselor, it to a playlist made using em- before this could happen.
has to create a book bedr (a free flash player that Sharing books using video
talk. Each month she allows user to create video book talks is a great way to
selects a book to playlist and post them on their expose others to new books
share with parents. own website.) Next, the play- and stir up conversations.