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Profound New Revelations About God and Life

April 3, 2013 by Eliot Estep

More than ever, humanity is faced with the decision to accept and integrate new ways of thinking, being, and doing in order to avoid destroying ourselves and the planet !or this to happen, we need a new set of life"supporting ideas, values, and foundational understandings to allow us to create a way of life on Earth that supports peace, harmony, and happiness for all #e don$t have to throw away all of our beliefs or cultures or ways of living, but it is imperative that we let go of what is holding us back and keeping us in fear, violence, limitation, and separation #e must allow ourselves to e%pand and improve upon our beliefs, institutions, and how we interact with each other in ways that sustain and improve life &t is for this reason that & would like to share with you some of the most important messages found in The New Revelations: A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch & believe that these messages bring profound insight and clarity at a time when we need it most 'his is a book where #alsch engages in a powerful conversation with (od about the nature of our biggest problems and how we can solve them Even if you don$t believe it to be possible, & ask that you read these messages with an open mind before )udging and*or re)ecting them outright +lease consider purchasing this book if you feel drawn to it &t is available used for less than ,- and is well worth the read & have selected a few pertinent passages for your review, followed by the Five Steps to Peace, Five Fallacies about Life and God, and the Nine New Revelations 'he book contains so much more than is listed here below. &t is one of the most fascinating, life"altering discussions & have ever read 'hank /ou for considering these messages with an open mind and heart. &f you find these messages inspiring or helpful, please consider sharing them with a friend or discussing them with a family member #ith 0ove and (ratitude, Eliot ************************************** 1All the te%t in bold is from the perspective of (od in the book 23# 4 2eale 3onald #alsch5

6n page 37, (od states8 The purpose of this dialo ue is to awaken people and to heal the world! That will both help and serve!" ************************************** #ou$ too$ can understand enor%ous truths! #ou$ too$ can be deeply inspired! Do you thin& these e'periences are reserved for the very few( ) tell you$ they are %eant for the very %any! Divine inspiration is the birthright of every human being. #ou are all very special! #ou si%ply do not &now that! #ou do not believe it! 23#8 #hy not9 *ecause your reli ions have told you that you are not! They have told you that you are sinners$ that you are unworthy$ that only a very few a%on you have achieved a level of worthiness to be inspired directly by God+and that all of those people are dead! They have convinced you that no one livin today could possibly achieve that level of worthiness$ and$ hence$ no boo& written today could possibly contain sacred truths or the Word of God! 23#8 #hy have they done so9 #hy have they told us this9 *ecause to tell you otherwise would be to leave open the possibility that another %aster$ another prophet$ another %essen er of God could co%e alon $ brin in new revelations and openin you to new understandin s+and that is so%ethin already established or ani,ed reli ions could not abide! ************************************** 23#8 :ow can we ask the world to heal itself when organi;ed religion < the very institution that was meant to provide that healing < does nothing but inflict more and more damage, open wider and wider the wound, spread further and further its righteous indignation, its non" acceptance, its utter disdain, its total intolerance9 #et how can you bla%e reli ion if reli ions believe in a God who does e'actly the sa%e thin ( t is your understanding of God that is the main problem. ) will say a ain$ so that you cannot %iss it-the proble% confrontin hu%anity today is spiritual. #ou do not understand who you are! #ou do not understand who God is! #ou do not understand that love is the basis of all life$ nor can you co%prehend a love that is un!onditional. #ou i%a ine that God is a s%all$ petty$ .ealous deity who says to people bowed in prayer$ /orry$ it0s %y way or the hi hway! #our prayer ) hear! #our prayer ) don0t$ because you didn0t do it ri ht! #ou did not please %e!"

)n this you turn %e into a replica of the worst of hu%anity! #ou clai% that you are strivin to be God1li&e in your lives-and if this is the God you are strivin to be li&e$ you have succeeded brilliantly! #ou %ay than& or ani,ed reli ion for teachin you how! ************************************** 23#8 #hy would & want to read this book when &$ve already been told by 'rue =elievers that all the answers are in the other books < the books that they are telling me to heed9 *ecause you have not heeded the%! 23#8 /es, we have #e believe that we have That0s why you now need help! #ou believe that you have$ but you have not! #ou &eep sayin that your 2oly *oo& 3your cultures have %any different ones4 is what has iven you the authority to treat each other the way you are treatin each other$ to do what you are doin ! #ou are able to say that only because you have not really listened to the deeper %essa e of these boo&s! #ou have read the%$ but you have not really listened to the%! 23#8 =ut we have #e are doing what they say we should be doing9 No! #ou are doin what #56 say that they say you should be doin ! 23#8 #hat does that mean9 )t %eans that the basic %essa e of all the sacred scriptures is the sa%e! What is different is how hu%an bein s have been interpretin the%! There is nothin wron " with havin different interpretations! What %ay not benefit you$ however$ is separatin yourself over these differences$ %a&in each other wron because of these differences$ and &illin each other as a result of these differences! This is what you are now doin ! )t is what you have been doin for 7uite so%e ti%e! #ou cannot a ree even within a particular roup of you$ %uch less between roups$ about what a particular boo&s says and what it %eans$ and you use these disa ree%ents as .ustifications for slau hter! #ou ar ue a%on yourselves about what the 8ur0an says$ and about what its words %ean! #ou ar ue a%on yourselves about what the *ible says$ and about what its words %ean! #ou ar ue a%on yourselves about what the 9eda says$ what the *ha avad1Gita says$ what the Lun1yu says$ what the Pali :anon says$ what the Tao1te :hin says$ what the Tal%ud says$ what the 2adith says$ what the *oo& of ;or%on saysAnd what of the 6panishad$ the ) :hin $ the Adi Granth$ the ;ahabharata$ the #o a1 sutras$ the ;athnawi$ the <o.i&i( 23#8 6kay, we get the point

No$ actually$ you don0t! And that"s the point! The point is$ there are many holy writin s and sacred scriptures$ and you act as if there is only one. )t is your sacred scripture that is really sacred! All the rest are poor substitutes at best$ and blasphe%ies at worst! Not only is there only one /acred /cripture$ there is also only one way to interpret that /cripture= your way! This spiritual arro ance is what has caused you your reatest sorrow as a species! #ou have suffered %ore > and caused other people to suffer %ore > over your ideas about God than over your ideas about anythin else in the hu%an e'perience! #ou have turned the source of the reatest .oy into the source of your reatest pain! 23#8 'hat$s crazy. #hy is that9 Why have we done that? *ecause there is one thin for which hu%an bein s see% willin to ive up everythin ! They will ive up love$ they will ive up peace$ they will ive up health$ har%ony$ and happiness$ they will ive up safety$ security$ and even their sanity$ for this one thin ! 23#8 #hat9 *ein ri ht! #ou are willin to ive up everythin you0ve ever wor&ed for$ everythin you0ve ever wanted$ everythin you0ve ever created$ in order to be ri ht!" )ndeed$ for this you are willin to ive up Life itself! ************************************** 23#8 All behaviors are created by beliefs9 All behaviors! 23#8 Aren$t there such things as >automatic reactions?9 ?ven those reactions are based on what you believe is occurrin $ is about to occur$ or could occur! All behaviors are sponsored by beliefs! #ou !annot make a long$term !hange in behaviors without addressing the beliefs that underlie them. 23#8 @o it is on our beliefs that society needs to focus ?'actly! And this is precisely where %ost of your societies have not been focusin + e'cept those societies that are now causin $ and have historically caused$ the %ost upheaval! ;ost hu%ans try to chan e thin s by focusin on behaviors! They &eep thin&in they can %a&e thin s better by doing something. /o$ everyone is runnin around tryin to fi ure out what they can do. The focus is on doin so%ethin $ rather than on believing something. *ut radical forces within your societies have always sou ht to chan e thin s by usin the power of thought$ not action$ for they &now that thou ht produ!es action! Get a person

thinking a certain way and you can et a person to a!t a certain way! t is not easily done the other way around. No one does anything inappropriate% given their model of the world. #our world is facin enor%ous proble%s ri ht now$ and you %ust solve the problems at the level of belief. #ou cannot solve the proble%s at the level of behavior! /ee& to chan e beliefs$ not behaviors! After you chan e a belief$ the behavior will chan e by itself! #ou can alter a belief in two ways! ?ither by enlar in upon it$ or by chan in it co%pletely! *ut you %ust do one or the other or you will not alter behavior! #ou will %erely interrupt it! ************************************** The reason hu%ans have hun so tenaciously to their old beliefs is that they do not want to dishonor those beliefs by re.ectin the% co%pletely$ out of hand! They thin& that this is the choice they have= Re.ect the old or accept the old$ totally! #et that is not the only choice you have! #ou can review the old and see what parts of the old no lon er wor&! #ou can e'pand the old to %a&e parts of the old wor& better! #ou can add to the old to %a&e so%e parts of your belief syste% new! Re.ectin co%pletely your present beliefs would be to discredit so %uch of what has been tau ht$ so %uch of what has been understood$ so %uch of what has been done+and so %uch of what has been good! Transcendin current beliefs is not an outri ht re.ection of the%@ it is an addin to" the%! ************************************** What you see& to heal are the wounds created by your beliefs! #our deepest beliefs have created the behaviors that have produced the wounds! The overridin desire of hu%an&ind is peace$ and ) a% showin you that your current beliefs do not render you very peaceful! Peaceful" is not so%ethin you do! Peaceful" is so%ethin you are! 5ne does not say$ ) a% doin peaceful!" 5ne says$ ) a% being peaceful!" And beingness is an e'pression of the soul and the %ind! 23#8 Again, please9 *ein ness" is an e'pression of the soul and the %ind! Doin ness" is an e'pression of the body! All e'periences of the body arise out of e'periences of the soul or the %ind! #ou et to choose which! )f you choose the %ind$ as your %ind feels$ so the body does! )f you choose your soul$ as the soul feels$ the body does! The soul always feels .oy$ because the soul is .oy! The soul always feels love$ because the soul is love! The soul always feels connected with the wonder of life$ because the soul is the wonder of life$ e'pressed! )n order to feel this always$ you have to be out of our %ind! #ou have to et out of your head" and into your heart! 23#8 & thought you were going to say, into your soul

The heart is the brid e between the %ind and the soul! Airst et out of your %ind and into your heart space! Aro% there it is a 7uic& .u%p into your soul! When you are in your heart space with another$ that is when you can have a real soul tal&! When you are in your heart space with yourself$ that is when you can e'perience connectin with your soul at a very deep level! That is when you can e'perience co%%union with God! )f you stay in your %ind$ you will be affected by the constructions of the %ind! )f the %ind is da%pened or wea&ened$ the body will function in ways that reflect that! )f the %ind is uplifted$ stren thened$ or renewed$ the body will function in ways that reflect that! )f the %ind is discoura ed$ di%inished$ restricted$ frustrated$ an ry$ wounded$ or a itated$ the body will de%onstrate that! )f the %ind is e'cited$ enlar ed$ unli%ited$ e'uberant$ .oyful$ healed$ and peaceful$ the body will behave in an entirely different way! ************************************** God and &ife are the same thing. #ou %ay call these thin s by two different na%es$ but they are the sa%e thin ! God is what Life is$ and Life is what God is! God is the ener y that you call Life$ and Life is the ener y that you call God! )t is all the sa%e thin ! Life is God$ physi!ali'ed. 23#8 @o if we believe in 0ife, we believe in (od, is that what you$re saying9 #es! #ou cannot separate God fro% Life$ and you cannot separate Life fro% God! #ou can say you believe in Life but not in God$ but that is li&e sayin you believe in the brain but not the %ind! #ou can see and touch the brain$ so you &now it is there! #ou cannot see or touch the %ind$ so you0re not so sure what that is$ or whether it is there or not! The brain is the %ind$ physi!ali'ed. #et it is your %ind that allows you to even conte%plate your brain! Without your %ind$ you would not even &now that the brain e'ists! )t is e'actly the sa%e way with God and Life! 23#8 @o we don$t have to >believe in (od? in order to change the world Not at all! ************************************** 23#8 #hat is the difference between soul and spirit9 &s there a difference9 #our soul is the individuation of the Divine /pirit$ which is All There )s! The soul is the universal life ener y$ focused and locali,ed and vibratin at a particular fre7uency in one specific ti%e and space! ?ner y vibratin in such a hi hly specific way is a /in ular 5utflow of 6niversal Life! #ou %ay abbreviate that in ?n lish as /!5!6!L! The soul uses the rest of )tself+that is$ it draws upon the ?ner y of 6niversal Life$ of which it is a part+as one of three tools with which to fashion a particular e'perience! The ?ner y of 6niversal Life is so%eti%es called the spirit! The other tools are the body and the %ind!

#our soul is who you are! #our body and your %ind are what you use to e(perien!e who you are in the Real% of the Relative! The ho%e of your soul is in the Real% of the Absolute$ where Divine /pirit dwells! #our soul is now livin in the Real% of the Relative$ and is on a .ourney ho%e! When it returns ho%e$ it .oins once a ain with the Rest of )tself! That is$ it reunites with Divine /pirit$ fusin with )t to beco%e 5ne /pirit once a ain! This fusin into 5ne is called$ in so%e ?astern %ystical traditions$ samadhi! )t can be achieved even when the soul is in the Real% of the Relative$ with a body and a %ind$ althou h the e'perience is enerally very brief! The soul can also leave the body and the %ind in order to refresh and reener i,e! This is done durin the period that you call sleep! Ainally$ the soul can fuse with its 6niversal ?ner y$ beco%in 5ne with Divine /pirit$ for very lon $ e'tended periods! This is what occurs at the %o%ent that you call death! 5f course$ there is no such thin as death! Death is si%ply the na%e you have iven to the e'perience of your soul trans%utin the ener y of your body and your %ind as it reunites with the All in All! This$ the soul does as part of an endless cycle! Then$ havin re1e'perienced the bliss of samadhi and the ulti%ate <nowin of 5neness$ the soul e%er es once %ore fro% the All$ controllin and re ulatin its vibration and trans%utin its ener y at a locali,ed point on what you would refer to as the /pace1Ti%e :ontinuu%! )ts %ost recent .ourney throu h this never1endin cycle of Divinity ?'periencin )tself produced the *ein that you call you!" ************************************** A true %aster is not the one with the %ost students$ but one who creates the %ost %asters! A true leader is not the one with the %ost followers$ but one who creates the %ost leaders! A true &in is not the one with the %ost sub.ects$ but one who leads the %ost to royalty! A true teacher is not the one with the %ost &nowled e$ but one who causes the %ost others to have &nowled e! And a true God is not one with the %ost servants$ but 5ne who serves the %ost$ thereby %a&in Gods of all others! Aor this is both the oal and the lory of God= that 2is sub.ects shall be no %ore$ and that all shall &now God not as the unattainable$ but as the unavoidable! ************************************** T2? A)9? /T?P/ T5 P?A:?

There are five things you can choose now if changing the world and the self!destructive direction in which it is "oving is what you wish to achieve. 1 /ou can choose to acknowledge that some of your old beliefs about (od and about 0ife are no longer working 2 /ou can choose to acknowledge that there is something you do not understand about (od and about 0ife, the understanding of which will change everything 3 /ou can choose to be willing for a new understanding of (od and 0ife to now be brought forth, an understanding that could produce a new way of life on our planet A /ou can choose to be courageous enough to e%plore and e%amine this new understanding, and, if it aligns with your inner truth and knowing, to enlarge your belief system to include it - /ou can choose to live your life as demonstrations of your highest and grandest beliefs, rather than as denials of them These are the Aive /teps to Peace$ and if you ta&e the%$ you can shift everythin on our planet! **************************************

************************************** According to The #ew $evelations, the following beliefs about (od and life are fallacies that create crisis, violence, killing and war8 Aive Aallacies About God 1 :umans believe that (od needs something 2 :umans believe that (od can fail to get what :e needs

3 :umans believe that (od has separated them from :im because they have not given :im what :e needs A :umans believe that (od still needs what :e needs so badly that (od now reBuires them, from their separated position, to give it to :im - :umans believe that (od will destroy them if they do not meet :is reBuirements ************************************** Aive Aallacies About Life 1 :uman beings are separate from each other 2 'here is not enough of what human beings need to be happy 3 'o get the stuff of which there is not enough, human beings must compete with each other A @ome human beings are better than other human beings - &t is appropriate for human beings to resolve severe differences created by all the other fallacies by killing each other **************************************

************************************** Nine New Revelations

'he new revelations are contained in a series of nine statements that the book offers for readers to consider as they e%plore the possibility of changing their present beliefs about (od and about 0ife B! God has never stopped co%%unicatin directly with hu%an bein s! God has been co%%unicatin with and throu h hu%an bein s fro% the be innin of ti%e! God does so today! C! ?very hu%an bein is as special as every other hu%an bein who has ever lived$ lives now$ or ever will live! #ou are all %essen ers! ?very one of you! #ou are carryin a %essa e to life about life every day! ?very hour! ?very %o%ent! D! No path to God is %ore direct than any other path! No reli ion is the one true reli ion"$ no people are the chosen people"$ and no prophet is the reatest prophet!" E! God needs nothin ! God re7uires nothin in order to be happy! God is happiness itself! Therefore$ God re7uires nothin of anyone or anythin in the universe! F! God is not a sin ular /uper *ein $ livin so%ewhere in the 6niverse or outside of it$ havin the sa%e e%otional needs and sub.ect to the sa%e e%otional tur%oil as hu%ans! That Which )s God cannot be hurt or da%a ed in any way$ and so$ has no need to see& reven e or i%pose punish%ent! G! All thin s are 5ne Thin ! There is only 5ne Thin $ and all thin s are part of the 5ne Thin That )s! H! There is no such thin as Ri ht and Wron ! There is only What Wor&s and What Does Not Wor&$ dependin upon what it is that you see& to be$ do or have! I! #ou are not your body! Who you are is li%itless and without end! J! #ou cannot die$ and you will never be conde%ned to eternal da%nation!