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Thisis your ultimate opportunity to experience working in P&G and in getting a shortcut to getting an internship offer from P&G. At the core of this Business Challenge, it is an intensive &grueling competition with lots of fun which will unleash your leadership, teamwork, analytical & problem solving skills and creativity. It's all reallife challenging business situations and you are in the driver's seattoexperienceitallfirsthand! InthisP&GASEANBusinessChallenge,youwillexperience: 1. Bepartoftherealactioninplanning&executingamarketing/sellingplanoutintherealworld 2. Getyouranalyticalskillsandcreativityintotesttosolvereallifebusinesscasestudies 3. WorkinateamwithASEANtalentsfromvarioustopuniversitiesintheworld 4. Mingle&workwithP&GSeniorManagerslearnfromtheirexperienceandadvice 5. Have some good fun yet productive and challenging. It's a life changing and monumental experience! NationalFinals 30selectedIndonesianstudentswillbecompeting intheNationalFinalsinJakartaina4Day 3Night residential program. Teams will be formed randomly and will face several challenges to be worked on as a team. The main challenge is not just topropose marketing/selling plan, but also to execute thoseplansintherealworldrightaway.WinnersfromtheNationalFinalswillprogresstotheASEAN Finals. Each winner will receivea prominent prize and fully paid trip to ASEAN Finals in Singapore whichwillbeannouncedtothewinners. ASEANFinals 30 ASEAN students, the winners from each countrythe best ASEAN talents will come together to compete for the most ultimate & fiercest challengewhich isto become the P&G ASEAN Business Challenge Champion. Teams will be formed randomly where each team will have multinationality team members and the challenges will require you to work in your "ASEAN Team". Your leadership, teamwork, analytical & problem solving skills and creativity will be put into test here. A truly real exposureofhowyouwillworkwhenyoujoinusAreYouReadyforaNewChallengeinP&G? All related expenses during the event for the selected students will be paid for entirely by P&G. Participants of this Challenge who perform well during theChallenge and perform well in the interviewswillbeofferedwithinternshipoffers.Thisisagreatchanceforyoutosecureaninternship offerearlyandtosecureaP&Gjobofferbeforeyouevengraduate!

1.IndonesianNationality 2.PersuingBachelorsDegreeorequivalentinanyfield,ANDmustbe Penultimate&FinalYearStudents(anymajor) GoodAcademicAchievement(GPA>3.00) 3.FluentcommunicationandwrittenskillsinEnglish 4.Displaystronganalyticalskills 5.Readyforanewchallengeeveryday!!

HowtoApply 1. Firstly, you have to use Internet Explorer in order to go to P&G website. You also need to terminateyourpopupblocker. ClickEnterHereonthebottomrightofthepage. Onthesearchengine,pleasechooseIndonesiaasthecountryandEnglishasthelanguage. A new window will appear, and then you should scroll down to find P&G ASEAN Business Challenge2014header. P&GASEANBusinessChallenge2014IndonesiaASI00000395 ClickApply You will be asked to make a new account. Make sure your password is a combination of letter(s),number(s),andpunctuation(s). Completeallthetasks. After you finish our online application process, you should attend our Roadshow P&G Asean Business Challenge 2014: You are expected to bring 2B pencils and a nonscientific calculator in ordertodoReasoningTest.