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2001 13a. As an assignment for your Japanese teacher, you are to describe a person you admire. Write the description you will submit to your teacher. 13b. Your Japanese teacher has suggested that your class make a time capsule to be opened at your 10 year class reunion. In an article to be placed in the time capsule, write about your hopes and dreams for the future. 14a. You have just returned from a years exchange in japan, and your Japanese teacher has asked you to talk to your classmates about your experience. Write a speech in which you try to convince them of the benefits of living in japan. 14b. you have heard that, in japan, students are discouraged from having a part-time job. Write a report for the newspaper of your Japanese sister school in which you express your opinion on senior students working part time. 2002 13a. You have been traveling around Australia for a month. Write a postcard to your Japanese pen pal about an interesting event. 13b. Your family is exchanging houses with a Japanese family for a holiday. Write a description of your house and neighbourhood. 14a. You have been living in Japan for six months. Write an article for a Japanese youth magazine in which you reflect on your initial experiences and how you have adjusted to living in Japan. 14b. Write a letter to your Japanese friend in which you reflect on how your daily life has changed since you finished Year 12. 2003 13a. You are on homestay in Japan. You invite your Japanese friend to your homestay familys house for a dinner party. Write an email giving details of the dinner party and directions for getting to your homestay familys house. 13b. Write a report for an high school Japanese essay competition about how you intend to use your Japanese in the future. 14a. As a part of your school speech competition you have decided to give a speech reflecting on how your parents have influenced your attitude towards work. Write the text of the speech. 14b. Write an article for your Japanese school magazine in which you evaluate the statement that Young people today have too much leisure.


13a. Write a note to the Japanese exchange student explaining why you did not meet him or her in the afternoon as planned. 13b. Write a letter to your Japanese penfriend about a recent family celebration. 14a. For a Japanese speech competition, write a speech in which you reflect on the topic school years are the best years of your life. 14b. Your Japanese school is reviewing school rules and uniform policy. As the president of the Student Representative Council, you have been asked to prepare a report giving feedback from a student perspective. Write this report, including in it suggestions for improvements.


13a. Write an email to your friend, a Japanese exchange student, in which you invite him/her to accompany you to your Year 12 Formal, and give details about the event. 13b. Write a postcard to your Japanese host parents in which you tell them about a place you are visiting while on holiday. 14a. The title of your schools Japanese speech contest is the best place in the world to liveWrite your speech in which you persuade the audience that the place you have chosen is the best place. 14b. Write an article for your Japanese sister schools newsletter, in which you reflect on your experience of studying Japanese in Australia.


13a. You had planned to go away for a few days with your friends, but have now decided not to go. Write an email to them explaining way. 13b. Each Year 12 student has been asked to write a yearbook entry entitled A day in my life twenty years from now. You may start your narrative account with this expression: 14a. The embassy of Japan is seeking a young person to promote Japanese language and culture in Australia. Write a speech that you will give to the selection committee in which you explain why you would be suitable for the role. 14b. Write an article for a Japanese your magazine evaluating the concept of Schoolies Week


13a. You recently had a wonderful stay at Kagoshima Ryokan. Write a thank you email to the Manager, Mr Tanaka. 13b. Your Japanese friend wants to visit you in Australia. Write an email describing the best season to come and explain why. 14a. You are a member of the Australia Japan Friendship club. Write an article for the clubs annual report in which you evaluate TWO of the Clubs events for 2007. Choose from the Spring Picnic, Movie Night and Japan Week. 14b. Many students take a year off after the HSC before continuing their education or starting work. Write an article for a Japanese youth online forum in which you evaluate the concept of the Gap Year


13a. You are an exchange student in Japan. Write a description of your favourite teacher at your host school for the yearbook. Include the qualities you most admire about him/her. 13b. Your Japanese sister school is researching the leisure activities of young people around the world and has asked your school to contribute. Write a description of ONE leisure activity you do and the reasons you enjoy it. 14a. Write an article for your schools website in which you persuade Japanese school students that your school is a good school to visit on exchange. 14b. You plan to revisit Japan after the HSC. Write a letter to your previous host brother/sister, persuading him/her to take time off from work to travel with you in Japan.


13a. Your exchange student is catching the bus to school for the first time this morning. Write a note explaining how to behave on a Australian bus. 13b. You are attending a Japanese high school. You want to teach English to other students. Write a note for the schools noticeboard advising of your lessons. 14a. A journalist from Nihongo magazine has interviewed you about how your interest in Japanese culture has developed over the years. Write the script of the interview. 14b. You have started your own travel company specialising in tours for university students. You will give a talk at a travel expo in Tokyo. Write the script of your speech persuading students to come on your tour in Australia.


12. You are on exchange in Japan and have moved to a new host family. Write a postcard to your old host family describing the area in which you are living now. 13a. You are working part-time for a sports club that needs more members. You have been asked to give a talk to persuade Japanese students to join your club. Write the script of your talk. 13b. Teachers from Japan asked you to reflect on how you felt about your experience of high school in Australia. Write the script of your talk you present to them.


12. You are an exchange student at a Japanese high school. You have borrowed something belonging to your Japanese host brother without asking him. Send him an SMS message to explain why. 13a. You have just participated in a Japanese excursion. Write a letter of thanks to your teacher in which you reflect on your experiences. 13b. You are an exchange student in japan. You think that there should be a dance at the end of the school year. Write a letter to the principal to convince him/her to allow it.


12. You are an exchange student in japan. You had an embarrassing experience today. Write a diary entry about this experience. 13a. Your former Japanese host sister wants to take part in a Japanese reality TV show. She has contacted you for advice. Write an email to her in which you give your opinion. 13b. You are living in Japan and have a part-time job. The manager has asked staff to provide her with suggestions for improvements. Write her an email in which you persuade her to make changes.


12. You have just taken up a new hobby. Write an email to a Japanese friend about it. 13a. You are in your last year of university, studying Japanese. You want to apply for a position teaching English at Hiroshima High School. Write a letter to the principal. Mr Yamakawa, persuading him to consider you for this position. 13b. You have just spent one year on exchange at a Japanese high school in Kyoto. You wish to provide feedback about the exchange program. Write a letter to the Principal, Ms Tanaka, reflecting on the positive and negative aspects of your experienced while on exchange.