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'--v"ol 2. No. 10.

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Saturday, 9th July, 1949

Now that the seasonbas passedthe half-way mark it is time to pause and take stock of what has been accomplished. It seemsa far cry now back. to 1944,.when the.gam~ ha~ reached an all-time low with 5 clubs In Vlctona-Prahran, i Brighton, South Melbourne United, South! Yarra and the combined Moreland- Hakoah. with only the bqlstering of two Air Force teams' making a competition possible. This year we seea competition ?f ?O senior clubs, 20 reserveteams and 30-odd Jumor teams (to produce the stars of tomorrow). This has n~t been achieved without a lot of spade work-much of it behind the scenesby T' ~ seldom-thanked, but often abused gentle~t1, the club-secretary. Heavy work has fallen on the shoulders of Association officials, so that at last it has been fourid necessaryto put club men on the Victorian Soccer Council. All have more than justified their inclusion, not one having missed a Council meeting smce their election, besides sitting on various sub-committees (and in some caseshelping tol produce this much criticised ~ews sheet). Credit must be given to those devoted souls, the independent Cod'ncill.ors, who have nothing or two clubs dropping out and new ones being brought in in an effort to keep the 2nd and 3rd division programmes full), but the effort has been there. ~Ij' Looking forward, we hear rumors of new clubs for 1950 (at least three to date), so that next year further arrangements will have to be mode ~o accommodate newcomers.

It is hoped that in 1950 all third division clubs will see their way clear to run reserve teams, both for their own convenience and to accommodate those ,enth~siastswho are looking for a game,and can t quite make the first team. The time has come, in many cases,for well established teams to start putting something back into the game as well as taking something out. Junior teams are the answer to this, and those Clubs who are ~oo~ingto the futu~e w~ll find the running of JuI1,lor teams (starting In !he under 15 grade where possible) the sounde~t Investment of any _fq~ the years to come.. It. IS hoped that 1950 wlll see many moJ:e Junior teams, as there ,are alr~ady a lot of boys unable to get gameswith their present clubs. Junior coaches must be found, and it is up to Clubs to. encourage anyone anxious to take an

to gain frQm Soccer and not evena Club to fall

back on.

interest.. And those interested in teaching

It is offen. difficult for the average enthusiast to see past the next Saturday's game, but for

junior Soccer sho.uld contact clubs for assist-

Plenty of work has been done also by the\ League Management Committee, not always turning out <Luiteas well as expected (with one



'",",c ,/:';:,

, tn~ game'to go forward' it i~ necessaryto plan ahead. The men at the top are doing so! V . J . M . D. IXOft.
* * *

by Ringwood by 1 goal. South will have to be on th~ir mettle in future games, for they cannot afford to tQ lose any promotion more premiership points if they wish retain prospects. Their
game to-day' at,Middle Park against WilliamstoWfi' should result in a win for South, and may be the turning point in South's run of ill-

PROSPECTSFOR TO-DAY. Main first division game to-day is between Bradford and Park Rangers at the HenryTurner Reserve,Footscray. It will be r~men}bered that Bradford surprised when they last met Rangers on May 7, defeating them by 2-0.

fortune. * * *


p.. W . L . D . FA':" Goals' J' \

Flrsf D1vlslon. ,Brighton. Box Hill. . Moreland.. Park Rangers Prahran... Bradford, South Yarta.
Yallourn. Sunshine. West. Subs..

Rang~rs be out task, to avenge defeat,fine but will be will set a stiff. f.ot this Bradford's
Hill side to a 2 all draw was meritorious. Their prospects on their home ground, Which i.s a problem to visiting teams, look bright. Rangers although playing good football at present, are used to level ground, and will not find the Bradford field to their liking. It will not surprise if Bradford gives them a bit of a shake again. . ""1' ,
Fawkner Park may be the scene. of another ~ood game, where South Yarra wII.1 meet the Improved Moreland team. In theIr last -en-

effort last Saturday m runnmg the strong Box.

. ..

11 12 12 12 12 11 12
12 12 12

9 7 7, 6 7 5 3
3 3 2

0 2 3' 2 4 1 4 2 5 0 4 2 6 3
8 9 9

33 36 41 29 36 22 23
28 29 19

12 30 .29 17 33 19 28
40 42 46

20 16 15 14 14 12 9
7 6 5

as Moreland is on its home ground, and is a

better combination than early in the seasbn. The bottom teams, Yallourn, Sunshine Utd. and Western Suburbs will have difficult games, and unless a surprise occurs, prospects of their escapefrom dangerous relegation zone look re~ mote.' Th . . . . . e most mterestmg game. of the second dIVIsIon should be at OlympIc Park where Hakoah will meet Ringwood. &th teams are within striking distance in the fight for promotion, and are level on points in third position. ..l\.good, close, game should result. The leading team, Sandringham City, should retain its position at the expenseof Preston, but it must be remembered that Preston is a team full of surprises, and it is possible that the unexpected coula happen. Preston, sixth on the ladder, have only two victories to their credit, but they have shared the points in five other games.
South Melbourne United suffered its second

c?u~ter, .Moreland won by 2 goals to ~il. A slmuar vIctory should result to-day, partIcularly

Second Division. . S. Melbourne Hakoah ' '.. Ringwood.. University.. Preston,.. Heidelberg.. Yarraville ..

1 0 1 5 1 3

1 0 1

SC:tndnngham '. 12 11
12 9


46 19 30 22 12 17



12 12 12 12 12

8 6, 2 4 1

4 5 5 7 8

0 49

15 21 25 28 33

16 13 9


y p * Match not played. Points will be awarded later. Third Division. Juventus,'" 11 11 G.eorge Cross. 11 10 Fifers... 11 8 Northcote. 12 6 Woodlands 11 5 Y,C,W',M.. . 9 4 Metters:. 10 4 Macedo~lans .11 4
Box Hul Brighton.. . 7 11 3 2

01 m ic . ,*





17 44


0 1 3 6 5 5 6 7
4 8

0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
0 1

50 37 30 33 18 24 22 13
6 35

8 7 19 29 16 19 44 31
16 48

22 20 16 12 11 8 8 8
6 5

defeat of the seasOfi' last week when defeated

W oodlan~s A

1,2 1 11


Park Rangers 12 II Brighton, , 12 II Prahran , " 12 9 Box Hill. . 12 7 Yallourn . . 12 6 South Yarra * 11 4 Bradford. . 12 2 Sunshine. * 10 I


1 1 3 5 5 5 6 7 0 0 0 0 1 2 4 2

P. A. Pts, Goals
47 71 43 31 25 29 19 8 9 14 24 30 29 33 28 48 22 22 i8 14 13 10 8 4

First Division Reserves.

P. W.. L. D. F, A. Pts. Goals Under 15 Division.

Sth. Melb. U. Box Hill, , Preston... Sunshine U., Brighton.. Ringwood.. Northcote.. West, Subs,. II 10 11 10 11 7 12 5 12 4 12 5 II 4 12 3 1 0 1 0 3 1 5 2 5 3 6 1 5 2 5 3 56 52 27 38 24 44 34 15 9 17 22 15 14 25 22 34 20 20 15 12 11 11 10 9


12 1 10 1 13 37
18 52

Sandt:ingham , 11 1 8 2
I 10 0

9 49
5 97


West, Subs.. 11 1 10 0 x Results not notified.

Park Rangers II


10 7 14 20 30 36 28 32 39 22 20 17 16 II 10 9 7 NEXT


-'nd Division Sandringham. Hakoah . .. S. Melbourne Preston. . RiI.1gwood .. Helde.l~erg . OlympIc.. Wtown . .. Yarraville. University.. JUNIOR

Reserves. 12 II 1 11 10 1 j 1 8 2 12 8 4 12 5 6 12 5 7 12 4 7 12- 3 8 12 2 10

0 42 0 49 1 41 0 39 1 31 0 22 1 13 1 26 0 L9 0




First Division. Yallourn v, Bradford,. at Yallourn. Prahran v. BrIghton, at Como Park. Moreland v. West. Subs.. at Campbell Res. Park Rangers v. Sunshine Utd" at Middle . Park.

Box Hill v. South Yarra, at Surrey Park.



Second Division. port.

Williamstown v. Hakoah J.R.C.. at NewHeidelbergv. Sth. Melb. Utd" at JamesPk. Preston v. Olympic, at Bell. Ringwood v, University, at Bedford Park.



n er Yallourn

U d

19 D. . .

p, W. L. D. P. A. Pts, Goals

IVlslon. . 12 II i2 9
11 8 12 12 6 6
6 5


I 2

0 1

34 30

12 13

22 19

Yairaville v. Sandringham, at Kingsville. d D' . , . ~Plrst an Second IVlSlon games on opposlte grounds.)

r Hill. . ~est. Subs,. . Brighton.

1 2 3 5 3 1
6 6

19 8 29 13 20 20
10 9

18 15 131
12 10

Third Division. ' h N . P' f ers v, B n~ ~on. at atlona1 Par. k K ew.

Woodlands A v. Woop!ands. at Chelmsworth Park. ~vanh?e,

South Yarra 12 Hakoah . .. II Park Rangers 12

0 0

25 14


Under 17 Division. Sth, Melb. U. 12 12 0 Preston... 12 10 I Sunshine U:. 11 7 2

Coburg . . . Metters. .. Bradford. . Sandringham. Brighton. . Ringwood.. Park Rangers Northcote . . 12 12 11 II 12 II II 11 6 5 6 5 4 4 4 1 5 5 5 5 7 6 6 10

0 65 1 44 2 19
1 2 0 1 1 1 1 0 25 31 11 12 15 7 10 4

4 24 15 21 8 16
16 13 35 12 27 12 20 II 33 9 17 9 38 9 39.2.

Y .C.W.M. v. George C~oss, at Broad~ meadows. Juventus v. Northcote, at Royal Park. Box Hill v. Surrey Park.

Und19 D' , , er IVlslon. Yallourn v. Hakoah J..R.C.. at Yallourn. Prestonv. West. Subs., at Bell. Box Hill v. South Yarra, at Surrey Park. Under 17 Division. Brigh~on v. Preston, at Hurlingham Park. / Sandnngham v. Coburg, at Hampton. / Ringwood v. Bradford, at Bedford ParV /

P~e 4.
-c", :-



Metter~ v. Sunshine Utd., at Nth, Footscray. -

- Sunshine v. Btadford~ame

not played. not not

Northcote v. Park Rangers, at Merri Park. Under 15 Division. .' Park ~angers v. Sunshme U., at Mlddle Pk, Sandrmgham v. Sth. Melb. Utd., at Hamp~ . ton.

Ringwood' v. Park Rangers~ame played. . , Sandnngham v. Northcote--:Gome played.

WeSt;Subs,v; Brighton, at Sunshine BoiHillv. \Ringwood, at Surrey Park, N'ottncote-v::Preston, at Me~iPark.


Un der 15 ~... "IVISlon. . S~nshme d, West;~ubs., ~~ 0. Rmgw<?od drew with Bnghton, 2-2. BoxH1l1 v. Preston.,.-,-Game not played. Sandringham v. Park Rangers-Game not
1 Sth d' Melk..Vtd, v. Northcote~ame not

RESULTS OF LAST S,ATURDAY'S GAMES. First Division. ., Park Rangers drew with Bnghton, 2-2. Box Hill drew with Bradford, 2-2, West. Subs. drew :with Yallourn, 1-1. Moreland d. Prahran, 4-3.
South Yarra d. Sunshine Utd., Second Division. 5-4.

HOW THEY FARED ON MAY 7tl-. .. .. ) First DIvIsion. " -;-:' Brighton d Yallourn, 4-3. "l~.,n Prahran d. West~ Subs., 4-1.
Moreland Box Hill d. South Yarra, 2-0. d, Sunshine Utd., 6-3. .

d d S h Me1b U . d 1 0 R. mgwoo . out . mte, -. Hakoah PJ.R.C. d. Yarraville, 3-0 Prestondrew with Heidelberg,1..1. Olympic v. Williamstown- Game not played. Sandringham v. University - Game not


Bradford d. Park Rangers,2~0. ... SecondDIvIsion. , Sth. Melb. Utd. d. Williamstown, 8-2. Heidelbergd. Olympic, by default. Sandringhamd. Preston, 4-1. University d. Yarraville, 2~1.

HakoahJ.R.C. d. Ringwood,2-0.

Third Division. Northcote 3-1. Y .C.W .M. d. d;Metters, Fifers, 7-0

'Juventus d. Brighton, 5-3. George Ctoss v. Woodland' A '-Game not played. Macedonians v. Box Hill-Game not played.

. 1 .11 k 1 . esetria s Wl ta e p ace at Olympic Park

. ..

First .Dlvlslon Reserves. Bnghton d. Park Rangers, 4~1. Box Hill d. Bradford, 4-1, Prahran d. Moreland, 1-0. Second Division Reserves.
Sth M Ib Utd d R . d 1- 0 .

on Sunday, July 10, July 17 and 24. Players must report b~ 10 a.m. at ground. The followmg are selectedfot Sunday, July 10T :- l M F (B H ' ayor, c eeters ox 1 ll) .. . G00 de, Jack B~rr, Dobrich, Sinclair, McDougall (Brighto ) Gllbert, Hardman, Kennedy (Morelanu-f"'; Stoddard, Sharman (South Yarra); Wilson, Highett (Park Rangers); Ashworth, Tanish (South Melb. United); Daly (Bradford);
,Azzopardi (George",Cross); Carroll (Juven-

\, Preston d. Heidelberg, 7-2. Hakoah v. Y arraville~ame not played. 'University v. Sandringham-'-Game riot
la ed. p y . . . Under 19 DIvIsion..

. e. mgwoo, ' t own. d" 0 1" . 5-0. W1 ' ll lams lit mplC,

) D rennan (Sunshme; . ) Wh lte o (S d . . tus;' . an nn g ham) . . -::fhe State sel~ctors wish to appeal to club masseur.s fo~ their h~~p on the above ~ates, so

that Vlcto~la can ~lve our representatives t~e best attention possible. If prepared to assist us please contact me at FU 5725.

Park Rangers d. Brighton, 2~1. Yallourn d. West. Subs., 4-3. Box Hill d. Hakoah-Game not played. Under 17 Division. Sth. Melb. Utd. d. Brighton, 4-0. Metters d. Coburg, 6-3.

Latest dates given to the seleCJorsfor the Jugoslav visit is August 6th v. Australia, and August 10th v. Victoria, Mr. A; Herd, former Scottish International, has been appointed coach and will start on Sunday, 10th July. A. Kerr, Chairman Stafe Selection Committee

PagC!: 5 [~:\ It isnbtsurprising ~ very strong ~old

Instances tJ!I}

~ ~!Z'\~/1.J'

\ . '11

~h'at~cerc,has In Australta

nb.tgained whIle such

If the t~e In



mIsmanagement cb~rgeof Inform


\(1 -

"Re~~e~s ~?t in i.A~la~10~~.,p1eas~

the g:~.~e, would S,0'~~F,,~f9!lqwers

what capacIty he IS engaged, day~ and with

Good referees are

IJ:la~y plore. unjust

Letters to the Editor


deci~iqii~ :Jik~th. esethey~i.11 peq~e scarcer S d oc,c~ri~tfl~~Y~ d PragressaSLlo~g i:l:stp~sepetty

eC1S10ns arema e,






Another F"bone I have 'to pick" with the ~R"siaFi9~' is, rhei~ ,,1q,k;9;f, B:~pl!c~ty., Why ~ant'7a;f shla1f'btock advett1s-emeilt B,e put in the "Herald" entertainment page ,publi~i9ing the mai~ ga~e?;f the day tq bep.1ayed at OlympIc Park? These ~ames should also be arranged half-seasonaLly Instead of ensuring that the bes( games are played there. In conclusion, I wo~ld like to compliment "Soccer News" on the grand job it is doing for Soccer and also to express the hope that my "growls" will be accepted as constructive criti~ cism. Donald J~ C. Sutherland, St. Kilda.

, , The.apathy which Austra:lia,nSoccer leaders ,-we d~splayed ,towards Engltsh ~ools Pro~ moters IS something 1. find very hard to understand. If full ,o-operatibn had been given, Soccer would have s(obd to gain tre~endously while it had nothing to lose. Pools "made" Soccer in England and yet we find the organis~ ing bodies of 'Queensland and N.S. W. altering their fixtu\ ts with what seem~deliberate intent ~to di$;rupt E~gIish PooJs. It ~s dis~eartening

'. 1 to grasp this f golden enough

to feelthatS~cer had no eXecut1~s w1de~awake

opportunity. ,c It is
now, emerge



mat he S of

l1 'k e f th

th e 1 b

P af1( I th

R angers~
and other

a bIt ate t? hope. or better:-eo-operat10n but I am11still hoping that d someone may ' '



. 0 WI

recogruse a goo now





l will turn the to another subject on which "Soccer News," July 2, con.. statement that the match between

certainly of high standard, and will do much to foster and make soccer better known in Australia. Play ca~ be irt1proved through succ~ss~ril in gaining new talent, countnes. "Soccer Follower," clubs being from other Hampton.




e cu s

IS season are

J feel strongly.

Hakoah and Sth. Melbourne Reserves, played on June had cancelled and be rep1 aye d at11, a 1a t er dbeen at e, Th e reason f or twill h e can( ~ 1,lation was presumably Sth. Melb. allegedly due "'t~ a gbal awarded been'k1cked by a spec-

"","",""""""","""",","""","""""""""""",.""""",,,,,,,.,,,,,"""""'"" -

W a rr agul *

tator. I will riot argue as to whether this did actually happen because my view was impeded, but I was of t~e opinion that the ball bounced off the post Into the goal and not off the ~pectator. Howev~r, the, ~rinciple, of the thing 1S that the Referee s decIsIon, whIch I had al,. ways undersood to be final on the field, ha~ been overruled by the V.S.F,A.'s committee which was not represented at the match. Referee Mason firmly adhered to his d.e~ision, after the game, that the goal was leg1hmate, yet the As~ociation cancel t~e game on' a pr,o~ test by Hakoah, who, on the field, had d1Splayed perfect sportsmanship. Inci?entally, the, goal was not, as stated by Hakoah In the, "Soccer News;" 'the deciding, goal but was the equaliser, I






Boots Mad~ Price to Order.

Phone: Warragul 469,

MOV SPE BA Ther have bee two pro cas rec wher spec hav defl the bal into goal and a goat has bee allo This migh hap in Pa Rang v. Brig gam at Mid las S\itu in spite of the bein sto to clear peop awa from goa pos A refer task is diffi eno wit havin to-ke an eye on spe I com men Mr. Hea (Su Hill sug of ropin off area arou the goa Clu offici shou help line too With rega to Met F.C rep on the gam agai Y.C and crit of refer I sugg that suc be sen to and deal with by the roug play and pro comm and not be pub in the "So New The Refe Ass me have no inten of argu with Clu or offici on their dec The are onl answ to the app aut ,5.. Tho Iva BAD GRO CO In spite of tran diffi Ha team and quite a few regu sup we out to Yarr The gam was ham by K E P bad grou cond Hak J.R sco t~ first goal in fiftee mi~ whe Ma Ko stein scor in.fro o~ th~ Yar goa Th I T youn goa dId valu wo and s.ave his tean num goa Abo a min befo half tIme F. Wer sco Ha s N seco goal The third cam from an f<?r both team Hak J.R def Ya B ville 3~0 Hako Res wer read to pla at Park but Yarr Res did not app O V After to-da gam at Oly Par ins right Max Kop will be mar We wo like to wish Max and his brid all the ver bes "' S A V E M 0 R A V E M 0 R E for a succ futu


Club Jottings.


unexpected kick by ~entre. half

about 30 yards, whII=hlanded rIght under the Yarraville crossbar. . Hakoah.was unlucky not to score ~ore.goals, but the slIppery clay ground made It dIfficult

~, Lester






In the event of Clubs cancelling matches and The game pl:ayed3ct St,

Northcote, in a win

pot trav~lllng or,:failing Clubs wIll forfeIt th~

~o field a team, the~ ~omts for the fixture.

between George's

Mett~r&~, Rd",;resulted,

All Clubs must notIfy, the Asst. Secretary ,wh~n matches are c~ncJll~d m order tha.t he ~ay advIse t~ referee. AllhQme clubs WhICh faued to do thIS for matches on July 2 must send referee's fees to Mr. E. H. Low, 4 Backham St.,

fQt Northco~~ by 3 goals to 1., OWIng .to the transport strll~e.. Metters tqok the fi~ld WIt? 1~ men (Johnson, C..F., and JoQes, L:H...dldn t turn up). Metters opened th~ scormgafter a breakaway.. D"Howells sent in a hard driving shot







tbe "'gre~sy ball." Notthcot~ ~ost.maQyop,p.orscore through their forwa1;ds Players on both sides found the ball on the wet and faumg it. hard muddy contrQI





EMBARASStNG Sandringha':!:1 ,,"-1 Saturday. ~econd tures :second were at odd on I The was Owing

SITUATION. rocked to ~o it~ .f;9~ndations s fir~t and

tunities to to ~hQot. to


ground. Metters, with the one goal Northcote forward line fighting time. In' the second half, L YOft Northcote he deflected their first goal when, the ball through his lead, kept the up till half (Metters) gave. trying to own goal. clear, Anhis t,he

teams nQt be~ng a~le to meet ~heir fiX;(tr4nsport diff\c~l~les), Sandnngham S team played t~et first team. Botl? teams full st~ength-the favouptes. '-~ " first team bemg the

matchwas play~dat a furlo~s pacefrom

and the semors scored F?r the next l?- minutes m the ~he first first team

other quick goal

sent in a beautiful knees) ,giving the

to Noithcote

when Dwyer

;the start ffi;inute.

"header" (while on goalie no ch~nce. With

did as they pleased, bqt the RIs~rves defe~ce kept them at bay. Just on half time, Leydon scored for the Reserves with a terrific shot. and in After the position "Lemon Reserves and time," the were giving keeping the pace the ball was first kept up a lesson ~oy

pressure on, Metters packed their goal-a mlStake which cost them another goal. Northcote were lucky on the day--"had Metters a full team Northcote in arrears. 'Report wou1dhave on the Under been 17 about game Vale: got an. old 4 or between 5 goals Met-


B,ennett (Res~rve Cen~re hIS forw,ard lme~obl~e was havmg through to - -,d The first players

Forward) and the

,w~s keepmg FIrst s defence

ters and Coburg, scored Metters' 3. The ground

at Pascoe "mud-larks" was like

Of the 9 goals 6 and Coburg disused mill

a torrId t~me. Roy Benn~~t score, puttmg the Reserves m team went

raced front. ' threw, the~selv,es mto t h e f ray over hke mnepm~. Spect~tors by Sl~Pal~ost 1mwmners 2

nd po. pliying Coburg

M etters showed g ood football sense by the ball into the, m1;1_d, where ,the d~fenders couldn't kick It. .Every tIme clear the ball where Metters' possession and heavier, ~rom kmdly Coburg ,. Mette~s put travelled forward shot. team Soccer ~nd
m treated to some good goalkeepmg son (Reserves), who saved some possible shots. Reserves r~n out goals to I-amid much excItement. a good (ff the "Pop" refer~eing; classical. Finney g~ve hs handlmg

they tried to short distance, half-backs got time, the taller, thanks who a shock. " Special Mr. Shaw,

,only a lme and The .fi~st got quIte' to to


exh~bition, of off sIdes bemg

C~ub ,tIme

hIS car





getting our juniors the match against

to the Coburg.



Reserves they do It is when fault.'


, BradfQrd .and ~unshlI1;~

they the wul rules b~ fined If laid down, tables de-


!o+ :..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:t(..:..:..:..: .:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:. ,


a~e warned not comply

th:at w1th

impossible to keep the above-named By

correct L~ague clubs persIstently of the

SATURDAY Order Council.

(Rea~ of Grand


After enjoying players; recently

" a bad term with injuries, Ringwood ist the happy p~ospect of having alt. fit. This includes ~he three p~ayers' married: Harry Aldha~ and Norm;

The "match of the year" at Middle Park, turned out to be just that in every sense. Park Rangers took charge of the game, checking every move by Brighton to "get cracking," a?d sho~~d a1!;presc:ht hpw to defeat the "thIrd back ~ame. .It was not quite so easy. however. After ten minutes' play the ball was driven down to Forrest. who;~ith an amazing burst of speed made for the goal.. Just as everyone. e.xpected him to shoot, he flIcked the ball to 91lhs, who ~eat Jack to the ball and m~de no mlstak~, putRangers one up. ThIS spurred Bnght , on and some of the best Soccer seen for years' resulted in McDougall equalising for Brighton. Then Rangers came again and with lightning moves had Brghton's defence in anything but a comfortable state. . F ad . b Id b ' d h. orrest mea 0 I W ICh came 0 ff ,an d with all ~is migh~ drove hard to put R~n~ers on top wIth 40 mInutes played. Two mInutes before half time Forrest sent over a perfect corner kick, for Gillis. to head in grazi~g the top of the bar: Half tIme: Rangers 1, Brighton 1. , . , BnghtoJ! apP';trently, bene.fited f~om theIr breather and got Into theIr stude straIght away, putting great strain on Rangers' defence (bt,1t th,ey held out, all attempts to score), , Ten mInutes from tIme, McDougall evened the score . " fi . h d d k agaIn. Rangers were not nlS e an ept . . peggIng away WIt h out resu 1 t an d t h e game ended Rangers 2, Bri~hton ~,' fitting finish

Carroll are back In the fray and JImmy Nurdon; is straining at thet-eash. Congratulations to al~, three.. Working bees ~ve t8e shower.baths;~~a,~ly;; completed at Bedford Park. The fortnightly dances in the Ringwood Town Hall a~e p~bving: a great success under the able organISatIon of out Social Secretary, N. Mackie. ,tlng . , , ,South Melbourne UnIted were the VIsItors to Rmgwo?d last Saturday. After a hard, ~ut very enjoyable. game, Rmgwood emerged WInners, and thus honours are even between the Clubs.

~i~~wood appre~iate the Sou,th Melboum'~ officIal s congratulatIons to the RIngwood players after the game-a very fine gesture. . Our Reserves dropped the points at Middll Park but enjoyed the game. The Under 15 and 1'l teat:ns are steadi1y, moulding into"good .com,bin';ttions and will b~ a force to be reckoned wIth m the near future'; Ringwood 3nd Brighton Under 15 teani~' played a 2~k draw on Saturday. 0 ur U nd er 17 b oys were mos t d lsappom " t d e

t th

Club s ac~lvltles ~se~tended to new a~d !

e avsence 0 f th e Par k Rangers ' t earn. , . . . , , , A, cord!a.l .lnYltatlon to partlclpat~ In



to the "b~st game thIS year,

wIth honours ..~

. . ~ . . ~,~. ..

to th~se mte~est~d I? Soccer football hvIng In" the RIngwood ~~S~lct. Co?;ta<:t th~ Secretary,: ~r. Fred Lee, P~nearrow , W ant~rna Ro';td, , RIng~?od, who w1l1 be pleased to gIve any 1~form~tlon and arra!1ge for a welcome to thIS growIng Club. ;',

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.".".".".".".".".".":0+'."."."."."..' PROS, High-class


PAPALEO Ladies' and Tailor.


Petterson, Forrest, Guy and Gillis for Rangl J' and McDougall, Dobric for Brighton. Th~ curtain raiser between the Under 19' s proyided a good sa~ie of our fu.ture seniors. MuIrhead scored ft;:~ a penalty Just on half time. Rangers increased their lead to twv, but Brighton lessened the gap before time. Park R 2 B . h 1 Th L d. , C ' angers, ng ton. e ales omml- t tee have everything in hand for the annual Fancy Dress Dance on Saturday, July 23, at Christ Church Hall, Acland St., St. Kilda. "ff"""""""""" "'"""'""""'"""" """"'""""""..", """""""""""""""'

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