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(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore An I!" #$$%&'$$( Certified Instit)tion

DEPARTMENT OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY Placement t a!n!n" cell Te#t $% T!me& 45 m!n#

PART +A %* A train r)nning at the speed of +$ ,m-hr crosses a pole in # seconds* .hat is the length of the train/ a * %'$ meters b * %($ meters c 0'1 meters d %2$ meters '* A train %%$ meters long is r)nning with a speed of +$ ,mph* In what time will it pass a man who is r)nning at + ,mph in the direction opposite to that in which the train is going/ a 2 sec b + sec c 3 sec d %$ sec 0* If + men and ( boys can do a piece of wor, in %$ days while '+ men and 1( boys can do the same in ' days, the time ta,en by %2 men and '$ boys in doing the same type of wor, will be& a 1days b 1days c 1days d 1days 1* A grocer has a sale of 4s* +102, 4s* +#'3, 4s* +(22, 4s* 3'0$ and 4s* +2+' for 2 consec)tive months* 5ow m)ch sale m)st he have in the si6th month so that he gets an average sale of 4s* +2$$/ a * 4s* 1##% b 4s* 2##% c 4s* +$$% d 4s* +##% 2* The average weight of ( person7s increases by '*2 ,g when a new person comes in place of one of them weighing +2 ,g* .hat might be the weight of the new person/ a 3+ ,g b 3+*2 ,g c (2 ,g d* Data inade8)ate e* None of these +* A can finish a wor, in %( days and 9 can do the same wor, in %2 days* 9 wor,ed for %$ days and left the :ob* In how many days, A alone can finish the remaining wor,/ a 2 b 2; c + d ( 3* The c)be root of *$$$'%+ is& a *+ b *$+ c 33 (* The least perfect s8)are, which is divisible by each of '%, 0+ and ++ is& a '%0111 b '%1011 c '%1101 d '0%111 #* If 0<2 = <%'2 > %3*((, then what will be the val)e of <($ = +<2/ a %0*1% b '$*1+ c '%*++ d ''*02 %$* The average monthly income of ? and @ is 4s* 2$2$* The average monthly income of @ and 4 is 4s* +'2$ and the average monthly income of ? and 4 is 4s* 2'$$* The monthly income of ? is& a 02$$ b 1$$$ c 1$2$ d 2$$$ %%* A ta,es twice as m)ch time as 9 or thrice as m)ch time as C to finish a piece of wor,* .or,ing together, they can finish the wor, in ' days* 9 can do the wor, alone in& a 1 days b* + days c* ( days d* %' days %'* A and 9 can complete a wor, in %2 days and %$ days respectively* They started doing the wor, together b)t after ' days 9 had to leave and A alone completed the remaining wor,* The whole wor, was completed in & a* ( days b* %$ days c* %' days d* %2 days %0* A wor,s twice as fast as 9* If 9 can complete a wor, in %' days independently, the n)mber of days in which A and 9 can together finish the wor, in& a* 1 days b* + days c* ( days d* %( days %1* The s)m of ages of 2 children born at the intervals of 0 years each is 2$ years* .hat is the age of the yo)ngest child/ a* 1 years b* ( years c* %$ years d* None of these %2* A is two years older than 9 who is twice as old as C* If the total of the ages of A, 9 and C be '3, the how old is 9/ a* 3 b* ( c* # d* %$ %+* A grocer has a sale of 4s* +102, 4s* +#'3, 4s* +(22, 4s* 3'0$ and 4s* +2+' for 2 consec)tive months* 5ow m)ch sale m)st he have in the si6th month so that he gets an average sale of 4s* +2$$/

Ma '#& 4(

Date& %)$(*$%(1%

a* 4s* 1##% b* 4s* 2##% c* 4s* +$$% d* 4s* +##% %3* The average weight of A, 9 and C is 12 ,g* If the average weight of A and 9 be 1$ ,g and that of 9 and C be 10 ,g, then the weight of 9 is& a* %3 ,g b* '$ ,g c* '+ ,g d* 0% ,g %(* .hich one of the following is not a prime n)mber/ a* 0% b* +% c* 3% d* #% %#* .hat least n)mber m)st be added to %$2+, so that the s)m is completely divisible by '0/ a* ' b* 0 c* %( d* '% E* None of these '$* 5ow many of the following n)mbers are divisible by %0'/ '+1, 0#+, 1+', 3#', #+(, '%3(, 2%(1, +00+ a* 1 b* 2 c* + d* 3 Pa t ,& '%* The 9)y plan consists of details s)ch as&A a Co)ntry of delivery b Babric cons)mption c !tyle description d Costing ''* ?rod)ction ?rogress Chart is re8)ired to monitor&A a Car,et growth b C)tting progress c "nAtime performance d Canpower '0* The ?rod)ction trac,ing tool for the 9)yer is&A a ??4D b .I? c A9C analysis d Cachine to manpower ratio* '1* Cerchandiser m)st initially concentrate on&A a ?rod)ction b !amples c Costing d Cachineries '2* !ample ma,ing process needs to be coAcoordinated with&A a !)pervisor b !ample in charge c 9)ying ho)se d "perator '+* Inspection is carried o)t to a Improve the ?rod)ction b Improve the @)ality c Chec, the @)ality d Dnow the ?rod)ction '3* D)ring the Earment ?rocessing 9ottlenec, leads in a !hort !hipment b Defective Earments c Tight Earment d Costlier Earment '(* Among the following which is not a @)ality control form a !pecification !heet b 9)ndle tic,et c ?ay roll form d C)tting tic,et '#* Fine balancing means a Arrangement of Earment b Arrangement of Cachine c Arrangement of Canpower d Arrangement of 4aw material 0$* GGGGGGGGGGGGG is creating a partic)lar prod)ct for a specified b)yer* a !ched)ling b Fayo)t c ?rod)ct development d ?rod)ction planning 0%* The goal of inspection is to a detect a bad process immediately b add val)e to a prod)ct or service c correct deficiencies in prod)cts d correct system deficiencies 0'* Name the weave employed in Dha,i dress/ a ?lain b !atin c Twill d 9as,et weave 00* .hich type of weave prod)ces l)stro)s s)rface/ a Twill b !atin c Hac8)ard d ?ile weave 01* .hich type of weave prod)ces lacy effect/ a Ha8)ard b Feno c ?ile d 5oney comb 02* Cost intricate and elaborate design is woven in a Card)roy b Ielvetten c Ha8)ard d ?ile weave 0+* In straight draft GGGGGGGGGGGGG> GGGGGGGGGGGGG a Design > draft b Draft > peg plan c ?eg plan > Denting plan d None of the above* 03* The plain .eave is vario)sly ,nown as GGGGGGGGGGGG a Crepe b Erecians c cretonne d Calico 0(* Te6t)re is related to GGGGGGGGGGGGGG a Co)nt of yarn b 4elative density of threads c 9oth (a J (b d None of these

0#* .hat are the two theories of colo)r mi6ing/ a Fight theory b pigment theory c both (a and (b d none of these 1$* The pigment theory of colo)r is based on GGGGGGGGG a Fight theory b 9rewster theory c both (a and (b d None of these 1%* .hich threads does not affect the strength and d)rability of the cloth/ a .added threads b e6tra threads c both a and b d none of these 1'* DesiKing of a grey cotton fabric having starch based siKe cannot be done )sing a Amylase enKyme b dil)te 5CF c 5ydrogen pero6ide d DCD5EU 10* A wool-acrylic blended fabric can be dyed to solid shade )sing a combination of a Direct and acid dyes b Iat and acid dyes c Acid and acid dyes d Direct and reactive dyes 11* The following dye will be s)itable for s)blimation transfer printing of polyester a 4eactive dyes b Iat dyes c Acid dyes d Disperse dyes 12* The merceriKation of cotton fibers res)lts in a Improved strength b Increase affinity c Increased bending rigidity d Improved l)stre 1+* The highest rate of prod)ction in printing is obtained on a Blat bed printing b 9loc, c Digital printing d 4otary screen printing 13* !ingleAend siKing involve a !iKing of yarn sheet drawn from one beam only b !iKing of only one yarn at a time c !iKing of a yarn sheet with very low yarn density d !iKing with very low concentration of li8)or 1(* If the warp cover factor is '' and the weft cover factor is %+ then the cloth cover factor is a '0*'1 b '1*1% c '2*10 d '+*%3 1#* .hich of the following is leaf fibre a 4amie b* 9anana c* Bla6 d* !isal 2$* I!" recommended international test conditions are a* '$LC ,+2M b* '%LC ,+2M c* '2LC, +2M d* '3LC, +2M 2%* Density of cotton fibre is appro6imately a* %*2' denier b* %*2' g-te6 c* %*2' ,g-m0 d* %*2' g-cm0 2'* In a flat bed ,nitting machine, the loop length is controlled by a* 4aising cam b* !titch cam c* Clearing cam d* E)ard cam 20* The power re8)ired for pic,ing in a sh)ttle loom depends on a* .eave of the fabric b* N)mber of heald shaft c* 4eed width d* N)mber of pic,ing cams 21* ")t of the following, the one which is N"T a s)rfactant is a* 4ed)cing agent b* .etting agent c* Detergent d* Dispersing agent 22* The machine )sed for contin)o)s processing of fabric is a* .inchb* Dier c* HA9o6 d* Higger 2+* An e6ample of a coag)lant )sed in te6tile effl)ent treatment is a* Activated carbon b*Berro)s s)lphate c* 5ydrogen pero6ide d* !odi)m chloride 23* The nep setting on an evenness tester which will give the highest nep co)nt is a* =1$$ M b* ='($ M c* ='$$ M d* =%1$ M 2(* The property of fabric which infl)ences drape the most is a* Tensile b* Compressional c* !hear d* !)rface 2#* The coarsest yarn amongst the following is a* %$$ Ne b* 2$ denier c* 2$ dte6 d* '$$ Nm +$* The val)e of sley eccentricity is a* $*'2 b* $*2$ c* %*$ d* 1*$ +%* .hat are bicomponent yarns/ a* Two different yarns plied together b* Narns consisting of two different nat)ral fibres c* Narns consisting of fibres of two different colo)rs d* Narns consisting of fibres made from two polymers e6tr)ded sim)ltaneo)sly +'* Colo)r design on both sides of the fabric* .hat is the most s)itable colo)ration techni8)e to prod)ce the striped design/ a* Transfer printing b* Digital printing c* ?iece dyeing d* Narn dyeing

+0* .hich of the following te6tile f)rnishings most re8)ires a fire retardant finish/ a* Cotton towelling bath mat b* Cotton velveteen theatre c)rtains c* .ool twill weave infants blan,et d* .ool plain weave )pholstered resta)rant chairs +1* 4e8)ired for cleaning cloths for the home* .hich fabric str)ct)re is most appropriate for this endA)se/ a* .oven pile b* Dnitted pile c* NonAwoven washable web d*Thermally bonded nonAwoven +2* 5and embroidery wo)ld be a s)itable method of fabric decoration for which of the following endA)ses/ a* 9each towels, tents and c)shions b* C)shions, christening gowns and wall hangings c* Bashion articles, corporate wear and wall hangings d* 5and towels, school )niforms and highAend fashion ++* The impact of innovations and technological advances in machinery on garment man)fact)re has res)lted in which of the following/ a* Tariff protection b* Consistent 8)ality c* Increased wastage d* 4ed)ced cons)mer choice +3* .hy wo)ld a te6tile garment man)fact)rer introd)ce a comp)terAlin,ed sewing machine into its prod)ction operation/ a* To improve garment constr)ction and save time b* To improve garment constr)ction and distrib)tion channels c* To improve fabric performance and save time d* To improve fabric performance and distrib)tion channels +(* In response to changing cons)mer demands for improved s)n protection, what feat)res sho)ld fashion designers incl)de in their designs/ a* 9ody coverage and absorbency b* FightAresistant fabric and body coverage c* Ultra ?rotection Bactor rated fabric and d)rability d* Ultra ?rotection Bactor rated fabric and body coverage +#* A tAshirt with a designer logo displayed on it is an e6ample of which aspect of mar,eting/ a* ?rod)ct planning b* ?romotion strategy c* ?rod)ct specification d* ?lace and distrib)tion channels 3$* .hat is the most s)itable fibre, yarn, and fabric str)ct)re for sports soc,s/ a* Nylon, filament, singleA,nit b* 4ayon, staple yarn, and tricot ,nit c* ?olyester, filament, do)bleA,nit d* Cotton, staple yarn, circ)lar ,nit 3%* .hich of the following is an essential te6tile finish )sed in the prod)ction of theatre stage c)rtains/ a* BireAretardance b* Cercerisation c* !anforisation d* !oil resistance 3'* .hich of the following have the greatest infl)ence on the creative wor, of cost)me designers/ a* Technology and globaliKation b* !elfAe6pression and poll)tion c* Climate change and globaliKation d* 4eso)rces available and selfAe6pression 30* .hich fibre is most s)itable for childrenOs clothing d)e to its high absorbency and comfort properties/ a* Nylon b* Cotton c* ?olyester d* Cicrofibre 31* .hich property ma,es cotton s)itable for printing/ a* Crystalline str)ct)re b* Dimensional stability c* 5ydrophilic nat)re d* hydrophobic nat)re 32* .hich of the following apparel items re8)ires properties of high absorbency, light weight and e6cellent strength/ a* 9)siness s)it b* Bootball :ersey c* !leepwear d* !wimwear

3+* The f)nction of compactor in finishing process a .idth control b Dimensional stability c 9oth a J b d crease removal 33* Indigo is a a* Direct dye b*9asic dye c*Iat dye d*!ol)biliKed vat dye
3(* I!"#$$$ see,s standardiKation in terms of a* ?rod)cts b* ?rod)ction proced)res c*s)ppliers7 specifications d* ?roced)res to manage 8)ality 3#* .hich of the following is tr)e abo)t I!" %1$$$ certification/ a* It is a prere8)isite for I!" #$$$ certification b* It indicates a higher level of adherence to standards than I!" #$$$ c* It is only so)ght by companies e6porting their goods d* It deals with environmental management ($* DaiKenP is a Hapanese term meaning a* A foolproof mechanism b* H)stAinAtime (HIT c* A fishbone diagram d* !etting standards e* Contin)o)s improvement