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Before the Honble Minister for Revenue and Rehabilitation Civil Secretariat Jammu Subject:- Application see in!

restoration of the personal land of the applicant and other share holders measurin! "# ls$ And %% mls$ &ollo'in! under (h$ )os$ *"-*+ #,,-*. and #,+-,* of villa!e (otha/ 0ehsil Bishnah 'hich has been brou!ht under Basti of refu!ees %1.# of Chhamb area$ May it please your honour. The applicant most respectfully submits as under:1. That the applicant is residents of village Kadwal at present Village Deoli Tehsil ishnah and was holding !" #anal and 11 marlas of cultiviable land in ownership rights in village Kothay- a border village along with other share holders under Khasara $os. %!&%'&"(()%*& "(')(%. The status of the applicant and other share holders stands reflected in the revenue record against that land in the following manner +,amu and -yan .hand /ons of -angu Megh ,)o Kadwal in e0ual shares1. 2or ready reference copy of Khasra -irdawri for crop 13*3 to Kharief (41! and copy of 5amabandi for the year Kharief 13"%),abi 13"6 and 7#s /ha8ra#hasra is also enclosed. (. That this land had always remained in self cultivating possession of -angu 9-rand father: of the applicant in earlier time and after his death the land got devolved on his son;s -ian .hand 92ather of the applicant: and ,amu. They also went on managing this land personally. oth /h. -yan .hand and ,amu has also e<pired and the applicant and other legal heirs are owners of the said land. !. That village Kothay being a border village& the parents of the applicants and other villagers have to leave there old village in 13'%

during war li#e situation and they got temporarily settled in village Deoli Tehsil isnah after ma#ing private arrangements. '. That on the other hand& land of this family following in village Kothay has been by the state govt.& in their absence to the refugees of .hamb area as ,efugee asti in the year 13*3 without ac0uiring it properly or otherwise ma#ing payment of compensation there of to the owners. =ven no rent or rental compensation has been paid to the family till this time from the date of occupation as such. ". That it is clear from the submission made here in above that:9i: !" #anals and 11 marlas of private land of the owners following in village Kothay has been used by the government on there own without any consent of the owner as asti for refugees of .hamb area of 13*". 9ii: That land has not been ac0uired under due process of law and no compensation are any reasonable amount thereof& has been paid to the owners. $or even suitable alternate state land has been provided to them in lieu thereof despite lapse of huge period of time. 9iii: 9iv: 9v: The owners have been suffering heavy financial losses each year for not using there land for beneficial purpose. =ven rent or rental compensation has not been paid to the family against this land from the date of occupation. /ituation in the border villages have now become much normal and the owners would li#e to bring there personal land under proper use if possession of the same is restored to them.


>f it may not be feasible for the govt. to restore possession of private land to the owners they may humbly be given in providing suitable state or other land in there control of the same value and status in e<change of the personal land or in the alternative the govt. may #indly ac0uire this land under law properly on payment of reasonable amount of compensation and other dislocation charges. >t is humbly prayed that in view of the submissions made

here in above your honour may be pleased to come to the rescue of the poor schedule caste families and grant 8ustice to them in the matter of allotment of alternate suitable land to them with other benefits or ac0uire the same under law and also grant them rental compensation from the date of possession of this land from 13*3 till date. ?ours faithfully& Romesh Chander 2 3thers 0hrou!h Bal'ant Raj S-o Sh$ 4ian Chand R-o 5eoli 0ehsil Bishnah 5istrict Jammu