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From the Indian Ocean

Malindi Sole

All Meals are Accompanied by your Choice of Side. Please Ask your Waiter for Details Pan-fried in a Brown Butter with Capers, Lemon and Parsley

Our Saucy Prawns

1,700 1,850 1,890 1,895 1,690 1,590 1,890 1,850 Masala Prawns

PanFried Buttered Prawns

Fragranced with Fresh Basil, Flavoured with Chilli and Finished with a Spalch of Pernod & Cream Family Recipe of Queen Prawns in a Traditional Rich Gujarati Masala, Served with Fresh Puris

1,950 1,950 1,950

Seafood Paella Stuffed Squid

A Classic Paella with Seared Calamari, Snapper, Octopus and Prawns in Fragrant Safron Infused Rice Finished with Our Giant Stuffed Clams Delicately Chargrilled Baby Calamari Stuffed with Shredded Crab and Seasoned with a Touch of Smoked Chilli and Fresh Lime

Sevens Indulgent Garlic Prawns

A Nest of Queen Prawns on a Tower of House Fries, Drenched in a Garlic and White Wine Cream

Sevens Crab Pots

Masala Crab Ginger Crab

Sevens Whole Catch of the Day Concertina of Calamari Smokey Octopus

A Selection of our Finest Indian Ocean Crab Served Complete with its own Mallet Traditional Gujarati Crab Masala Recipe- simply to die for- Served with Fresh Puris Fresh Indian Ocean Crab Drizzled with our Signature Buttery Ginger and Scallion Dressing

Your Choice of Whole Fish from Our Daily Selection, Slow Grilled Over Lava Stones with a Lemon and Sage Basting, Roasted Black Pepper and a Touch of Paprika. Served in Sevens Signature Style Our Signature Calamari Steak Grilled in a Zesty Basting of Chilli, Paprika and Basil Flash-fried in a Smokey Paprika Pesto with White Wine, Capers, Basil and Olives and Drizzled with Garlic Oil

1,850 1,850

Seafood Lasagna Sevens Fish Kiev

Sevens Hot Stone Grills

Sashimi Grade Tuna
In a Wasabi Soy Marinade

An Open Lasagna of Prawns, Calamari, Cod & Octopus in a Rich White Wine & Parmesan Cream Finished with a Garlic & Parlsey Butter Perfectly Crumbed Fillet of Our Catch of the Day, Stuffed with Prawns and Served with a Rich Garlic Butter

Enjoy an Interactive Culinary Experience and Cook at Your Table. Choose from:

1,895 1,795

Aged Top Sirloin

In a Dijon & Shallot Marinade with Garlic

Sevens Signature Shellfish Menu

A Mouth-watering Array of the Finest Indian Ocean Shellfish Available. All our Shellfish are Simply Butterflied and Grilled Shell Side Down with your Choice of Basting: Signature Smokey Paprika & Lemon Butter or Sevens Roasted Garlic & Fresh Coriander Butter

From the Grill

All our Beef is Corn and Lucern Fed, 18 Month Old Simental/Boran Steer, Reared on Morendat and Aged 21 days. Accompanied by your Choice of Side. Please Ask your Waiter for Details

Fillet Mignon 1,800 Market Price

250g Prime Fillet Steak with a Stilton B utter & Port-Berry Jus
A 200g Sirloin, Seasoned and Chargrilled


Grilled Prawn Skewers Tiger Giant Prawns

Delicious prawn kebabs with your choice of basting. True Giants- Succulent & Huge. 3 per portion or can be sold by the piece.

New York Sirloin 1,600

(Please ask your waiter) Priced per 100g @ 750 Priced per 100g @ 780

Prime Rib-eye 1,995

A 250g off-bone Rib-eye, beautifully marbled, Seasoned and Chargrilled

Spiny Lobster

Commonly known as Indian Ocean Lobster. Sweet, Succulent and Tender

Lobster Thermidore

Center Cut Pave rump 1,995

250g of lean rump, full of flavour and wonderfully tender, Seasoned and Chargrilled

Classically Prepared Fresh Indian Ocean Spiny Lobster Deliciously Finished with Gratinated Parmesan

Tommahawk Steak

450g of Deliciously Marbled Bone in Rib Eye with the full Rib

3,200 1,600

To Share

Serves Two People and come with your Choice of Two Side Dishes

Seven Ocean Platter

The Ultimate Combination of Slipper and Spiny Lobster, Catch of the Day, Grilled Calamari, Tender Octopus and Smokey Prawn Kebabs, Sardines.


Free range Chicken Breast carefully stuffed with our roasted Garlic Butter, fragranced with a touch of fresh Basil.

Classic Chicken Kiev

Sevens Steak Sauces @ 150

Crushed Black Pepper, Dijonaise, Wild Mushroom, Bernaise 1,050 1,050 1,050

From the Garden

Open Ravioli
Open ravioli filled with a Combination of Roasted Butternut and Creamed Ricotta Spinach. Served with a Rich Parmesan Cream With a Light Drizzling of Truffle Oil and Finished with Parmesan Shavings Roulade of Woven Ricotta & Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes Accompanied by Grilled Ribbon Zucchini Soaked in Sauce Napolitana.

Extra Sides @ 200

House Fries | Grilled Polenta | Chunky Chips | Mediterranean Rice | Onion Rings Roasted Garlic Mash | Kasava Chips | Fresh Vegetables |Grilled Asparagus |Corn on the Cob

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Sun-dried Tomato & Spinach Roulade