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8 Reasons Why Special-Lite® Entrances

are the More Sustainable Choice
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8 Reasons Why Special-Lite Entrances

are the More Sustainable Choice:

1 GREENGUARD Certification ensures better indoor air quality.

Special-Lite’s products were the first exterior entrance products to earn
GREENGUARD Certification, including the stringent Children & Schools Standard.
The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) criteria are the toughest in the
industry, involving tests for formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs),
phthalates and hundreds of other pollutant emissions using scientific environmental
chamber protocols. GREENGUARD Certification is your independent assurance
that no aspect of the materials we use or our method of construction will
compromise indoor air quality (IAQ).

Air Quality Sciences chamber testing

verifies that Special-Lite products meet
GREENGUARD Certification criteria.

2 Modern materials and durable

construction prolong service life.
Special-Lite doors are specially engineered and
manufactured to provide the longest possible service
life, even in the most abusive locations. Corrosion-
resistant materials and durable finishes ensure lasting
beauty with minimal maintenance, and deliver the
lowest lifecycle cost.
To prove their durability, we were the first to test our
FRP doors to the ANSI A250.4 standard to 25 million
open and close cycles, as well as to the NWWDA
T.M. 7-90 cycle-slam test through 5 million cycles.
In both cases, our SL-17 doors were still performing
beautifully and ready for more at the conclusion of
the testing. That’s why we confidently offer a limited
lifetime warranty on our flush doors, and a 10-year,
100% parts and labor warranty on all our other
entrance products.


is a registered certification mark used under license through
the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. To view our
GREENGUARD certificate online, visit
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3 Lightweight doors extend the life of the entire entrance system.

Our design philosophy is unique in the industry. Contrary to conventional wisdom,
we make our heavy-duty doors lightweight and flexible, because less door mass
means less wear and tear on hardware and framing components, and flexibility
provides resiliency. This makes the entire entrance system last longer, which
conserves material, energy, and economic resources. And since our doors
weigh about half as much as hollow metal doors, less energy is required to
transport our doors to the job site as well.

chamber testing
4 Durable finishes reduce maintenance
costs and health risks.
Because Special-Lite products leave our factory pre-finished, they
e products meet don’t need to be painted at installation. The durability of our non-
ication criteria. corroding materials and factory finishes also eliminate the regular
refinishing required to delay the decay of hollow metal or wood
doors and frames. Not only are facility maintenance costs reduced,
but maintenance staff and building occupants are not exposed
to the airborne particulates, VOCs and irritating fumes
created by sanding and refinishing.

5 Easy cleaning with green cleaners

protects indoor air quality.
Routine cleaning and stain removal can be
a significant source of VOC emissions that
degrade IAQ. The durable, easy-care factory
finishes on Special-Lite doors not only stay new
looking for many years with only occasional
cleaning, but even tough stains like graffiti can
be removed using green cleaners, instead of
toxic solvents.
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6 Better thermal performance helps reduce energy usage.

The thermal efficiency of the building envelope has never been
more important. Special-Lite flush doors can help reduce heating
and cooling loads by providing superior thermal performance
versus hollow metal doors. Compare our independent lab results
with those for hollow metal doors, if you can find any.

Thermal Properties:
Special-Lite FRP® Door Components, Panels, and Doors
U-value R-value CRF
Special-Lite FRP Door Components

1.5" Urethane foam only .11 9.1 88

1" FRP and urethane foam panel .23 4.3 81
1.75" FRP and urethane foam panel .10 10.0 87
Special-Lite FRP Door Assembly
.29 3.4 55
Tests conducted by Architectural Testing, Inc. Detailed test results are available on the Special-Lite
website, For more complete recommendations on how to improve the thermal
performance of an entire exterior entrance, visit this page on the Special-Lite web site:

7 Aluminum is a sustainable material choice.

At Special-Lite, we manufacture our entrance products from aluminum because its unique
material properties make it a better choice than steel for exterior doors and framing. Its high
strength-to-weight ratio, natural corrosion resistance, excellent workability, and ability to
accept a wide range of finishes make it an excellent choice for architectural products.
Aluminum is also an excellent material choice for sustainable construction. It’s the most
abundant metallic element in the earth’s crust, and can be infinitely recycled without
degradation of properties. Aluminum’s high scrap value and well-established recycling
infrastructure make it the most frequently recycled metal, so much so that 73% of the
aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

8 All Special-Lite extrusions are made

from reprocessed aluminum
Special-Lite sources aluminum extrusions made from prime-
equivalent billet which is produced from 100% reprocessed 6063-T5
alloy recovered from industrial processes. The extrusions produced
from this prime-equivalent secondary billet are equal in all respects
to those made from virgin material, but have a smaller environmental
footprint. Aluminum recycling requires only 5% of the energy
necessary to produce virgin aluminum, so our use of post-industrial
reprocessed material helps to reduce the embodied energy inherent
in our family of entrance products.
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Choose the Entrances with

More Life…For Better Quality of Life
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Recycling our products

Our aluminum framing and monumental doors are easily dis-
assembled with hand tools and are fully recyclable after use.
The fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) face sheets, acrylic
modified polyester (AMP) face sheets, and urethane foam core
material in our flush doors are thermoset plastics and as such
are not recyclable. These materials are essentially inert, so
they can be safely disposed of at the end of their service life
without adverse impacts on water, soil, or air quality.

Improve Entrance Performance by Specifying

Special-Lite Doors, the Doors with More Life
Special-Lite pioneered the FRP door in 1981 to meet the
extreme demands of the school market, and we’ve been
making them the same way ever since because that’s what
works. Their extended service life, better thermal efficiency,
and reduced maintenance requirements help to conserve
material resources and energy, while contributing to the safety,
security, and well being of building users.
Contact your sales representative or Special-Lite for
more information, including detailed independent
lab test results, or visit

Special-Lite, Inc.
P.O. Box 6, Decatur, MI 49045 Item #1122-R1
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