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former Midwesterners making a positive difference in our adopted home of Nevada

Mar / Apr 2014 Newsletter 10

Pigchaser BBQ Sauce Founder's Note Craig P Kenny & Associates Our Events DJ Ikaika Family Law Corner

We are proud to introduce our 1st Chicagoland area Business Member Ron Slawek, owner and


developer of PIG CHASER BBQ SAUCE. In December 2013, Ron was listening to WBBM Radio Chicago when he heard reporter Terry Kesher's interview with Chicagoans In The Desert, LLC founder, Mary Romano. Ron quickly googled Chicagoans In the Desert...and there he found US! Here is Ron's entrepreneurial story and his product connection to the Desert. Just like any other backyard grilling enthusiast, I had a basic bbq sauce recipe that Ive been making for a long time. For years Ive been creating and giving away this bbq sauce to family and friends and could never keep up with the demand. All I ever heard is how good this sauce is. My wife told me to get off my rear-end and do something with it because she doesnt want to hear me complaining in 20 years that I should have, could have, blaa..blaa..blaa. She and a lot of other people have been telling me to do something with this sauce. Get it out there! Ok, fine. I spent the next 18 months in my sauce lab perfecting my recipe. Almost every night I would cook kettle after kettle of sauce. I twisted my original formula around and then some until I got it to the exact recipe thats available today. But I didnt stop there. I created more bbq sauce flavors. All my bbq sauce flavors originated from me. Unlike other bbq sauces out on the market, I didnt need to doctor-up or piggyback on someone elses bbq sauce and call it my own because my bbq sauce is great-tasting period. Its all my doing and Im proud to say that PIGCHASER BBQ SAUCE is a family recipe created from scratch...and thats a fact. Try any of my bbq sauces on ribs, chicken, brisket, burgers, beef sandwiches, pork chops, seafood, as a marinade, or in a dip. My Pineapple/Mango can be used on Easter hams and Thanksgiving turkeys as a glaze or get thison cakes and desserts. Yep, its true. The bacon bbq sauce tastes great on baked potatoes, chili-cheese fries, burgers, mixed in deviled-eggs, mixed with cream cheese for a cracker spread, or even on a turkey club sandwich. Oh yeah, my Habanero bbq sauce gets hotter after you open it too. Pigchaser BBQ Sauce is the recipient of the Scovie Award in 2012 and 2013. Scovie is the world's largest spicy food competition held yearly. Pig Chaser Sauces come in the following flavors: Original, Pineapple/Mango, Habanero, Garlic and Bacon. The bacon sauce brings a product so fresh with bacon that it is the only USDA-approved barbecue sauce on the market! To order your bottles of Pigchaser BBQ Sauce visit Mention Chicagoans In The Desert to receive free shipping when you order 3 or more bottles. Find out the true story of how Pigchasers got it's name by visiting the "About Us" tab.

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a thin line between love and hate. That is a former Chicagoans definition of winter. The love is that beautiMary Romano ful first snowfall of the Founder season, the fond childhood memories; being outside with our family and all the neighbors, shoveling, snow blowing, playing, snowball fights and hot chocolate. Then the hate sets in. Mountains of snow, plummeting temperatures, long travel times, falling on the ice. Mention 1967 and 1979 to any of us and we shutter. We can now add 2014 to that list. We believe that this will be the final straw year for many. The year they "leave home". For those who venture out to the desert, we are here for you with our Chicagoans In The Desert family...your little piece of back home.


Former Chicagoans Craig and Bradley Kenny of Craig P Kenny & Associates renewed their Business Membership this month. We are extremely proud to be in the company of a law firm that truly lives by their mission of being "A Law Firm Committed to the Client". Feedback from our Social Members have included, "very knowledgeable" to "Mr. Kenny himself called me back!" CPK Law practices in personal injury, workers comp, medical negligence, criminal defence, DUI and traffic tickets. You will always find CPK Law's information at our CITD table during our events...never on television! Visit and LIKE their Facebook page for helpful hints like this: Recent announcements have been made that the courts are going to be raising their fines and getting stricter with citations. As always, please drive safely and watch your speeds on the road! But if you do end up with a traffic ticket, please call us for help!



New Official Social Members Michelle Cataldi, Nancy Marshall, Norman Smith, Jake Vogrich and Rosalie Vasilos

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What could Chicago, Illinois and Waipahu, Oahua, Hawaii possibly have in common? Meet Ikaika (pronounced ee-KY-kah). He's a DIE HARD Bulls fan and loyally supports ALL our Chicago sports teams, he's a DJ... and he's one of US! We first met Ikaika last year at a Bears event with Rhonda (Bears Girl) and the Chicago Sports Fans Meetup. Ikaika grew up in Waukegan, where he attended Carmel High School in Mundelien. He then moved to Hawaii and to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa and returned to Chicago to complete college at Columbia College. "My great fortune is to call both Chicago and Hawaii "home", said Ilaika. During his informative years, Ikaika learned and grew a passion for music culture that our great city offered. He embraced the electronic dance music genre called House music that emerged from Chicago's underground night clubs and the DJ culture associated with it. After attending college and holding nightclub DJ residencies in Hawaii, he found himself back in Chicago focusing on and further pursuing the music he loves. In 2009, Ikaika moved to Las Vegas. When asked about House music Ikaika told us, "House music was born in Chicago, it revolutionized dance music and club culture not just here in America but globally, and paved the way for electronic DJ's and musicians today." He continued, "I'm very proud to tell people where I learned my skills". Currently, Ikaika along with fellow DJ's Music Under Construction and DJ Bonez are an artist collective and a nightlife promotions group called UNASSOCIATED LAS VEGAS. They promote, host, and are resident DJ's for a monthly event called Sous Tension at The Lady Silvia, 900 South Las Vegas Blvd #140 located in the Soho Lofts downtown. Let's show Ikaika our Former Chicagoan love and support him as he coninues to grow in Las Vegas.


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Former Chicagoan Michele L. Roberts ESQ is a 2 year Business Member with CITD.


Michele is admitted to the State Bar of Nevada and is a member of the Nevada State Bar and Clark County Bar Association. For 13 years, she has worked primarily in family law, custody, divorce, child cases, relocation cases, support, annulments, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and domestic violence. During a recent meeting with Michele she told us "One of the major challenges families face today is co-parenting." It is for that reason we bring you "Family Law Corner". In the next 5 issues of our Newsletter, Michele will share with you topics that apply to family Whether you are in a traditional or nontraditional marriage, co-habitating, separated or divorced, it is always in the best interest of your children to find a way to communicate and work together as co-parents. Learning to put aside your differences (and yes, your anger and hurt) for the betterment of your children is always the best road...never easy...but always the best! There are many very important choices that families have to make during the divorce process. Michele will be discussing better ways to work together as parents and the options available to assist you in parenting while maintaining separate homes. Believe it or not, it is possible to divorce and maintain a mutual respect for each others goals as parents. We look forward to sharing with you tools and techniques to assist you in fasilitating a positive relationship for the betterment of your children. To schedule an appointment to speak with Michele you may MICHELE L. ROBERTS, ESQ. contact the Law Office of Michele R. Roberts at (702) 358-0620 and mention CITD.


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