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Past Simple

[VERB+ed] or irregular verbs Examples: You called Debbie. Did you call Debbie? You did not call Debbie. Complete ist o! "imple #ast $orms

USE 1 Completed Action in the Past

%se t&e "imple #ast to express t&e idea t&at a' a(tio' started a'd !i'is&ed at a spe(i!i( time i' t&e past. "ometimes) t&e spea*er may 'ot a(tually me'tio' t&e spe(i!i( time) but t&ey do &ave o'e spe(i!i( time i' mi'd. Examples:

+ saw a movie yesterday. + didn't see a play yesterday. ast year) + traveled to ,apa'. ast year) + didn't travel to -orea. Did you have di''er last 'ig&t? "&e washed &er (ar. .e didn't wash &is (ar.

USE 2 A Series o Completed Actions

/e use t&e "imple #ast to list a series o! (ompleted a(tio's i' t&e past. 0&ese a(tio's &appe' 1st) 2'd) 3rd) 4t&) a'd so o'. Examples:

+ inished 5or*) wal!ed to t&e bea(&) a'd o"nd a 'i(e pla(e to s5im. .e arrived !rom t&e airport at 6:77) chec!ed i'to t&e &otel at 8:77) a'd met t&e ot&ers at 17:77. Did you add !lour) po"r i' t&e mil*) a'd t&e' add t&e eggs?

USE # D"ration in Past

0&e "imple #ast (a' be used 5it& a duratio' 5&i(& starts a'd stops i' t&e past. 9 duratio' is a lo'ger a(tio' o!te' i'di(ated by expressio's su(& as: !or t5o years) !or !ive mi'utes) all day) all year) et(. Examples:

+ lived i' Bra:il !or t5o years. "&au'a st"died ,apa'ese !or !ive years. 0&ey sat at t&e bea(& all day. 0&ey did not sta$ at t&e party t&e e'tire time. /e tal!ed o' t&e p&o'e !or t&irty mi'utes. 9: .o5 lo'g did you wait !or t&em? B: /e waited !or o'e &our.

USE % &a'its in the Past

0&e "imple #ast (a' also be used to des(ribe a &abit 5&i(& stopped i' t&e past. +t (a' &ave t&e same mea'i'g as ;used to.; 0o ma*e it (lear t&at 5e are tal*i'g about a &abit) 5e o!te' add expressio's su(& as: al5ays) o!te') usually) 'ever) 5&e' + 5as a (&ild) 5&e' + 5as you'ger) et(. Examples:

+ st"died $re'(& 5&e' + 5as a (&ild. .e pla$ed t&e violi'. .e didn't pla$ t&e pia'o. Did you pla$ a musi(al i'strume't 5&e' you 5ere a *id? "&e wor!ed at t&e movie t&eater a!ter s(&ool. 0&ey 'ever went to s(&ool) t&ey al5ays s!ipped (lass.

USE ( Past Facts or )enerali*ations

0&e "imple #ast (a' also be used to des(ribe past !a(ts or ge'erali:atio's 5&i(& are 'o lo'ger true. 9s i' %"E 4 above) t&is use o! t&e "imple #ast is <uite similar to t&e expressio' ;used to.; Examples: "&e was s&y as a (&ild) but 'o5 s&e is very outgoi'g. .e didn't li!e tomatoes be!ore. Did you live i' 0exas 5&e' you were a *id? #eople paid mu(& more to ma*e (ell p&o'e (alls i' t&e past.

1) I 2) 3) They

my Maths homework yesterday. (to do) Susan to England by plane? (to go)

a farm two weeks ago. (to visit) the#r brother. (not/to help) at home last weekend. (not/to be) you th#s wonderful sk#rt? (to design) #nto the )an. (not/to crash) the mudguards of the#r b#%y%les. (to take off) you your aunt last week? (to phone) m#lk at s%hool. (not/to drink)

) !enny and "eggy $) The %h#ldren &) 'hen () My mother *) The boys +) 1,) -e

1. It was warm. so I


off my %oat. /take)

did'=t e'>o

2. The f#lm wasn0t )ery good. I

#t )ery mu%h. /en1oy) her. /d#sturb)

3. I knew Sarah was )ery busy. so I . I was )ery t#red. so I

to bed early. /go) )ery well. /sleep)

$. The bed was )ery un%omfortable. I

&. Sue wasn0t hungry. so she (. 'e went to 2ate0s house but she *. It was a funny s#tuat#on but nobody +. The w#ndow was open and a b#rd 1,. The hotel wasn0t )ery e3pens#)e. It 11. I was #n a hurry. so I

anyth#ng. /eat) at home. /be) /laugh) #nto the room. /fly) )ery mu%h. /%ost)

t#me to phone you. /ha)e) )ery hea)y. /be)

12. It was hard work %arry#ng the bags. They