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Unit No. 2 M.C.Q.

1) A scalar is a physical quantity which is completely specified by A Number A number with A number with proper units direction 2) A scalar is a physical quantity which is completely described by magnitude in proper Unite and direction Torque impulse impulse Mass A resultant vector A resultant vector A direction only

Direction Unit Dimention 3) Which is the following Is the scalar quantity Energy Velocity 4) Name the quantity which is vector density Power 5) An example of scalar quantity is density Power 6) Name a quantity which is vector Force Charge Charge

Work Speed Acceleration 7) A vector which has magnitude one is called A resultant vector A unite vector A null vector 8) A vector which has zero magnitude is called Negative color A unite vector A null vector 9) A unite vector is obtained by dividing the vector with Its direction Scalar quantity

Its magnitude and Its magnitude but direction no direction 10) A vector having the same magnitude at that A, but opposite in direction is called A positive of a A negative of a A resultant vector vector vector 11) The sum of two or more vectors is equal to a single vector which is called

A unit vector

Component vector Product vector Resultant vector Positive vector 12) The angle between two rectangular components of any vector is called 30 50 180 0 90

13) Which a certain vector A is multiplied by a number n , the magnitude of the resultant vector is equal to nA n[A] n/[A] 14) When a vector is multiplied by a negative number, its direction Remains same Changes by 180 nxA

Becomes vertical all of these does not change 15) If the resultant of two vectors each of magnitude F is also of magnitude, the angle between them will be 30 60 90 16) A force of 5N is acting also Y axis. Its component along X axis is 120

5N Zero 10N 2.5N 17) The resultant of two forces 3N and 4N making an angle 90 with each other is 1.0N 7N 5N 3.5N 18) The minimum number of un-equal forces whose vector sum can be zero is 1 2 3 4 19) If a force of 10N makes an angle of 30 with x axis, its x- component is given by 0.866N 0.886N 0.89N 20) The reverse process of vector addition is called Multiplication of a vector Resolution of a vector Subtraction of a vector 8.66N Negative of vector