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In Nature, living beings survive without work. The Almighty has provided a mechanism to

feed the living beings even if they do not work for food. When a new living being comes into existence, the food for that being is already made available by Nature, otherwise this living being cannot exist in the world. Only in Human Civilization/Society people have to work to have Food. As the population of humans increase and the resources are limited, Government and Economics come into existence for orderly production and distribution of resources to the Human Population. The concept of food for work came into existence because, only when people use their mind to work, evolution happens in the society. Economics is the process through which facilities and commodities that are necessary to satisfy the three needs and provide the three protections are produced, stored, distributed and enjoyed. Politics is merely the machinery through which this economic process is made to function efficiently, correctly and successfully. If man has no hunger, no need for clothing and shelter, no excretory forces to be satisfied, if there are no natural disasters or accidents, if all living beings in this world live in amity and peace, there will be no need for any government or political institutions, as there will be no economic policy to be carried out. Hence it is these needs to resolve the possible conflicts that may arise between an individual and another in sharing; fulfilling these needs have brought out the economic and political institutions available in this world today. As the present economic and political institutions have failed to ensure peace and harmony in life for the mankind reformation in economic policy is must and it is high time to form a system which ensures economic equality throughout the world.

Much of the behaviour of living beings is inherited according to their physical structure, climate and environmental conditions. The human species is endowed with natural instinct to live in groups. The mind and body are designed with such sophistication to create and use tools, machines, instruments and vehicles to increase the capabilities of the limbs and sense. Man can produce varieties of foods, commodities and articles to enhance the comforts of his life and distribute them to fellow beings living in any region of the world. Therefore

protection, security and international friendship and relations have become imperative for humanity. To answer this need, a social administration had come into being in primitive ages. Over a long period of experiences our present day governments have come into being by cooperative efforts. A combination of elected and appointed persons comprises the government. As every individual is involved with many needs, activities and relationships in society, nobody can live today without government. Over the years every society has established its own form of government and framed rules and regulations to protect and control people. Demarcations were drawn on the earth to indicate the extent of a sovereign territory; the first exclusive territory demarcation was a village. By amalgamation of villages, districts and states, countries came into being, often separated by geographical markings such as mountains, rivers, etc. So, in the present period the government has become extremely important and influential in every aspect of human life. The members of the government are highly respected, admired and expected to wisely protect and help the people in all spheres. Every government official is responsible to the people of the society for fulfilling their needs, and providing facilities and comforts from birth to death. The main objective of the political administration was to ensure birth rights and freedom of life for all people in the Society. But it has not yet been achieved by mankind. As sufficient philosophical wisdom which makes the man live virtuously regulating the economic and physical needs has not come to the people so far, no Government in the World has attained the goal or aim. Nowadays, in actuality, the government administrators and politicians themselves have become great problems to the society in several countries, rather than a valuable asset for human life. However, we cannot blame the individual administrators and politicians for this deterioration; we must remember the fact that as water finds its level, the culture of the people finds its own method of government. There is a disappointingly wide gap between the anticipated moral behaviour and the actual deeds of politicians as well as government servants. Every character weakness of the member of a government, such as egotism, greed, anger, or vengeance will have a strong negative effect and wide repercussions on the society, directly and indirectly. Suppose a politician or a civil servant is egotistical; he will not give due respect to the people, humiliating and insulting them as per his whim and fancy. If the man is greedy, he will swindle the public money which is allotted for various projects to benefit the society. If he is angry and vengeful he will torture others who question his

behaviour or compete with him. Such character defects have led to manifold disturbances and corruption in the present governments. It is a pressing need of the hour to find a way to improve the governments, eliminating such disturbances and corruption which are a sinful waste of energy and disturb the peace and prosperity of human life. It is not easy to change the political morality. The whole set-up of the human society should be studied, planned and changed. This project should begin from child rearing and extend through reform in the educational system. Each person should grow up to be creative and dutiful to the society, with self-confidence and courage. For the welfare of society, every individual must live and enjoy his or her birth right and freedom respecting the Society and Government.