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Action Needed. Build Website.

Action Taken. I have continued to add information, pictures and experiences onto my website. I have researched and created a page on my website surrounding the new computing curriculum. I have added to my website with examples of ICT that I have seen or experienced. I have furthered my knowledge on coding/programming by creating a game on scratch, using bee-bots and becoming familiar with apps such as Daisy the dinosaur.

Reflective Comments. Now I have begun to build a website I am gaining confidence in this area and I am attempting to increase the difficulty of the things I am doing with the website, e.g. adding videos and embedding. I am feeling more comfortable with the new computing curriculum, however I believe I will become more confident when I am actually teaching from this, whether this is during GPP or in my NQT year. I am hoping that I will have the opportunity to teach ICT during FPP.

Research and create a page on my website about the new computing curriculum.

Record instances of ICT that I come across in University-based and school sessions. Coding/programming.

I will now try coding/programming using ICT equipment in order to build my confidence in this area. However, because my confidence in my own pedagogical knowledge is higher, I am feeling less anxious about this and I am hoping I will have the opportunity to incorporate this into my teaching during FPP. I am now feeling confident about my ability to use and teach coding/programming and have seen how it can be built up in a series of lessons. This is something I am willing to explore in my own time as I believe it will be difficult to link this to learning in Key Stage two, however I may find that the opposite is true.




I am aware that my FPP school use SIMS as an administrative database and I will be using this on a daily basis. I have been told that my Year six FPP class will be partaking in the Oldham schools business challenge after SATs exams. I think this will be a good opportunity to use and teach spreadsheets in the classroom; I will update my website accordingly. I have created a blog to track the progress

Being in Key Stage two for FPP, I believe I will be able to incorporate spreadsheets into maths lessons.

I intend to create my own blog during FPP, my search for a job and into my NQT year.

Ability to use ICT for administration systems for recording progress.

of my FPP placement, job search and NQT year. I am aware that my FPP school use SIMS as an administrative system and I will be using this on a daily basis.

I am feeling much more confident in this area as I have realised that this is something that teachers do every day when they are planning lessons; something that I hadnt realised or appreciated before GPP. This is something I would like to explore much more during FPP as ICT equipment was limited in my GPP school.

Effective use of ICT to teach ICT elements of the other core and foundation curriculum subjects. Effective use of ICT to improve learning of able children and those with special educational needs.

During my inclusion pathway I had the chance to interview the SENCo of the school and observe how ICT can enhance the learning of children with special educational needs.

I have decided to choose the inclusion pathway so I will be able to observe the use of ICT during that placement. I have now seen how ICT can be used with children with special educational needs and feel more confident about using it to overcome barriers to childrens learning, especially children with dyslexia. Although I used ICT during most inputs I had very little opportunity to approach the whole class teaching of ICT itself, This is something I would like to develop during FPP. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of being able to use more ICT equipment during FPP as resources were limited in my GPP school. I feel much more secure in my pedagogical knowledge and as a result feel like I would be more confident in planning ICT lessons and adapting lessons to ensure progression.

How to approach whole class teaching.

How to organise ICT equipment to allow pupils access. Identifying where they need extending and supporting.