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December 2013


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Welcome to the 4th issue of Test Digest.
In this edition, our focus is on Agile testing. As per
Forrester, Agile development is rapidly becoming the
norm . Agile has taken many forms and moved well be-
yond the Agile manifesto. There are also so many difer-
ent methodologies classifed under Agile- Scrum, Fea-
ture/Test driven development, eXtreme programming.
Specifc to testing-As per the World Quality Report 2013-
14, Agile development is widely adopted, but still gives
rise to problems for testing- the key challenges reported
by executives include Lack of a good testing approach
to ft in with the Agile development, low levels of test
automation, lack of Tools to create reusable test sets ,
difculty in identifying the right areas on which Testing
should focus. This edition includes an article on the ben-
efts and use of Rally, in one of our Agile projects.

Enjoy the edition and keep your feedback coming in!
Volume IV
T E S T D I G E S T 2 0 1 3 M A R L A B S S O F T W A R E P V T L T D
P A G E 2

Agile methodology is a very popular process that has been followed in most of
the development and testing projects. Rally is one of the popular Test Manage-
ment tools in the agile world, which covers end to end process of a Project which
includes :
1. Requirements creation
2. Task Estimation
3. Test case creation
4. Test Execution
5. Defect Tracking
6. Reporting & Time Sheets
Advantages of Rally over Traditional Test Management Tools :
^ Real time picture of project status.
^ Co-ordinate multi-team releases, every feature and sub system stays syn-
chronized with QA focus.
^ Shared product backlogs, hierar-
chical projects, roll up reporting
and advanced analysis.
^ Integrated application lifecycle
data provided to everyone.
^ Idea Management, Agile portfolio
management, time and Cost track-
ing, full quality management
^ Extended Rallys functionality with
customer features, displays and
Sri Harsha B
Rally Integrations :
Rally can be integrated with:
+ Test Management tools: IBM Rational Software, HP, VSTS
+ Source code management: Github, Perforce
+ Defect Management: JIRA, Bugzilla, VSTS, RCQ
+ CRM: Sales force, Oracle Sales Cloud
+ IDE: Eclipse, VSTS
+ Build Release Management: Jenkins, Electric cloud
Rally Editions Comparison:
Case Study of Rally for Marlabs Internal Projects :
Its been used in one of Marlabs prestigious clients project effectively from
last 4 sprints
Each sprint is designed for 4 weeks of duration and starts with Sprint plan-
ning meeting, where in QA and Dev teams need to provide their estimates for
the user stories.
P A G E 3
continuation of Go Agile.. Go Rally..
T E S T D I G E S T 2 0 1 3 M A R L A B S S O F T W A R E P V T L T D
P A G E 4
T E S T D I G E S T 2 0 1 3 M A R L A B S S O F T W A R E P V T L T D
Tool has been used across different phases of sprint cycle as shown in the diagram.
Its been used to capture, track and report defects
On a high level Rally hierarchy starts with
Project ->Iterations -> User Stories ->Tasks, defects
Complete end to end Agile process can be tracked using this tool
Different activities which are performed in Rally are as below :
o Create customized Dashboard of individual priority
o Sprint progress tracking which shows the planned velocity and current sta-
o Creating and updating the tasks for a user story
o Create defects and link it to user story
o Setting up the notification rule to indicate the changes to respective story
o Generation of reports for each sprint. For e.g. Burn down chart as shown in
below image., etc.
continuation of Go Agile.. Go Rally..
Some Sample Screens of Rally Platform :

P A G E 5
T E S T D I G E S T 2 0 1 3 M A R L A B S S O F T W A R E P V T L T D
continuation of Go Agile.. Go Rally..

P A G E 6

T E S T D I G E S T 2 0 1 3 M A R L A B S S O F T W A R E P V T L T D
Plans are of
but planning
is essential
HP Unifed Functional Test & Application Lifecycle Management

A 2 day training was conducted on HP-UFT & ALM by Vikas Joshi. The
training covered new features of UFT 11.5, how it differs from QTP 11, inte-
gration with ALM, BPT concepts
ME : Vivek Hosmani, born in Bangalore and spent my next 5 years in Delhi (which i
vaguely remember) then back to Bangalore where i did most of my Education and then to
Pune for my postgrad and currently in the peaceful city Mysore.
On Role : Test Engineer DOB : June 7th
Interests : Its a BIG list, but the prime ones are Football (with which my day start with)
and Music (Rock/Electronic comes first in my favorites, but its the songs from recent Kan-
nada movie Lucia tops my current playlist). Also love to spend my leisure stumbling upon
sites which feature latest on mobiles/technology
Favorite Gadgets : My Lappy and Mobile
Aspirations : Not to limit myself to one thing or aspect. I love to learn new things, expanding
my horizon of knowledge in every aspect and to give back something good to the world.
Looking forward to it.
Inspiration : Living in different cities and meeting different people has been an amazing
learning curve in various aspects of daily life .So i try to take my inspiration from all the good
things in each one i meet and each place has to offer.
About Marlabs: Has been an amazing start to my career here with great humble and sup-
portive people who stand by the phrase - "Marlabs Family".

P A G E 7 T E S T D I G E S T 2 0 1 3 M A R L A B S S O F T W A R E P V T L T D
Rajesh Sundararajan .
Sriharsha Kumar B R .
Murali Dubutavalu .
Varaprasadarao Yarra .