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YEAR 2014

The Charger Chronicle

1-12 CAV Chargers reporting from the Republic of Korea.

Semper Paratus

Commanders Corner
Its a GREAT day to be a CHARGER in the Republic of Korea!! CHARGER FAMILIES, your CHARGERS are off to a GREAT start, and working extremely hard every day to prepare personnel and equipment for our mission. The weather has been pretty chilly this first month, but its starting to warm up and soon we will start training in earnest. CSM and I are encouraging the CHARGERS to get out and about in Korea, and enjoy some of the sites in the Land of the Morning Calm. We are also urging the Soldiers to set personal to achieve during our time here, and hope that they will see them through in the areas of education, physical fitness, self development, etc. Finally, we are reviewing our orders and rosters to catch any pay problems as quickly as possible. By the end of March all Soldiers who flew on Main Body 1 and 2 should see TDY payments, Hardship Duty Pay, and Family Separation Pay (married Soldiers only). Well continually work with the Soldiers to keep this straight. Im proud and humbled to serve alongside your CHARGERS..simply GREAT AMERICANS!! -CHARGER 6

Facebook: 1-12 Cav, 3BCT, 1CD Twitter: @Charger6ix

Thompson treated over 100 Soldiers to include more than six As CPL the only current has credentialed 68W in Charger the BN, CPL Thompson has treated over evacuations to St. Marys Hospital Uijeongbu, South Korea. CPL Thompsons 100 Charger Soldiers to include morein than six evacuations to St. Marys Hospital efforts will have a Korea. lasting impact upon the medical HHC 1-12, impact and the in Uijeongbu, South CPL Thompsons effortsplatoon, will have a lasting Charger BN. CPL Thompson was recognized by LTC Sellers his stellar upon the medical platoon, HHC 1-12, and the Charger BN. CPLfor Thompson was recognized by LTC Sellers for his stellar performance on 21 February 2014 performance on 21 February 2014


HHC Company
Hellraiser 6
I am happy to report all Soldiers of HHC 1-12 CAV are present and accounted for! The start of our 9 month journey on the peninsula of the Republic of Korea has been exciting. We are preparing the company for training by servicing all of our equipment ahead of time. In the coming months we will execute an intense training cycle that will culminate with a tank and Bradley gunnery, a Mortar live fire, as well as some maneuver training here in Korea. Our Soldiers are behaving themselves and having a great time experiencing the rich Korean culture everywhere they go. Happy to hear everyone is adjusting well and dont be afraid to reach out to the FRG if you need anything.

Scout Platoon
The theme for this month has been property accountability and maintenance on vehicles and equipment. We have worked hard to get our platoon full mission capable for upcoming training events in the month of March. Our Soldiers have learned the importance accountability and displayed it well during our first alert exercise on 28 February.

Medic Platoon
In the month of February 2014 the Medical Platoon deployed to the ROK. The focus this month has been in-processing, adapting to the Korean peninsula, inventories, maintenance, and establishing operations. Throughout FEB Charger Soldiers have received care from the MED PLT providers and Medics at the CP Stanley TMC, CP Hovey CTAS and by Line Medics. The MED PLT continues to set-up operations in an effort to establish a fully functional BAS. As March approaches our focal point will turn to training, small arms ranges, EFMB and eventually Gunnery. A select few personnel will compete in EFMB but the platoons training will be catered to this event.

Mortar Platoon
Throughout the month of February, the Soldiers of the Mortar Platoon arrived in Korea and set the standard for maintaining combat readiness. The last four weeks have included property inventories, services on all vehicles organic to the Platoon, proper maintenance and testing of communication equipment and extensive personnel readiness. Their efforts throughout the past four weeks was evident as the month culminated with a readiness drill whose purpose was to demonstrate the Platoons ability to deploy and fight with minimal notice. Despite being their first drill, the Platoon performed to the highest of standard.

The S-1 section has kept busy during the first month in Korea. We are setting up our shop to provide personnel services to the BN as well as the battalions mail Ops. Our primary focus during March is to continue to improve our workspace so that we can provide better personnel support to all Charger Soldiers. We are also getting our vehicles and equipment ready so that we are prepared to transition to the challenging training phase in the months ahead.

The Intelligence section has been extremely busy in our first month in Korea. The establishment of our new Battalion Head Quarters has been exciting. The section has upgraded dramatically from the Ft. Hood office in both size and the general facility itself. Additionally the section has received its vehicles from across the ocean and is preparing for annual services. Rehearsals for setting up the Tactical Operations Center (pictured above) is crucial as we prepare to transition to our aggressive training cycle.

S4 Soldiers conducting PMCS of the BN CTCP during Motor Stables. Listed in the picture are SPC Chavez, PFC Cuthbertson, and PV2 Bustamantes

Joint Fires Cell

SGT Hirsch and SPC Moran begin set up of the Fire Support Teams section of the TOC. By doing this SGT Hirsch and SPC Moran ensure that the Fires Cell has all the proper equipment to begin TOC operations and coordinate fires for the Battalion.

Attack Company
Attack 6
Hello Attack Families. Big news for all of us is our new Company name: ATTACK COMPANY. Since there is an Apache already here in Korea we had to change our name. We are working on a new Company logo and motto and hope to be complete by the end of the week. After that I intend to have some Company shirts made as part of a fundraiser. Also the FRG will have bracelets for sale soon so look on our Facebook page for more information. We are training hard every day on Warrior Tasks and preparing for upcoming ranges in March. Thank You for all that you do for us! We miss you and will be home soon! One month down! -ATTACK 6

Attack 7
Were one month into our forward deployment to the ROK and our Soldiers are settling in quite nicely. The Soldiers have been actively engaged with events around the camp here. We recently had Soldiers participate in a local skiing trip and compete in the Brigade Combatives tournament. The facilities here at Camp Stanley have far exceeded most of our expectations and we are fixing areas that still need improvements. The only complaint most of the Soldiers have are the hills we encounter on a daily basis during our physical readiness training. Looking ahead, there are several BOSS trips and sporting events that the company plans on taking advantage of and of course, some good Infantry training as well. -ATTACK 7

HQ Platoon
SFC Lankford and his FMT give a class to the leaders of A Co on proper procedures during services.

1st Platoon
1st Platoon Soldiers have been hard at work receiving and organizing our equipment to prepare for the upcoming training cycle.

2nd Platoon
2nd Platoon Soldiers cleaning and maintaining machine guns.

3rd Platoon
3rd Platoon Soldiers conducting D&A of a MK 19 after instruction from SSG Enriquez.

Bonecrusher Company
Bonecrusher 6
It was clear upon arrival we were far from Texas. The Republic of Korea is predominantly urban, punctuated by snowy mountains, and full of people. Due to the heavy traffic, Soldiers are warned before leaving post, You are now entering a danger zone. Fortunately, most of us are not driving anywhere and travel by cab, bus, or tr ain in Area I.

Area I, where Camp Hovey is located, is made up of mostly Gyeonggi Province and the city of Seoul. Measuring roughly 4000 square miles, Gyeonggi and Seoul are roughly the size of Coyrell, Bell, Lampasas, and Williamson counties combined. Over 24 million people reside in the Seoul, the nations capital, about the same as the population of the entire state of Texas. Korea offers soldiers an amazing opportunity to interact with a new culture. As the month of March arrives, we look forward to training on our individual weapons systems and welcoming warmer weather. -CPT Drew M. Mumford

The course was steep and icy, but that did not stop 1LT Murr from setting a course record at the Camp Stanley 5K on February 17 th. Finishing first over all, 1LT Murr had a time of 17 minutes 26 seconds. Other Bonecrushers at the event were SPC Hammond, SPC Sanchez, and CPT Mumford. Bonecrusher Company looks forward to dominating the next Area I race, a St. Patricks Day 10K on Camp Casey.

It was a great day to be a Bonecrusher on Friday, February 28 th. The B Co Executive Officer, 1LT Mike Williams and SSG Bruce Avila, a Section Leader in 3rd Platoon, will represent 1ABCT, 2nd Infantry Division in the 2nd Infantry Division combatives tournament on the March 7th at Camp Hovey. To earn that right they had to fight and win against several opponents. At the end of the double elimination tournament only two Soldiers were left to represent the 1-12 Cavalry Regiment, both Bonecrushers! The company looks forward to 1LT Williams and SSG Avilas success in the Combatives Final.

Infantrymen can often see targets beyond the range of their assigned weapon systems. To engage those targets artillery and mortars are often used, as long as another soldier can observe the fire. The Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 13F, also known as a Forward Observer, helps military units fire artillery and mortars accurately. One piece of the Fire Support Teams specialized equipment is the Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR). These pictures show Bonecrusher Forward Observers using the LLDR. When set up correctly and properly calibrated, the system designates distant targets with laser precision. This information is crucial for higher headquarters because such targets can be engaged with artillery, missiles, or laser guided bombs without the fear of target error.

Crazyhorse Company
1 1s stt P Plla atto oo on n
All members of 1st Platoon have safely arrived in South Korea! We have moved into our new barracks' and have quickly made Camp Stanley our new home. Our work days have consisted of a rigorous Physical Training pro-gram, unpacking all our gear, and moving our vehicles into our new motor pool in preparation for upcoming services. Camp Stanley is equipped with a small Post Exchange Facility, Commissary, bowling alley, DFAC, Bar/game room, library, chapel, indoor swimming pool, and a large gym facility. Although small, Camp Stanley has all of the amenities required to make this a very enjoyable 9 month experience. Additionally Camp Stanley is only 15 minutes away from Uijeongbu which is a large modern city where your soldiers can experience the Korean culture, as well as get anything that they might need. The entire Platoon is in good spirits and looking forward to what the future has in store for the rest of our stay here in Korea

2 2n nd dP Plla atto oo on n
The soldiers of 2nd platoon are settling in to the grove here in Korea, getting internet set up and phones to call home. In our free time we have been able to scratch the surface of the Korean culture with new foods and customs. However, with the help of one of our own who has been to Korea (SPC Mendoza) the transition should not be that difficult. Not that much training going on this first month. Mostly Soldiers can expect to get the vehicles up and running. In the months to follow we will have a few ranges but nothing too strenuous that will keep you from talking to your soldier.

3 3r rd dP Plla atto oo on n
Reaper Platoon is excited to be on the ground here at Camp Stanley. We hit the ground running with our tanks arriving last week. It is exciting to see our chariots of destruction, for we have not seen them in about four months. We arrived as a part of main body two, after a few intense days of culture shock and in processing classes we were afforded the opportunity to get out and explore the neighboring city of Uijeongbu. The guys were able to experience Uijeongbu Station along with a two mile long underground shopping mall, while sampling unique South Korean cuisine and practicing their new cultural etiquette. Next on the agenda will be settling into a smooth battle rhythm and getting used to the mountainous terrain of South Korea, quite the difference from Texas.

Deathrider Company
H HQ QP Plla atto oo on n
Our latest addition to the medic team, Private Cortez is promoted to Private First Class on Friday 28 February 2014. Private First Class Cortez has been a great addition to the headquarters team and will continue to do great things throughout the rotation.

Private First Class Martinez (top) assists Private First Class Cortez, Corporal Ratto, Private First Class Dunlay, and Private First Class Lopez with services on the medic tracked vehicle. These services will ensure the medic section will be able to perform their tasks during training.

1 1s stt P Plla atto oo on n

The Rampage tankers from Red Platoon have hit the ground running in Korea by being the first Platoon in Delta Company to complete hull services. Here Sergeant Revilla removes a bolt from the rear of the D11 in order to provide access to the engine.

2 2n nd dP Plla atto oo on n
White Platoon has remained busy since our arrival in Korea. We are currently conducting turret services on our tanks. Turret services include conducting maintenance on the main gun and the interior of the tank. Over the next month we will continue with services on the rest of the tank in preparation for our upcoming field training exercises. Once we complete the maintenance overhaul of our vehicles, we will participate in rifle and pistol qualification ranges in the month of March.

3 3r rd dP Plla atto oo on n
Specialist Polson and Private First Class Herrada pose in front of the outdoor statues at the Korean War Museum. The Museum had numerous statues commemorating the sacrifices made by the South Koreans during the Korean War. This section was dedicated to teaching young children about the history of the Korean War.

Delta Company Soldiers stand in front of a mock KIAI Korean Tank. Numerous static displays like this one allowed Soldiers to see first hand a multitude of Soviet, North Korean, and South Korean Army and Air Force vehicles and aircraft.

Jackal Company
Jackal 6
"Annyeonghaseyo" ("Good Afternoon") from the Republic of Korea! I can't believe we're already one month into our rotation. Time flies when you're working hard (and having fun). After a few days of inprocessing, it was time to get busy with receiving our equipment from home station and setting up our new work areas. The cooks made an immediate impact on improving the Dining Facility here at Camp Stanley, and our mechanics are deep into vehicle and equipment services and maintenance. The Distro platoon has been busy certifying all of their sections to be able to fuel, drive, and draw ammo for the upcoming training cycle. Fortunately, unlike many deployments, we've had plenty of time off on the weekends, and we're blessed with the opportunity to explore a world-class city like Seoul and other areas of the Republic of Korea. I can't wait to see all the great things we'll accomplish as a team over the next eight months. Thanks for your support from home! - CPT Leggett

Jackal 7
Today marks the one month anniversary since the last wave of Jackal Soldiers, to include myself, arrived to the Republic of South Korea. I must say that I have never been more proud of our Troopers and the level of work they are displaying. HQMNT Platoon has kicked off a rigorous service schedule in preparation for upcoming ranges and gunnery, while our Distribution Platoon are continuing to RECON ranges as well as prep our fuel section for gunnery. The heartbeat of the company, our HQ section has been hard at work establishing good working relationships with our battalion commodity shops to ensure the timely processing of all administrative/training/financial data and our cooks are doing a tremendous job with feeding our 800 Soldier BN. We look forward to the next eight months of training alongside our ROK partners in an effort to be ready to "fight tonight"! First Team, Second To None!! -1SGT Moody

1LT Thomson, Jackals Maintenance Control Officer and Chief Tyler, our Maintenance Control Technician taught a class to leaders in order to keep services running smoothly for the next eight months. This was a refresher course on how to submit maintenance, service, and supply orders properly.

The Soup Kitchen is a place where food is offered to the hungry for free. Every Friday soldiers will be given the opportunity to serve in the local community right outside Camp Stanley. There are many perks to this program, to include, promotion points, getting to know the locals, learning the language and working towards the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. This medal can be received by one soldier from our tour here in the Republic of Korea. The Soldier must perform and sustain outstanding volunteer community service.