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Gemstone energy medicine is a unique and powerful energy tool for the 21st century. Gemstones, due to their powerful energies and resonance with the human energy field are the perfect energy medicine tools. As in all energy medicine modalities, the gems work in harmony with the bodys inherent healing capacity to nourish, revitalize, balance and restore health to wholeness in the way that nature intended. All the gemstones have unique and special energy characteristics that can access and enhance the bodys healing force and create specific therapeutic effects. Efforts to use gemstones for healing have a long history. In many modern cultures, ancient and modern, people have sought to use the powers that lie within the crystalline structure of gemstones. Today, gemstone therapy works both as a primary and integrative form of energy healing. It enhances the bodys energy to optimize health and does not interfere with conventional medical regimens. Gemstones are used by many naturopathic doctors and healing practitioners worldwide. It is my belief that the best quality gems are those from Gemisphere (, as they have the highest standards of excellence and only use therapeutic quality gems. Why Necklaces? Through research and experience, Gemisphere has discovered that one of the most powerful energy tools today is the therapeutic gemstone necklace. Dr. Ada Gonzalez, a wellknown naturopathic doctor and spokesperson for Gemisphere understands that, Some people might find it hard to imagine that an object resembling ordinary jewelry could affect our health and well-being so profoundly.

When you wear gemstone spheres around your neck, their energies can radiate deep into your entire body and energy field. There, the gems work on dissipating the energetic clouds and other blockages that obscure your natural radiance, limit your positive growth, and lead to ill health. At the same time, the gemstones energies uplift and nourish all aspects of your being. They can energize and inspire you, help restore your health, and initiate enduring changes. Common Conditions that are alleviated by Gemstone Energy Therapy are Fatigue, Insominia, Depression, Pain, Common Cold/Flu, Headache, Weight Loss, Mental Fogginess/ Memory Issues, Hormonal Issues such as Menopause. Gemstone Necklaces and individual spheres can be used for: Physical Healing and Purification Emotional Healing and Upliftment Mental Clarity and Expansion Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening Masculine and Feminine Healing and Empowerment Multidimensional Healing

Fatigue is one of peoples most common complaints in this day and age, due to stress from a myriad of factors. Financial pressure, family issues, environmental factors, and our fast-paced Western life style, which favors doing instead of being all factor into the health and vitality that we either have, lack or seek. Gemstones for Fatigue Quartz-brings all the life force energies into your body to increase energy, balances energy swings, and works on all aspects of your being. Poppy Jasper-enlivens and awakens the body, banishing sluggishness, heaviness and blocked energy flow without the negative effects of caffeine or sugar. Blue Lace Agate-strengthens the bodys own healing mechanism to help resolve causes and symptoms of fatigue, also supports inner emotional strength. Carnelian- tones and nourishes the bodys storehouse of energy; focuses on the endocrine system; supports healing of adrenal and thyroid fatigue.

Testimonials Using the Carnelian gemstone necklace during an energy medicine balancing session with Amy, really helped the energy of my 2nd chakra, which is the color orange. I have had irregular menstrual cycles and had been feeling really tired and depressed. The next morning I got my period, which I had missed for 2 months. I also woke up feeling bright, happier, and more energetic than I had in a long time. With each session, we have been using the Carnelian gemstone necklace. Amy believes that it actually enhances the energy work that she does. I decided I am going to purchase a Carnelian gemstone for myself. Thank you Amy.~LC marketing executive I had been feeling like I was going to get sick. Feeling tired, runny nose, and sore throat symptoms, which is typically what happens before I get sick. My mom had me put on a Bloodstone necklace and Quartz and the next morning I was totally fine. I had to go to school. ~EBR student I was feeling very saddened and missed my mother, who had passed away more than 1 year ago. I felt like I was not getting over her loss. Amy placed a Mother of Pearl gemstone necklace around my neck and did further energy work on me. I felt the sensation that I was loved, calm, and connected to my mother on a deep level, despite the fact that she is no longer here physically. Mother of Pearl is really a nurturing necklace and is wonderful for grief symptoms.~TK mom, teacher The fatigue that I had been feeling for over 2 years just never let up. I was beginning to wonder how I was going to live like this and was starting to feel despairing. Amy did some wonderful energy work on me but the next day, these feelings of fatigue resumed. In our next session Amy placed a Quartz necklace around my neck and did a balancing session for my bodys energy. I felt wonderful. All the heaviness, sluggishness, and sleepiness left me and I have decided to make a purchase of the Quartz necklace for myself for my next birthday.~GM social worker