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A successful businessman

There are many successful businessmen in my country, such as Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Rattan Tata, Vijay Malya and so on But here I would like to talk about Mukesh Ambani. He is in his late fifties and looks very handsome. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering He joined his father in Reliance Industries in 1981, at the age of 24. He has a great vision and ever since he joined his company, he took it to new heights. He set up Indias first private oil refinery at Jamnagar Gujarat. This refinery can produce 33 million tonnes of oil per year. He made it possible for India to compete at the global level. He also owns the domestic cricket club of IPL known as the Mumbai Indians In 2012, he was ranked the richest man in India and the second richest in Asia. He is the 19th richest man in the world He has a net worth of 21 billion dollars. He lives in Mumbai His house has 27 storeys and is worth 1 billion dollars. He lives there with his wife, Nita Ambani, three children and a staff of 600 people. He believes that businesses should constantly innovate otherwise they will stagnate and wither away. He believes that the main purpose of businesses is to create jobs and wealth. And, he has successfully done so by his various industries. His achievements have made him known not only in India but across the globe. In 2013, he was conferred 'Entrepreneur of the Decade' by All India Management Association. So, I think Mukesh Ambani is a very successful businessman of India mainly because of the way he managed his assets in the petroleum industry.

Describe a situation when you forgot about an important meeting. Please say What When What did - How did you feel later?

meeting you was do

was about

it? it? it?

Life is very hectic nowadays We are all very busy in our daily lives So, it is not very surprising if we forget about an important event or meeting. Here I would like to talk about a situation when I forgot about an important meeting. It so important that last month my friend, Sushma, invited me to her home for dinner. She had invited some other friends also. Actually she and her family were immigrating to Canada. She wanted to see us all before going. So, she had arranged this meeting. She is a very close friend and so I was also very excited about the meeting. This meeting was for 15th January but unfortunately on 13th, my grandmother became very sick and had to be hospitalized. She was in the ICU We were all very worried. I was with her all the time as her attendant those two days. I remember, I was on my toes all the time. Every now and then I had to rush to the chemist for something or the other. The meeting with my friend completely slipped my mind. At about 9 pm, Sushma called to ask where I was. I was shocked how I had forgotten that dinner with her. I should have at least called to tell her the reason for my inability to join her for dinner that night. I told her my situation and she understood very well. The next day my grandma was better and I went to my friends home with a farewell gift.

She and her family greeted me very nicely and wished good health for my grandma. So, this is the situation I forgot an important meeting.

Describe a place where you enjoyed learning about another culture what place it was why you went there what you learned and explain why you enjoyed learning about this culture.

I belong to India It is a land of diverse cultures Everywhere you go you learn about the culture of that place. Here I am going to talk about a place from where I learnt about the culture of Rajasthan. The name of this place is Chokhi Dhani which is a small village in the suburbs of Jaipur, Rajasthan. I went there with my college trip last year. We went by bus. We were 30 students and five teachers. It was a five-day tour. On the first day we saw many places in the city of Jaipur like the Hawa mahal, Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Maharani Palace and so on. On the second day we went to this village Chokhi Dhani. Chokhi Dhani Village has been the mirror of Rajasthani culture since 1989. It started as a restaurant but has evolved as a tasteful symbol of ethnic village life of the most colourful state of the country, Rajasthan. Today, the name of Chokhi Dhani is synonymous with Rajasthani culture throughout the country. I learned a lot about Rajasthani culture over there. Live dances and music performances go on throughout the evening.

The local folk artists get a chance to display their arts and crafts which were being forgotten in the fast modern world. We joined the artists and danced with them. I enjoyed the jhoomar dance and the Kalbeliya or the snakecharmers dance the most. I really enjoyed learning about this culture because it is very different from the culture of Punjab and is very fascinating. I bought some handicrafts like some puppets and key chains and souvenirs for my family and friends.

Describe a comic star or comic actor in your country who you like.

I know of many comedians who entertain people but here I would like to talk about my favourite comedian who is Kapil Sharma He is very famous nowadays because of his TV show Comedy nights with Kapil. He is in his early thirties and looks very handsome. He basically hails from Amritsar and his father works in the police force. His mother is a housewife. He was the winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 3. He is a multi-talented personality and can also sing very well. He was a contestant in the reality show Star ya Rock-star and was the first runner up in that show. In Dec 2013, he was ranked 93rd in Forbes India Celebrity 100 list. He has hosted many shows but he was appreciated the most for hosting Jhalak Dikhla Ja Season 6 with Manish Paul as a co-host. He is basically a stand-up comedian but can also do some slap-stick comedy. His show Comedy Nights with Kapil is my favourite show. This show is telecast on Colours channel every Saturday and Sunday from 9 10 pm I never miss any episode of this show. It has very clean comedy. It can be seen with family. In fact all my family members watch this show together. Many celebrities also come on this show.

They come there to promote their latest movies and also make this show more enjoyable for us. People get a chance to interact with these celebs. Navjot Singh Sidhu is also a permanent character of this show but he sits on the side of the audience.

Describe a time in your life when you were very busy.

when it was why were you busy how did you manage Life is very hectic nowadays. We are all very busy in our day-to-day activities. I remember a time when I was very busy. It so happened that two months ago my cousins wedding was fixed. The groom was an NRI from Canada and the wedding was to take place within a week. My uncle and aunt were very tense about all the arrangements. I took over the responsibility and offered to help. I took a pen and paper and started noting down all the things to do. Then I distributed duties to other members of my family and close relatives. Everyone was very helpful We took it on as a challenge and I remember how less we slept that whole week. We booked the marriage palace and the caterers. Then we booked the decorators. Shopping for trousseau was on my mothers shoulders. She was very happy because she is a shopaholic and shopping for the wedding was very enjoyable activity for her. My father was busy getting the invitation cards printed and distributed. He made a list of all friends and relatives who were to be invited. Many relatives who live away were invited on phone only. We arranged the DJ also for the ring ceremony and the ladies Sangeet.

On the actual day of the wedding I was very nervous but everything went well. I got a lot of compliments for the perfect arrangements. Now whenever there is any event in the family, I happily take over all the planning. I have also thought about this event organising as a career option. This career option also came to my mind after watching the movie Band Baja Baraat.

Describe a film you watched that you didnt like.

What is it? When? Where did you watch it? Film is about what? Why didn't you like it? Ive watched many movies in my life I liked some movies and some movies I didnt like. Here I would like to talk about a movie I didnt like. The name of the movie is Delhi belly. This movie was released in 2011. It was produced by Aamir Khan and directed by Abhinay Deo The main role is played by Imran Khan. The rest of the cast was new for me. I love Aamir Khan and his movies and so I went with great enthusiasm to see the movie. I went with my friends and saw the movie in PVR Multiplex in Jalandhar. We were late but fortunately we got the tickets. The tickets were for the very first row. It was very uncomfortable to watch the movie from the first row. The film was meant to be a comedy but it has a lot of obscenity and abusive language in it. I did not even like the story of the movie. Actually, the movie has no story. It revolves around the life of three roommates. One of them is Imran Khan.

The songs also are not very nice. I felt like leaving the movie midway but my friends seemed to be enjoying it. So I had to sit with them. I was thankful that I was not with my family. It would have been very embarrassing to see the movie with them We had popcorns and pepsi in the interval. After the interval the hall was half empty. I felt it was s sheer wastage of time and money to see this movie. I resolved in my mind never to see any movie without reading its reviews in the future. After the movie was over, we did a lot of shopping. There are many branded showrooms in PVR Mall On the way back we stopped at Haveli and had dinner there. Haveli is a very nice restaurant in the suburbs of my home town.

A TV program which made you laugh What was it Who was the actor Why did you like it

Everyone knows that comedy is the antidote to stress It acts as a stress buster There are many comedy shows which are telecast on TV like laughter the master and comedy circus but here I would like to talk about a sitcom which I like the most. The program is Comedy Nights with Kapil. This program has so much humour in it that sometimes I get cramps in my stomach by laughing so much. It is telecast on Colours TV channel on Saturdays and Sundays from 1011 pm Kapil is the host of this show. He is a standup comedian but can also do some slapstick comedy.

There are many other characters in this show like Palak, Guthi, Bhua and Dadi. I like all of them but Guthi is my favourite. She cracks jokes in very entertaining way. Guthi character is in fact played by Sunil Grover. Many celebs come on the show as guests to promote their latest movies. Kapil gives chance to the audience to ask questions to the celebs which also adds to the beauty of the show. Such shows are mostly unscripted and ready wit is needed to host such shows. This program has clean humour which can be watched with family. So, this is the show I like the most.

Describe an event What when what did you do about it


have was

forgotten. it and



say about? where happened

Although, I am not a very forgetful person and I try to remember all the important events, still there are times when I forget certain events which make me repent later on. One such event was my mothers birthday. My mothers birthday is on 16th March and usually I have my exams in those days. Last year it was the last exam on 16th March and after my exam I went out with my friends for a movie and her birthday just slipped my mind. When I reached home late in the evening, my family was waiting for me for dinner. It was a very well prepared dinner and there were many dishes that my mother had prepared that day. My sixth sense told me that I was forgetting something important. Then my sister/ brother reminded me that it was moms birthday. I felt very guilty. I wished my mother and hugged her and kissed her. My mother must be sad at heart but she didnt show it. She smiled.

I remembered how I threw tantrums in my childhood when she forgot my birthday. I immediately went to the market and bought a cake and we had a small family party at home. Fortunately there is a very good bakery near my home known as Le Bakers who have readymade cakes for all occasions. I also bought a very nice birthday card for her. I also bought a fire candle for her which was very nice. That day taught me a lesson. I set reminders for my friends birthdays on my phone. I should have also set reminder for my mothers birthday. We generally take our parents for granted. They make so many sacrifices for us and such days are for us to thank them

Describe an outdoor activity that you havent done yet and would like to do in the future. Please say What activity is When and where would you like to - What special skills or equipment would you need?


it? it?

There are many outdoor activities which I havent done yet such as bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain trekking and so on But here I would like to talk about an outdoor activity which I would really like to do in the near future. This activity is bungee jumping. It is an adventure sport. My cousin went to Rishikesh 6 months ago and he tried this activity over there. He showed me his video. I am really fascinated by this activity. My cousin told me that a company of New Zealand by the name of Jumping Heights has set up a bungee jumping centre in Rishikesh. They charge Rs. 2500/- and make you do this activity. They have a very good set up. It is done from a height of 83 metres.

No special skills or equipments are needed. You just need a medical certificate that you are not suffering from any heart ailment or asthma. All other equipment is provided by them. He told me that there is a huge queue of people who go in for this activity. Mostly youngsters try this activity. He told me that he was a bit nervous but they guide you very well and all the people over there boost your morale. He told me that it was a stupendous feeling and he enjoyed it very much. He would go there again with me and do it once more. We have to register one month in advance. They take all the safety procedures and so no accidents have been reported so far. I would like to do this activity in April or May because it is very cold nowadays. I am really excited for the day to come.

Describe something you cant do without except cell phone and computer

There are many things which are indispensable for me such as food and clothes, but here I would like to talk about something without which I feel handicapped. It is my bike / Activa It is black in colour. It is available in many colours but the black one fascinated me the most. I had to wait one week as the black one was out of stock. My father gifted it to me when I passed my Senior Secondary. It cost me 47,000 Rupees. It is of Honda Company. It runs on petrol. It has excellent mileage of 60 Kms per litre. It has a four stroke engine. I got many accessories with it Its top speed is 85 km/hr, but I usually run it at the speed of 40 50 km/hr Its fuel tank capacity is 6 litres. I can ride it very comfortably and I also take my mother when she has to do shopping for vegetables and grocery.

There is a service centre in my hometown where I can get it serviced when needed. I keep it very spic and span. Every Sunday, I give it a thorough washing. I got new seat covers and a spare tire with it. I remember, once my friend borrowed it for two days as she had to go to her grandparents village which is 20 kms from my hometown. I felt that my mobility was restricted. Now I dont lend it to anyone. I am very possessive about it. I feel very mobile with it and I just cant do without it.

Talk about a natural disaster When did it happen How you came to know about it What did the government do about it

We hear news of many natural disasters in our day to day life such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, cloud-bursts and so on. Man is helpless against such natural disasters. Here I would like to talk about a cyclone Phallin which hit the northeastern coast of India in the second week of October this year. I came to know about it from the TV and newspapers. It was a major news on all news channels for quite a few days. 14 years ago, in 1999, a similar cyclone hit Orissa and killed 15,000 people. This time the Orissa Government had been fore-warned by the Meteorological(Weather) department and about 9 lac people were moved to safer places. Such massive evacuation has never been done before anywhere in the world. Many relief camps have been set up to rehabilitate the homeless people. Many NGOs have come forward to help. There has been a lot of loss of property but lives have been saved.

All this happened because the government decided to act and that too in time. The cyclone of 1999 was similar but it took away so many lives The death toll due to this cyclone can be counted on fingertips. It was a stupendous effort by the government. The areas hit by the cyclone will take months to come back to normal but on the whole people are happy that they are still alive. Because of the floods that affected some areas the farmers will not be able to do farming for some time but I read in the paper that they have started earning from fishing for the time being. People have started returning to their homes but it will be weeks or months before their lives get back to normal once again. So, this is the natural disaster which India faced recently.

What was the decision that took you long to make

What was it When did you have to take it Why it took you so long How did you feel after that It is very difficult to decide things nowadays. The major reason is that we are flooded with choices. Whenever, I have to do something or buy something, I take a long time to decide. Sometimes, I take the help of my friends and sometimes I ask my parents to decide for me. I remember, two months ago I had to buy a cell phone. It took me one whole month to decide which phone to buy. I went to so many shops and all showed me so many cell phones that I was very confused. The phone which fascinated me the most was the I-phone 5 but it was beyond the reach of my pocket. Then there was the Samsung Galaxy tab. It is a very beautiful phone but that too did not suit my budget.

I was looking for something between 10,000 12,000 which would have all the features of the Samsung or Apple smart phones. Then one of my friends suggested me a shop in Ludhiana which sells first copies of these cell phones. I went to that shop with him. There, I saw the copy of Samsung S4, which looked just like the original and had all the features of the original but was only for 12,000. This phone is made in Korea. They say that Korean products are better than the China made ones. The only drawback of these copies is that they do not carry any guarantee or warranty. It was a big gamble for me. Either my 12,000 would be used well or go in the drain. I bought the phone and now I am very happy. Whoever sees it appreciates my phone and I also feel proud of it. I can check my e-mails on it and even chat with friends. It has a 12 megapixel camera. It is 3 G enabled phone It has touch screen interface. It is white in colour. There was a black one also but I liked the white colour phone and so I bought it.