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Hogwarts Facility Of American Magic

Headmaster Cecil O. Samuelson (Order of Merlin, 2nd Class, International Confederation of Wi ards!
"ear Mr Hall We are #leased to inform you t$at you $a%e &een acce#ted to t$e Hogwarts Facility of American MagiC (H.F.A.C!. 'lease find enclosed a list of your classes as well as all re(uired materials. In case t$is comes as a sur#rise to you, congratulations, t$e Harry 'otter &oo)s are in fact $istories sold as fiction to t$e muggles. *ou are recei%ing an in%itation to our American &ranc$ of Hogwarts &ecause Magical a&ilities in Americans tends to de%elo# later in life (generally around w$en students are entering college! t$an it does in +ngland, and you $a%e &egun to e,#ress magical a&ilities. -erm &egins Se#tem&er 2nd, we e,#ect your owl &y A#ril .st. *ours Sincerely,

Benjamin Thevenin
/en0amin -$e%enin "e#uty Headmaster

Classes Required /eginning S#ells (1.2! 3*er a wi ard, (insert name $ere!45 6ow you 0ust $a%e to actually learn $ow to use t$at nifty wand of yours. -$is class will teac$ you all t$e &asics you need to )now from wand wa%ing to #otion &rewing. -e,t&oo)7 Beginning Spells: A Trip Into the Magical World Materials7 . wand . Cauldron

Pick 2 of the Following: History of American Wi ardry (8.2! Most #eo#le )now a&out wi ardry in /ritain, &ut w$at a&out $ere in t$e states9 -$is class will ta)e a loo) at some of t$e ma0or wi ards of American History and $ow t$ey $ad a #art of s$a#ing it. We will also discuss a few #eo#le t$at )e#t t$eir wi ard identities a secret. "O names li)e :eorge Was$ington and Marilyn Monroe ring a &ell9 -e,t&oo)7 The Magical History of America Volume 3 Sorcery and Science (8.2! -$ese two su&0ects may seem in o##osition, &ut t$is class is $ere to ensure you of t$e close ties &etween t$e two. -$is class will include &eginning #otions, &iology (of creatures magical and non magical!, and different t$eories, wit$ a #articular em#$asis on t$e ;a%enswood t$eory. -e,t&oo)7 Science and Witchcraft -$e Magic of 6um&ers (8.2! <ust &ecause you=re a wi ard doesn=t mean you won=t need mat$ in your life. -$in) a&out it. -$is class will s#an t$e e(ui%alence of ad%anced alge&ra and &eginning calculus. -e,t&oo)7 Advanced Mathematics

Pick up to 6 Credits From Below: Wi ards in >iterature (2.2!

-$is class will ta)e an in de#t$ loo) at $ow wi ard )ind $as &een re#resented in literature and $ow t$ese te,ts $a%e &ot$ reflected and s$a#ed t$e #u&lic=s %iews of witc$craft and wi ardry. ;e(uired -e,ts7 The Hobbit &y <.;. -ol)ein Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows &y <.? ;owling A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court &y Mar) -wain The Witches /y ;oald "a$l /roomstic)s /asics (2.2! +%er wanted to fly on your &room9 Here is your c$ance4 -$is class will teac$ t$e &asics of flying as well as all t$e &roomstic) s#orts you $a%en=t $eard of (yes, t$ere is more t$an (uidditc$!. Materials7 . Standard /roomstic) Musical Magic (2.2! "o you sing9 'lay guitar9 'lay t$e tu&a9 Or want to learn 0ust a&out any instrument9 We can teac$ you4...W$at=s magical a&out t$at9 We #erform our concerts on a floating stage @2 feet a&o%e t$e sc$ool4 -e,t&oo)7 How to Play Anything Materials7 Instrument you wis$ to #lay -ec$nology and Sorcery How can we get a long as magical fol) in an increasingly tec$nology de#endant world9 -$is class will focus on a study of tec$nology and $ow it can &e an ad%antage or disad%antage to wi ard )ind. -e,t&oo)7 Technology vs Magic, Who Will Win?