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Words of Wisdom from Kokusais 24th Class (English 2U Group 1

Students of English 2U, Group 1 from the 2013-2014 school year would li e to offer the following !its of "wisdom# to future classes $%ote& 'or the sa e of clarity and !re(ity, ) ha(e either paraphrased or used edited e*cerpts of the actual words+ ,any than s to all who contri!uted-.

o Go beyond what is given: in 2U class, I found it interesting to find new things by looking up information related to the given articles. Furthermore, in 2U class, students are encouraged to doubt the information given by the government and media. hus, I would also like to say !don"t be too gullible#$ o I"d like to say !%ever give up#$ to future 2U students, because no matter how difficult the class is, if you don"t give up and try hard, you"ll have a good result on the test and in the class. o ry to do everything you can# In the 2 nd year of high school, we have the most time to do many things, so try to absorb as much as you can#

o If you are having a hard time with 2U class, focus on only one thing. &ther people might learn more than one thing and it might humble you, but even learning that one thing would have a great meaning for you. o I"d like to tell future students of 2U to actively participate in class. In 2U class, I learned that it is very important to e'press what you think and to reflect on what others say. (y e'pressing your opinions, you can listen to many other perspectives from other people. he views that other students had were really fresh and new to me, and they stimulated me in a lot of ways. o The power of self-censorship is great... )eople are strongly influenced by the atmosphere others create. If you are bold enough to step forward and create a new atmosphere, others will soon follow. o I would like to say to future 2U students: Go beyond the ability you think you have, because you *will+ reali,e that you actually have something more than what you imagined. I learned this when I read -.arrison (ergeron" by /urt 0onnegut. 1hen .arrison took off his handicaps, he managed to dance, and even fly and touch the ceiling. 1hen I read this, I thought that I may have been handicapping myself in some way and not allowing myself to go beyond what I thought I could do. I plan to continue to find ways to go beyond my current abilities ne't year.

o 2on"t be scared of the HUGE pile of vocabulary cards you will have in your hands# o he door stays closed when you pretend to know, but it opens when you ask a 3uestion.

o 2on"t leave vocab until the last minute. 4ven if you can remember all the words in one night, it won"t stay in your head for long. If you manage your time well and develop good study habits, vocab is easy as 5...2...6# o 4n7oy the year and participate in discussions. 2on"t be afraid to say your opinions, even if you don"t know whether it"s right or not. 8ake friends in U class so that you can en7oy participating. If you stay true to this, respect, listen, and remember all those big U words, then I promise ya"ll can get a 9# o 4ven if you are worried about your 4nglish level, don"t be afraid to speak up# .ave confidence:you got into Group 5, didn"t you; o 2on"t get stressed out# .ave fun with it# o <uestion everything# 2o not take things the way they seem. =lways ask !1hy;$ before accepting something as true. o I think that in order to survive the 2U class and learn a lot from it, it is important to think deeply and e'change your ideas with others. I was able to analy,e and find the true messages of the books and short stories we read this year because we had class discussions. 4'pressing your ideas and listening to others" opinions is a great e'perience, and 2U class allowed me to become a deep thinker, and I really en7oyed it. Good luck### o Use time in class wisely. )articipate in discussions, but don"t be afraid of making errors in grammar because your friends and teacher will help you when you are stuck. =lso study the vocabulary as soon as you get the papers. o >ou are the ones who will determine your own destinies. It is completely dependent on your attitude whether your second year is the best year of your life, or the worst# (e motivated, strive for the best, and help others# 2o all the e'tra credit assignments too# o 2on"t be afraid to have different opinions from your classmates# 2on"t try to search for any !correct$ answer. ?ust be original#

Don t !orget to "reathe during the test#$