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Le Petit Nicholas Characters: 1) Alceste: un gros garcon qui mange tout le temps, meilleur copain de Nicholas 2) Eudes-il est

tres fort et aime donner des coups de poing sur le nez des copains 3) Geoffroy : il a un papa tres riche qui lui achete tout ce qul veut 4) Rufus : Il a un sifflet a roulette et son papa est agent de police 5) Agnan : Cest le premier de la classe et le chouchou de la maitresse, nous on ne laime pas trop 6) Clotaire : Cest e dernier de la classe. Quand la maitresse linterroge, il est toujours de recre 7) Le bouillon. Notre surveillant, on lappelle comme ca parce quil dit tout le temps : Regardez-moi dans les yex. Cest les grands qui ont trouve ca 8) La maitresse-tout aime, mais elle est mechant quand les enfants font les guignols tres chouette, la prof a lecole 9) Maman-la plus chouette maman du monde 10) Papa-le plus chouette de tous les papas 11) Nicholas-le main character, drolement pas juste 12) Louisiette-le petite fille es la voisine de Nicholas qui la trouve chouette parce quelle a un shoot terrible quand ils jouent ensemble au foot. Elle a les cheveux blonds(nottes), les yeux bleues, un petit nez adorable et un sourire innocent

Chapter 1 Vocab Chrir-to cherish La matresse-elementary teacher Faire les guignols-to goof around Le chouchou-teachers pet Un coup de poing-punch Se salir-get dirty Key Details The kids were happy because they were going to take a photo that the teacher said that it would be a memory to cherish. Theyre really happy cause they get to miss math. The teacher was scolding at Geoffroy(rich kid guy) because he was dressed like a martian. un rang-row une caisse-crate(box) gronder-to scold patant-spiffy un avertissement-warning sne=rver-to get upset

Agnan(the first in the class) was the only one upset that they might miss math because he loved dong math problems. Eudes wants to hit him but cant cause of his glasses The photographers ideas: three rows-first row sits, second row stands next to teacher who sits on chair, third row is tall people standing on crates Rufus was acting like an idiot in the cellar because he was playing ghost. He got in trouble. The teacher grabbed him by the ears and hit him. All were dirty and had to clean up. Everyone wanted to be on crates, especially Eudes. The teacher was trying to get the kids to calm down. Geoffroy asked about the camera to the man and eventually called it oldmade the man get mad and anxious with these kids. Nicholas sat next to Alceste on the floor. Eudes refused to give up his spot for Alceste who spilled his trartine on himself. The teacher was trying to get that stain not to show and wanted Alceste to go on last row and switch with Eudes. Eudes hit Alceste. Alceste wanted to hit him but hit Agnan instead. Agnan started crying. Alceste had to write lines 100 times that he would not fight with a friend who didnt go looking for trouble or one who wears glasses. The memory to cherish idea failed because the photographer wasnt there anymoe. He just left without saying anything.

Chapter 2 Vocab Un kepi-police/military hat Se dguiser-to dress up(costumes) Le croupion-rump Pendre-to hang Terrible-great Taquiner-to tease Key Details Nicholas invited friends to hs house to play cowboys Rufus was wearing a police outfit and brought his whistle, Eudes was wearing an old boy-scout costume, Alceste an Indian and Geoffroy was a cow-boy, Nicholas was a bandit wearing a black mask Nicolas was explaining the sort of how he was going to be the youngest guy with the hourse and who will win. They had a fight because Eudes wanted to be young guy. Alceste told Rufus that he cant hang peopleit would be him. Rufus didnt think so. Alceste didnt like fighting, but he took an ax and hit Rufuss police cap. That broke and Rufus started to run after Alceste. Eudes tries to stop the mess and says that Alceste could be the bad Indian guy who tries to capture the rest of the people who are good guys. He will take a prisoner, they will stop Alceste, and Alceste will be defeated. Alceste didnt want to be the Indian, although he dressed up like one. Geoffroy doesnt care. He tells Alceste he doesnt have to play, so Alceste goes and sits in a corner. Finally, Alceste decides to join as long as he the good guy in the end. Then theres a problem based on whos the prisoner. At the same time, Alceste hits Rufus again because he wants the whistle. The whistle falls to the ground. un sifflet roulette-whistle le goter-snack rigoler-to laugh(have fun) une hache-ax drlement-very attacher-to tie up(bind)

Nicholas ddnt understand hs fathers predicament Finally, Papa comes and decides to be the prisoner. M. Bledurt comes and plays too. He is the red skinned bull Debout. The father was tied to the tree and left there. The kids went to go plain electric train later. Papa had the most fun though. He was still tied up to the tree crying and being all grimaced. Its good to know how to play alone, like that.

Chapter 3 Vocab Manquer-to miss Le bouillon-broth(bouillon cubes) Sage-well-behaved Guetter-to watch for Faire des btises-to get into mischief Le trou de la serrure-lock hole Un sobriquet-nickname Key Details The teacher was missing cause she was sick, according to M. Dubon who was going to monitor the class. Hes referred to as le Bouillon because he says look me in they eyes a lot and when he does, to people it looks like his eyes are widing up and it looks like broth. Le Bouillon left Agnan to survey the class as he went out. Clotaire thought he was crzy because Agnan wanted them to do math. No one would do it and M Dubon made Clotaire do lines. Joachim was lookout and Clotaire wanted Agnan to eat books and stuff. Thats a phrase to get hit. Clotaire wanted to go play with the ball and stuff. The Bouillon came in and hit Joachim who was by the door on his nose. He took Joachim and brought him back. He went outside again after telling everyone to learn to be like Agnan. Clotaire wanted to hit Agnan and Agnan started to cry even though he had his glasses on. He was being bullied and he started rolling and bawling on the floor. Someone yelled Le Bouillon as he walked in. Since he heard it, he wanted to know who said it. Many people blamed each other: Agnan blamed Nicholas and he soon got blamed too by Rufus. Agnan said it was you and the whole class was getting detention. The principle came in and asked what was wrong. Le Bouillon talked about what happened to everyone in the classwroom. Le Bouillon said he doesnt want to see anyone again. The next morning, the teacher came back but the Bouillon didnt. Il a fait une crise de nerfs. le surveillant-monitor le directeur-principal se mfier-to distrust tirer la langue-to stick out ones tongue gonfl-swollen

Chapter 4 Vocab un tas de-a lot of larbitre-referee le partage-division le terrain vague-empty lot le goal-goalie pile ou face-heads or tails

tirer au sort-to choose at random sauf-except se vexer-to get upset Key Details

une pice-coin le but-goal la mi-temps-half-time

Alceste invited the whole class to an empty lot not far from his house to play soccer. He wanted to play because his father gave him a brand new soccer ball, and he thought it was going to be a great game. Agnan was chosen as referee because he was the first in the class. People didnt like him too much and when he wore his glasses, he wouldnt get hit. That was a good combination. Plus, no team would choose him because hes not that strong and he cries a lot. When he wanted the whistle, Rufus said he cant give it because it is important to him because its something he cherishes. So, Agnan said he would tell Rufus when to blow the whistle. To make the number fair because the division wasnt, Maixent was chosen as the referee who waved the flag anytime the ball went out of bounds. He could run fast because his legs were long and had dirty knees. As far as captains went, everyone except Alceste wanted to be a captain. Alceste wanted to be a goalie because he didnt like running. Eudes said he wanted to be captain because he is the strongest and he would punch people if he didnt get his way. Geoffroy said he should be cause he is well dressed and his father is the one who buys the equipment. He got hit by Eudes for saying that Rufus said that if he wasnt captain, he would make his father put all of the kids in jail. Nicholas came up with a smart idea: use coins to draw at random at who would be captains. He used Joachims coins. There were two but the first got lost int the grass and they couldnt find it. Joachim was the one who lent it and wasnt happy that it was lost. Geoffroy promised that his father would repay the price of the coin. Nicholas and Geoffroy were picked as captains. Both wanted Eudes to be captain because when he ran with the ball, no one could stop him. He didnt play well though. Joachim found his coin and was happy, but he lost his new coin when they needed to see who would get Eudes. Geoffroy got Eudes. They wanted to play, but there were disputes so it wasnt easy to start. They had a fight on where players should stand. Eudes started hitting the players on his team to get into place. Nicholas team was having the problem; Eudes threatened them that he would hit them. Then, Agnan told Rufus to blow the whistle to start. The sun hit Geoffroys side and he got mad. He said why does his team have to be on the side with the sun hitting them? Nicholas said if you just close your eyes and try to like it, hell play much better and it wont be a distraction. People started fighting. Rufus started blowing the whistle, but Agnan tells him when to do that. Nicholas kept fighting with Geoffroy and ripped his shirt. But, he can get more. Joachim wasnt involved in the fight, just trying to find his coin. Nicholas thought they were going to have so much fun. Finally, Alceste told everyone to stop. Eudes told Alceste, you wanted to play, so we will play. If you want to say something, say it at half-time. Thats when Alceste realized that he didnt even have a ball. They cant play because he forgot it at his house.