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Title : A Tragedy That Unite Faster guys, there is a group of cop saw us! scream Hamdan to his friends.

The nights wind blow slowly while five figures of men running to get their motorcycle. The Five Beasts. Thats what they are always known for. However, people are always referring them as mat rempit because of their common activity at night. All of these five men are known for their bad attitudes, but among them, the most feared one is Hamdan, their very own leader. Hamdan or always refer as Ham have a very nice background actually. His father is the Prime Minister of this country. He is the only son in his family, so he is given the best education since his childhood. Hes once had a very likeable behaviour, but, he started to change after one incident. He started to abandon his study in college when he met the other four of his friends. Where are you come from Ham? his mother, Pn. Shira asks him one night. None of your business, answered Hamdan coldly before disappear from his mothers sight. Pn. Shira can only sigh while taking a very long breathes. Deep from her heart, she knows what cause her only left child to act like that. She then sits on the sofa to wait for her husband, Dato Rizal to come back from work with all the flashback in her memory. The sun had shown itself. The panorama of the street in Kuala Lumpur looks very haptic. Are you on your way John? asks Zaitun impatiently. I am on my way Zai. Please wait for a second, reply John in rushing. Zaitun is a very successful business woman and known for her commitment in work besides her good manner. Due to that, many unknown people try to approach her. However, it do not last because John, a Sabahan man who is also her bodyguard and best friend since secondary school always protect her from her back. Hurry, I need to meet Ham as soon as possible, said Zaitun. Although John against it, he just follows her request without any word coming from his mouth. On their way to Hamdans house, they are startle by the demonstration of hundred of social activist. Stop the whipping of woman and children! all of them s houted. Zaitun is focusing on a man that holds the position at the front of all the people. A word JIT written clearly at his shirt. He is the leader of them. 2

His real name is Paramjit, but people tend to called him Jit, explain John, trying to catch Zaitun attention from the activist. How can you know him? questioned Zaitun with the curiosity all over her face. He is popular for his social activities in this country. I am always having a chance to have some conversation with him while waiting for you, John responded to Zaitun. Zaitun just nods her head to show her understanding. Within an hour, they have arrived to their destination. Zaitun asks John to have his meal while waiting for her. She then entered Hamdans bungalow. Assalamualaikum, greet Zaitun. Waalaikumsalam, Zai! Its been a while, Ham is still upstairs. Have a seat while waiting for him, reply Pn. Shira with a smile at her face. Zaitun agreed, and then she sits on the sofa. About half an hour, Hamdan come down from upstairs with his helmet stuck in his fingers. Zaitun had caught his attention.What are you doing here Zai? I do not have time to talk nonsense with you. Just go home, said Hamdan. Please listen to what I am going to say, Ham. The things you always do as your routine means nothing to you. Last night, you almost killed. You are only destroying yourself. Please forgive those who are guilty to you. Please forgives yourself and become like the old Hamdan, Zaitun begging to Hamdan. He went silent. Then, he just walks by the door without even look at Zaitun. Frustrated with Hamdan, Zaitun then called her bodyguard to pick her up. I need to meet Dato Rizal, a big yet burly man request to meet the Prime Minister. Oh, ASP Chan! Dato Rizal is in a meeting right now. The meeting will finish in a minute. He asks me to bring you to the guest room. Please follow me Sir, Invite the secretary. ASP Chan then followed the girl. After waiting for twenty minutes, Dato Rizal finally come to the guest room. Sorry for the delayed. I have emergency meeting with my staffs, Dato Rizal showed his repentance to ASP Chan. Both of them are known for their good relationship. D ato Rizal always asks ASP Chans thought whenever he wants to do something. Never mind, you just need to buy me a drink later, ASP Chan trying to tease Dato Rizal. No problem, reply the Prime Minister. 3

So, what the thing you want to discuss with me? questioned ASP Chan. Then, Dato Rizal gives a slides of handout to ASP Chan. The conversation starts right away. Thi, I need your help, request ASP Chan to his most loyal police officer. What can I do for you Sir? Reply Gangathirai. I need you to lead our men to make a patrol around this area to stop the gangster activity at night, tells ASP Chan while showing a lot of pictures which show the most common area for gangsters activities. Affirmative Sir, said Gangathirai. Without wasting time, Gangathirai asks all of his men to gather for strategies. Hamdan is muses. His conversation with Zaitun a few weeks ago still buzzes in his mind. Suddenly, a painful flashback three years ago appeared back in his mind. At that time, Hamdan is still studying in Form 5. He used to have a lovely sister who was in Form 3, named Hisya. He cares so much for his sister, and always took a good care of her. Her sister have a best friend who is an Indian, named Rani. Although Hamdan did not mixed well with other races, he tried to endure it since his sister loves to be friend with different kind of people. At that time, Hamdan had to stay at school for his footballs training, so he told Hisya to go back home with her best friend. All of a sudden, her bestfriends exboyfriend who known as a person who really loves money, blockade their way. His name is Vijay. Rani knew Vijay wants to do something bad, so, she tried to run away from him with Hisya. Suddenly, two more guys came out from nowhere. One of them is a Chinese, while the other one is Sikh. What are you trying to do Vijay? Rani asks. My two other friends are interested with your pretty friend Rani. They promised to give me money if I can bring her to them, so, here we are, said Vijay with his annoying laugh. After they heard what Vijay said, both of them became scared and trying to escaped, but failed. Vijay grabbed Ranis hand and leave from the place while Hisya was left with the two guys. Hamdan was worried because his sister does not answer her phone. He did not felt uncomfortable since his training. At his way back home, he saw his sister favourite handkerchief on the road. He started to felt panic. He was looking every way until he saw a girls body dumped off in the bushes. Hamdan roaring with tears flowing out of his eyes. He then covered his sister body with his sweater and called his family.

4 However his parent was too busy at that time and they did not even picked his call. Hamdan can only call his best friend, Zaitun to bring some help. Unfortunately, Hisya was already gone when the ambulance came. Since then, Hamdan become a different person gradually. He was frustrated with all the people around him especially his parents and Rani. Rani went missing after she told Hamdan the incident without even showing all the guys who debt his sister a life. He only knows all the information about them but not their face. Thats why Hamdan hate all the people who shared the same races with them. A sound of phone call shocked him from his memory. He then held his helmet and answered his phone. Are you Rani? Zaitun give a question to her new partner for he r latest project. How do you know me? Rani asks in curiosity. We shared the same school, remember me? The most feared prefect? said Zaitun. Oh, so its you Zai! Wow, you looked different now! Seven years in overseas did make me observed people differently reply Rani. They are chatting for some time, and then both of them decided to go to Zaituns office to continue their project. Its already 4 oclock in the evening. Paramjit still leads the social activities outside Zaitun office. Hamdan and his friends are sitting next to their motorcycle while being caught by the demonstration by Paramjit. Suddenly, Hamdan are pull out by a figure of one lady coming from his best friend office. He then runs toward the lady. Rani ! Scream Hamdan. Rani was shocked to see Hamdan. She is trying to run but failed. Show me who the three guys are! jostling Hamdan. He will kill me if I tell you Ham. Hes brother is a cop, and he will get away easily even if you sent him to them, reply Rani with tears. You are the same with all the three of them. You cannot even do some justice for Haisya, your own best friend. I hate all of you. I even hate your descend, all the three of you, reply Hamdan in anger. Paramjit stops his speech after he heard Hamdan scream. All the people who at the place at that time are astonished with Hamdans acknowledgement. Then, Zaitun appeared from his office. She asks Hamdan to calm down. However, Hamdan went out of her mind and grabbed Ranis neck. He also slapped her without pity her. The crowd went haptic. Paramjit try to calm Hamdan, but he then being kicked by Hamdan. Zaitun trying to do the same as Paramjit, but stops by John.

5 Suddenly, a shoot from ASP Chan surprised the crowd. They went silent for awhile. Then, Gangathirai pointed his pistol to Hamdan. Let go of that lady, said Gangathirai. Thi, do not point your pistol to him, said Rani. The crowd become silent again. Your brother did wrong thing to his sister Thi. If you shoot him, this country will not be as peaceful as now, explain Rani. After knowing he is the brother of the person who did wrong to his sister, Hamdan started to go to him. ASP Chan, who known for a person who does not trust violence, trying to prevent Gangathirai from holding his pistol. He knows Gangathirai can easily pull his trigger to people. Bang! A sound of gun is heard all over the place. ASP Chan do not have time to stop Gangathirai. Theres a heap of blood at Hamdan place. However, it is not his blood. John already cries looking at Zaitun who is hanging down slackly on Hamdan hand. Why did you do this Zai? Said Hamdan in tears. If this can make you change, I am willingly doing this for you pal. Please change and be like the old you. Throw away all your hate to other races. Please do not add problem regarding to what you have experienced. Your late sister understands the necessity to become one in nation, so please do the same thing. I am very sure she already forgive those who are guilty to her, Zaitun answered in smile. Then her eyes slowly closed. The crowd went silent again. Be one, Malaysia! Scream the social activists. John smile when he heard the slogan. It looks like Paramjit is getting along with Hamdans father exclamation, said John. He is now responsible in taking care of his best friend office along with Rani. They are on their way to make a new project from Dato Rizal for the country. ASP Chan is busy in leading his man to check the area of all the area that is possible for social activity around Kuala Lumpur. He is actually doing this after Dato Rizal discuss with him about the ways that can be apply to stop social activities a few month ago. Luckily, their ways are effective. However, he is a little sad because his best man, Gangathirai was sentence in jail for three years because of his mistake to pull his trigger without following the correct procedures. Gangathirai had told Hamdan that his brother had died in a car accident two years ago, while the two other boys had been arrested by ASP Chan. They all got their own punishment for their wrong doing.

6 As for Hamdan, he is now continues his study in college. He is the one who gives the idea of One Malaysia to his father. He wants the entire nation to work together well and prevent his sisters tragedy become a nightmare to anyone else. He also hopes everyone can give help to anyone else without care much the background of them. Hamdan had lost two important people in his life. When his sister died, he become an anti to other races, but, when his best friend died, he realizes the hate that he gather for seven years only cause another dead and possibly can cause his nation to split. He smiled and then whispering alone, Be one, Malaysia.